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tv geek armyWe're talking TV news, TV reviews, TV opinions, and TV lists. It's militarized and mobilized madness for seriously geeky fans of great TV. And of course, "great TV" can come in many forms, whether it's the high drama of Mad Men, the screwball comedy of Arrested Development, the dark thrills of Hannibal, or even a goodly dose of reality when it's brewed with just the right mix.

You know you are one of us if you have opinions about what makes a great show (or the opposite thereof). So dive right in and join our community, start commenting and pontificating away, send us a tip, or submit a TV news story or review!

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While many storylines were successfully concluded by the time Mad Men wrapped up, there are a number of lingering unanswered questions that are good grist for speculation and pontification.
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Why do we care about Walter White? It’s in Cranston’s performance, in the writing, and the overall craft of a brilliant television show.
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A personal wish list of things that I'd like to see as the so called "End of an Era" kicks off.
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Dig into the two male protagonists and you'll see that they share many traits and circumstances that are not obvious to recognize at first.
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"Aren't you glad you didn't turn on the light?" - Hook Man
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"Jim, you seem like a nice guy, but this is not a city or a job for nice guys. You understand?" – Harvey Bullock to his partner Jim Gordon
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"Washington Redskins totally gets people's attention." – Eric Cartman
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"Serving Adrienne makes me want to vomit in her face." – Kat
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Now, let me ask you a question: when in your entire life has anyone you've ever known used the term, "stay frosty"?
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Some Supernatural super fan must have attempted to calculate how many thousands of miles the Winchester-mobile has rolled through by now, right?
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Spartacus, "Whore": your intent matters for nothing
Licinia is the cousin of Marcus Crassus, not his wife. Though I am a few years late.
17 Canceled-Before-Their-Time TV Shows
Awesome list. I watched 5 of them. Shouldn't Jack & Bobby be up there? A G.W. Bush era coming of age drama about a future president...
Scorpion and Gotham: "stay frosty" and the over-written pilot episode
Stay Frosty on Gotham - surely an indication that the agent could possibly be Mr Freeze!?
Mad Men: 7 wishes for the final 7 episodes
You'll note that my wish for Pete isn't particularly "rosy." Or, alternatively, everyone could just die in a fire, so there's that...
Mad Men: 7 wishes for the final 7 episodes
Basically, you want a cheesy happy ending for everyone. No ending for Betty, I see. Still can't deal with the fact that she'll...
Parks and Recreation: why is everyone so mean to Jerry?
Jerry is treated like crap because he does nothing to combat said treatment and it's funny because outside of work at the parks...
Parks and Recreation: why is everyone so mean to Jerry?
I kept on watching the show in the hope that Jerry would get revenge on the other characters, or at the very least, see the other...
Archer, "Drift Problem": Archer gets Frisky (Dingo)
Me. Ford has actually made a few more appearances since drift problem. Both times as an elevator repairman. Ray asks him about isis...