Big Brother 13, "Episode 21": mischievous plans

Quick Take: Big Brother 13, "Episode 21"
Daniele, Kalia, and Porsche's streak of luck has come to a sudden and bitter end.


Review: Big Brother 13, "Episode 21"
(S1321) Daniele, Kalia, and Porsche's streak of luck has come to a sudden and bitter end.

"If you win Power Of Veto, can [Jeff] put you up?" Kalia asks Daniele while eating incessantly, which seems to be quite popular with her whenever she's on camera and talking game. Perhaps it's nervous eating. Totally understandable. What's a bit not understandable is when she goes up to Jeff later and says other people who haven't been playing the game, she means Porsche, deserve to go home.

Okay. But you don't even know the rules, Kalia. Daniele says no, he cannot. And thus it is decided that Daniele needs to win the POV competition. The reason is twofold: (1) If she doesn't win, she will most definitely be back-doored; (2) winning means she can take Kalia off the block and have more allies with her going into the next week.

In comes time for the POV competition, and everyone is set to play except Rachel. The challenge is introduced by ZingBot, who insults the houseguests (and Daniele is given some harsh words about riding her father's coattails, yikes): they have to build a female ZingBot by putting puzzle pieces together. It's not even a contest. Jeff wins in a heartbeat, showing in one week that he can actually win stuff and proving that everyone's delusions that he's a huge competitor are warranted. Meanwhile, Kalia, Daniele, and Porsche (who will now be referenced as The Trio) fight for their lives and Adam and Shelly just bang their puzzle pieces aimlessly to make it seem like they care to win. Jordan tries her best, meaning she comes up short.

The Trio is now scared! Quick closeup shots of their troubled faces with huge bass music plays as their unenthusiastic "Good job, Jeff!" remarks pity up the place. The muscles in their face wrinkle with growing frowns.

"Our alliance is in trouble," Porsche says in the Diary Room. What she doesn't know is that Kalia and Daniele didn't even think once about trying to save her. (And with good reason.) She frets that she's a target because "I've come second in the last four competitions!" Simmer down, Car, you're fine.

"I don't want to kiss up … What are we going to do?" she asks Daniele hollowly in the have-not room. Brown nose, obviously. That's what everyone does. Here are Kalia and Porsche's attempts, quoted (and paraphrased, for your pleasure):

Kalia: "I know I put you up. But you weren't my target. Like, no. You weren't. What can I say to convince you enough? You're still not my target! Seriously, Jeff. Put Porsche up! She's not a threat to you like I am! Cool? Cool." I'm surprised she got through that without munching down on something. Maybe she was just grinding down on her teeth between breaths.

Porsche: "Hey... hi... this is awkward... this whole 'talking' thing. I don't want to kiss up. But, like, what about a deal? I don't know? Maybe a deal? If I win HOH next week or sometime soon hopefully, then I...? Talk to you later!"

Jeff speaks to Daniele and asks how their relationship is at this point. She says they're good and offers them a final four deal with Kalia, or even final three.

"You have my word," she insists. But Jeff doesn't have enough trust in her. In the POV meeting, he takes Porsche off and replaces her with Daniele. Daniele threatens that Jeff will pay for it if she's still here on Thursday (which would take a miracle and a half to happen). Rachel plasters a huge smile on her face.

"No one comes between me and my alliance!" Rachel yelps in the Diary Room; earlier, she tried to taunt and tease Daniele by — get this — literally just talking to her.

Elsewhere, Jordan takes off her Humilitard. Shelly acts frightened for The Trio and tells Kalia "you need to fight!" like she doesn't know that already, then goes to Jeff to seek information. And Jeff redeems his "coup d'état" mispronunciation by getting "mischievous" correctly.

"What's that guy doing? He's being mischeeveeous," Jordon defends. "I think I'm right — for the first time!" Oh, bless her heart.

Thursday's double eviction episode is sure to be huge, and probably one of the highest-rated episodes of the season (which have been on an upswing overall) with Daniele up on the block. However, it regrettably seems she will be going to the Jury House as Shelly nor Adam will vote against the house, Rachel will most certainly vote her out, and Jordan will honor Jeff's wishes.

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