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tv geek armyWe're talking TV news, TV reviews, TV opinions, and TV lists. It's militarized and mobilized madness for seriously geeky fans of great TV. And of course, "great TV" can come in many forms, whether it's the high drama of Mad Men, the screwball comedy of Arrested Development, the dark thrills of Hannibal, or even a goodly dose of reality when it's brewed with just the right mix.

You know you are one of us if you have opinions about what makes a great show (or the opposite thereof). So dive right in and join our community, start commenting and pontificating away, send us a tip, or submit a TV news story or review!

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Alert Me TV = TV show discovery + mobile alerts.
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Marvel tries to go from big screen success to little screen success with Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
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Executive producer David X. Cohen talks to us exclusively about the end of the brilliant animated cult series.
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It is almost that time of year again when the leaves turn brown, weekends are consumed by sports and TV returns to its better self.
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“If you can’t fall in love here, check your pulse because you’re not alive.” - Drew
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"The pink stars are falling in lines."
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“So in this competitive, gladiator-style setting, I need to now go and murder Ben." – Michael, discussing the two on one date
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With Under the Dome and the return of reality powerhouse Big Brother, CBS is making a major bid to own summer ratings.
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How phenomenal Gandolfini was in that role, and the personal connection that I drew...
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"The last thing I want to do is walk across the stage in nothing but a mankini, a banana hammock." - Drew
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Parks and Recreation: why is everyone so mean to Jerry?
i find it really painful to watch the way they treat jerry, its the one thing about the show (which i love to pieces) that i can...
The Bachelor: bloopers special coming this summer
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Giuliana & Bill, "The Big 4-0": hide the surprise
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Breaking down Breaking Bad's insta-classic "green beans scene."
Hope you're watching Talking Bad. We had a bowl of green beans with slivered almonds as a set piece tonight. It was choice! That...
Breaking Bad: 14 ways that Walter White could get got
This story was written in July 2012 thanks for reading TVGA
Breaking Bad: 14 ways that Walter White could get got
Walter killed Mike Ehrmantrout in Season 4, remember?
Under the Dome, "Pilot": different paths, same destination
By the way: I'm a huge fan of King's since childhood and a mega-fan of The Dark Tower. Had not read any of stuff in a few years (...