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TV Geek Army Contributors

Eric is the publisher and revered leader of TV Geek Army… at least in his own mind. TV Geek Army is a place for serious TV reviews and news for serious fans of great television. Contact: eric-[at] 

Lucas High 343 Posts

Lucas High is a man on a mission. That mission: to watch television for a living. Drop him a line at, on Facebook and on Twitter at

Mark D Curran 219 Posts

Mark is a freelance writer, student of English and Philosophy, and still has too much time on his hands. If you have any of your own, check out the blog and follow him on Twitter!!/MarkDCurran

Hear more from the King of TV on The Paul Goebel Show podcast and at his website, You can also follow Paul on Twitter @PaulGoebelShow.

Samantha is a freelance writer, editor and book and TV reviewer. She's currently in gradschool and working on her first novel, and one day she'll rule to world. Or marry her TV. Whichever comes first. Follow!

TV geek Erin 153 Posts

Erin is an avid tv watcher; Castle, The Office, Fringe, Once Upon a Time, Vampire Diaries, Cougar Town and Game of Thrones among her favorites. She also likes to go to the movies, write, try new places to eat at and travel to new destinations. Follow her on Twitter @erninlow.

Frances Seda 110 Posts
Tara Bennett 108 Posts

is an author (The Lost Encyclopedia), a national entertainment journalist and a media studies adjunct professor at Rowan University. She's been a film, TV and pop culture junkie for as long as she can remember and she's got the old TV Guide's to prove it. Pray for her thighs as she spends far too much time at her desk writing or her couch watching what she loves.

Mike Proper 107 Posts

I work hard.  And I play hard.  

Actually, I don't work that hard.

Also I Tweet.

MaryAnn was raised by television because her parents were too cheap to get a babysitter. Some people have fond memories of summer camp, she has Salute Your Shorts rerunsStalk her on Twitter at @radium_girl.

Dean Childers is freelance writer in Kentucky. He is a major in Mass Communications. He lurks in the Bluegrass waiting for someone to throw a pokeball at him.

Tom Santilli is a national columnist and movie critic, who also covers Survivor for  His ongoing work can be found at his blog,  He is a member of the Detroit Film Critic Society, and huge Survivor fan.

Chris Morgan 45 Posts

Chris Morgan has written for an abundance of websites. He once cowrote a show for The Second City in Detroit. It was closed soon after. He has a podcast: He wrote a novel:

Gordon S. Miller is the artist formerly known as El Bicho, the nom de plume he used when he first began reviewing movies online for The Masked Movie Snobs in 2003.  Before the year was out, he became that site's publisher.  Over the years, he has also contributed to a number of other sites as a writer and editor, such as Blogcritics, FilmRadar, and High Def Digest.  He became the Editor-in-Chief of Cinema Sentries upon its inception in 2011.

Greg Barbrick 35 Posts

Greg Barbrick has been watching TV so long he remembers watching first run episodes of Star Trek.

Steve Geise 26 Posts

Reviewing for various magazines and websites since 2004.

Todd Karella 19 Posts

After doing a few film reviews during an internship with the L.A. Times Todd learned how much he enjoyed it. He has written articles for the Daily Pilot, Blog Critics and is a former member of the Masked Movie Snobs.

I'm on a quest to be the most amazing writer to ever live. Until then, writing about TV will have to satiate my hunger for characters, plots, and intense emotional reactions.

See my blog for more stuff...

MaryKay15 17 Posts

Entertainment writer and essayist from the Boston area

Fen 16 Posts

Used to blog over at but have since migrated here to TV Geek Army!

Kristin Hunt 14 Posts
Dawn Nyberg 14 Posts

Dawn has a passion for the show Supernatural & everything that makes it great: acting, story arcs & classic rock. She loves episode spoilers, conventions & sneak peek clips. Follow her on Twitter: @Feretory

Shawn Bourdo 13 Posts

I've talked about TV since I got my first TV Guide in 1974.  Now I write about it since the people at the bar seem to ignore my ramblings.  Oh yeah - I'm also not a witch.

Kirby_Reed 12 Posts

Kirby Reed is an aspiring author and freelance writer with a rabid pop culture obsession. She's currently in love with 'Game of Thrones' and has two little 'direwolves' of her own.

Follow her on Twitter! @popculturepup

totallytv 8 Posts

When I'm not watching TV and blogging about it, I'm a children's book writer. Follow my TV tweets @totallytv or my writing-related tweets @amithaknight.

cstet 7 Posts
Jaclyn 7 Posts

Absolutely passionate about Supernatural.

English freelance writer who has contributed to Sports and Entertainment genres.

Writing for this site is one of the biggest honors of my life because they have such high standards. Speaking of standards, my own blog has none, but you can read it at I'm also on Twitter, @reubenco.

Brittany Ryan is a corporate copywriter with passions outside the 9-5. When she’s not jetting around the world working for the man, you can find her on the couch indulging her fiction addiction. As a modern working woman and ‘80s baby, she enjoys a variety of boob tube offerings from the complex commentary of Mad Men to the shameless fun of Flavor of Love.

Jaron Fox 6 Posts

I've always wanted to create a TV show about four world dictators that share an apartment in Lower Manhattan and how  their awkward neighbor deals with it. I would call it "World War Me" ... or something.

A writer, photographer, Brooklynite, and fan of all things pop culture. Except cat videos. Those are just a slippery slope.

Amanda M 4 Posts

I'm a weather nerd from the South with a passion for teaching science. When I'm not writing about watching TV I like to read and chase down cumulonimbus clouds.

I also tweet random things in my spare time: @honeydewfest

Bethaney Wallace is a professional writer and co-owner of The Social Robot. Other than blogging, she can be found drinking tea, looking for new DIY projects, and maxing out her library card.

Michael 2 Posts

Michael loves tech and TV and has found ways to write about both. His favorites on TV right now include Chuck, Curb Your Enthusiasm, The Vampire Diaries, 30 Rock, and Cougar Town, among others.

BetsyGeek 2 Posts

I have a ludacris dreams of being a Canadian Tina Fey. TV is my life, there is an imprint on my couch to prove it!

Jerome Wetzel also writes TV reviews for Examiner and BlogCritics. He is an avid TV fan, and wants to cover as much as possible.  He has written fiction, as well, and is currently working on his series, An Actor's Nightmare.

Savannah 2 Posts
AllisonB 2 Posts

Allison is an all around geek, writer, gamer, and reader, with a passion for science fiction and fantasy. A few of her favourite shows are Doctor Who, Firefly, Eureka, Fringe, Castle, Avatar: The Last Airbender, Once Upon a Time, and Warehouse 13.

S-E-T 2 Posts
ACAnld711 2 Posts
Launie K. 1 Post

Michael Langston Moore writes for three columns at, including the Boston TV Examiner.  He also has his own television blog entitled The Screen Fiend.

You can follow Michael on Twitter, too: @MLM_Examiner

Shanzay finds solace in watching nearly any genre of television. She's a writer, blogger, and editor that has had the epiphany of actually writing about the content she so fervently consumes. She hopes you will spiral down in this journey with her.

amandasalz 1 Post
EmilyJames 1 Post

Emily's day job consists of busting bad dish at Her self-appointed night job is consuming TV, movies, books and plays. She likes stories. A lot.  

Follow her on Twitter @emilyeleni


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