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tv geek armyWe're talking TV news, TV reviews, TV opinions. It's militarized and mobilized madness for seriously geeky fans of great TV. And of course, "great TV" can come in many forms, from the broadcast networks to the cable channels outer rim to an ever bourgeoning number of online sources. Is this the age of "peak TV"? The answer doesn't matter: in fact we're in a new TV Golden Age, and the TV Geek Army is here to report on and revel up in it. 

You know you are one of us if you have opinions about what makes a great show (or the opposite thereof). So dive right in and join our community, start commenting and pontificating away, send us a tip, or submit a TV news story or review!

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With word this year (and the Super Bowl kicks off at 3:30p ET on Sunday, February 7th, 2016 on CBS for all of you kids keeping score at home) that Christopher Walken will be playing with sock puppets during one of this year's Super Bowl commercials (weird alert!), it seemed like an appropriate time to run down the weirdest Super Bowl commercials of all time.
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"That sensibility of what this show is, that really smart, acerbic, incendiary sense of humor that also has a touch of sweetness to it." - Mark Duplass
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One of the many joys of Jerry Seinfeld's Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee is that you end up learning far more about both Jerry and his comedian guests (including comedian-in-chief Barack Obama this season) than you would in most other environments
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Ah, the joys of parenthood. And oh yeah, the epic life disruption and anxiety and sleep deprivation too, let's not forget.
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The concept of The Great Human Race is simple and clever: drop two people on different points on the "migratory route" of human history -- from Africa to North America -- and see what happens.
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There's more television than ever before and when you dig into the numbers, you find out all kinds of surprising things. Here's 17 of them.
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The premise of Zombie House Flipping, despite The Walking Dead-inspired name, says something about the soul of the American dream.
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Deadliest Job Interview is one of those reality shows where you get the premise right away. Much like Hot Tub Time Machine.
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Lifetime's Little Women seems to be proliferating almost as quickly as Bravo's ever multiplying Real Housewives franchise.
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It's just a six episode run for the iconic mystery meets science fiction meets horror show starring David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson, but let's take what we can get, all right?
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Spartacus, "Whore": your intent matters for nothing
Licinia is the cousin of Marcus Crassus, not his wife. Though I am a few years late.
17 Canceled-Before-Their-Time TV Shows
Awesome list. I watched 5 of them. Shouldn't Jack & Bobby be up there? A G.W. Bush era coming of age drama about a future president...
Scorpion and Gotham: "stay frosty" and the over-written pilot episode
Stay Frosty on Gotham - surely an indication that the agent could possibly be Mr Freeze!?
Mad Men: 7 wishes for the final 7 episodes
You'll note that my wish for Pete isn't particularly "rosy." Or, alternatively, everyone could just die in a fire, so there's that...
Mad Men: 7 wishes for the final 7 episodes
Basically, you want a cheesy happy ending for everyone. No ending for Betty, I see. Still can't deal with the fact that she'll...
Parks and Recreation: why is everyone so mean to Jerry?
Jerry is treated like crap because he does nothing to combat said treatment and it's funny because outside of work at the parks...
Parks and Recreation: why is everyone so mean to Jerry?
I kept on watching the show in the hope that Jerry would get revenge on the other characters, or at the very least, see the other...
Archer, "Drift Problem": Archer gets Frisky (Dingo)
Me. Ford has actually made a few more appearances since drift problem. Both times as an elevator repairman. Ray asks him about isis...
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