Blindspot: "Her Spy's Harmed" brings in another NoTP

So now Weller is in a needless love-quadrangle and everything is falling apart! Spoilers ahead for Blindspot (S0206) "Her Spy's Harmed"...

Blindspot 2.6

Does anyone else feel like Sandstorm is dragging the story sideways when it's trying to go forward now? Everytime anything happens, Nas tells Jane to do whatever it takes to get the info, but there's no info to get: every single question to anyone is just met with blank stares, and it's starting to feel like the writers are stalling. Hopefully, they'll start answering questions soon, because we're only six episodes in and it already feels like it's been a questionmark for too long!

Anyway, the plot.

Team Are We Even Still A Team At This Point figures out the encoded picture from last week--and it's mostly junk emails, but hiding in the mail is a message that leads them to several things: it's about a guy who's been on the run for years for leaking sensitive emails and paperwork, and he's in Bulgaria, and they know his hotel now. Team Weller is a go...but Reade and Zapata are on personal time, Patterson is staying in her lab, and Jane gets a beep, again, just in time to keep her from getting to talk to anyone.

She and Roman are going to go and get that chip that the other guy was going to get for them before he punked out and Roman killed him. They have to pose as OSHA people doing a routine inspection to get inside the lab where their mysterious chip is. Roman has it all worked out, and they're going in the morning; he had her picked up early just so he could test and see if Remy is back yet, and when he saw she wasn't--when she couldn't open a puzzle box only she knew how to open--he gets all mad at her again and says he's not going to cover for her anymore.

So while Weller and Nas are posing as a couple (ew) and running into the new head of the CIA, Jane is breaking into a lab. Patterson is working both sides.

See, the traitor Team Weller is after says that he's a patsy, that he was framed and never actually leaked anything; he tells them a story of people barging into his house, using his laptop to send the files, and telling him to get out of the country. And he has it recorded. Patterson works overtime to get the voice-scramblers scrubbed from the file so they can hear what these two attackers actually sound like. 

And Jane, once inside the lab and in posession of the chip, asks her to find out what's on it. While Roman is ensuring their exit (too early, because the guards found the body Jane and Roman left), Jane plugs in the chip and Patterson tries to get the data off it. The code, though, is crazy-big, and she only gets a percent or two before Jane has to go rescue her brother from certain doom. What sort of huge-code-needing thing is this a chip for?

See, Roman says he's ready to die for the cause, and no matter what happens, Jane should get the chip out. But she isn't Remy anymore; when it comes to letting him get killed and running, or saving her only real family, she chooses to save him. They do get out anyway--through the wall because they're BAMFs--but he's ticked that she came back. Remy wouldn't have.

Jane says that if that's the sort of person Remy was, she hopes she never comes back.

This is the first real moment of her choosing to be herself this year, and I almost cheered! Screw Remy! She chose to have her memory wiped, which has done nothing but make everything in her own plan harder, and she was a sociopath who apparently, according to Roman, made him a sociopath, too. Her also saving him and preserving his sanity in the soldier factory doesn't make up for all the bad she did and was before.

In the end, she gets through to Roman: she remembers that she loves him, and she remembers some of their childhood--including how to open the puzzle box, what the coin she has means, and how Roman got the scar on his face (because she wasn't yet strong enough to save him from psycho bullies with razors). He cries, she holds him, and I have sudden hope that his loyalty to her is stronger than his loyalty to Sandstorm so she can win him over and get him on their side! Think what an asset the leader's second-in-command would be!

Meanwhile, in Bulgaria, everything is dumb.

Their not-really-a-traitor says he knows Mayfaire, but it comes out pretty quickly that he's just good at jumping on people's weak spots, and they get him to a safehouse but Weller is all uncharacteristically shaken up by it. He misses Mayfaire, and he feels like he's not nearly as good at the job as she was, that she always knew what everything meant and how to handle it. He's also still freaked about Sandstorm secretly spying on him for twenty years. It's great that he is actually expressing something...but then he sleeps with Nas.

She's pretty and they get along when they're drinking and not working, but she's also constantly undermining him, spying on the team without their knowledge, and, at least some of the time, intentionally keeping the team half-fractured. She's shifty, she can't be trusted, and it doesn't sit well.

It shouldn't sit well with him, either.

Also, it wouldn't have happened if Jane or any of the rest of the team was there, so it just makes Weller look like he's easily manipulated when off on his own, and that seems out of character. I don't believe for a second that Nas didn't intentionally seduce him for some plan; she hasn't done or said anything since we met her that wasn't for a purpose.

It makes me miss these days...

Better times?

Anyway, their safehouse is taken down by the CIA dude, who makes the mistake of taunting Weller by admitting that he's one of the guys who tortured Jane. It's great that they're admitting that this was actual torture, and that there's still bad vibes because of it; Weller tries to choke him to death in a fit of rage. He may have just slept with another person who wasn't Jane, but he's not going to take it lightly when he's being taunted like that. But they need to get their perp to safety so he can testify that he's been set up and all that stuff.

While they're on the way back to safety from overseas, though, Patterson happens to look up and sees the bug in Borden's office, which, as it turns out, wasn't even all that well hidden. She calls Weller, tells him that it's transmitting to Nas, and he doesn't immediately flip out or run them off the road or something. He just very calmly acts like she didn't just ruin a budding relationship that none of us wanted anyway, and hangs up. Did he intend to get seduced? Was he already suspecting she was up to something like this?

While all this was going on, Borden was trying to be cute and kept getting put off by Patterson who had to keep what she was doing from him because he didn't have clearance--and then she called him David. Who is her dead boyfriend. Apparently Borden's first name is actually Robert. They manage to make up by the end of the episode, but in a show steeped with paranoia, should we we suspicious that he didn't go home sooner? Or is he actually just that willing to get any time at all with Pats?

And also while all this is going on, Zapata goes after Reade and finds him over the body of the guy who potentially ruined his life (despite him not remembering it), and immediately goes into "save partner by erasing all evidence of him at the crime scene" mode. Which, like, you can see where she's coming from, but they both know is a bad idea. We learn that she's a nasty one to get on the wrong side of, threatening the security guard who saw Reade with deporting his pregnant girlfriend if he talks, and very coldly and efficiently doing stuff like burning clothes and stealing evidence.

What happened to them all sharing what they know? Four episodes is too long to keep to that plan?

Reade's story is shifty, and he says he didn't kill the guy, but it sure seems like he did. Zapata is probably damning them both to jail trying to help. Jane is isolated and doesn't even go on this case with the team. And Weller is an emotional mess that's potentially really messing with his decision-making skills.

I don't like it, guys.

But there's a light at the end of the episode: Patterson cracks the sound file and Jane identifies one of the voices as Roman--meaning that the whole leak-files-and-exile-the-patsy plan is actually part of Sandstorm's Big Plan, and tying these two stories that have been drifting apart back together! Yay! And then the other voice. Jane tells them it's Shepherd, meaning it was important enough that the head of Sandstorm herself went on the op. But more than that, Weller recognizes the voice. Who wants to bet it's from those military school days when they started watching him?

Everything started out unsteady this season, but the last episode or three, it seemed like the unsteadiness was taking over the plot. Reade is totally off in another world, and Zapata is now out there with him, probably making things worse by trying to help him. Weller is separated from his team and their collective pro-con balance for his decision-making. Jane is practically in a different show, and is getting no time to relate to her team in any way, and despite being told over and over that Sandstorm is her family, not being given much chance to relate to them, either. If it's not revealed that all of it was intentional from Sandstorm's point of view, it's going to look like "we don't know what to do with Jane, quick, shuffle her off somewhere else!" 

Which is lazy writing.

In a show that's amazing because it's NOT lazy.

But the fact that things are finally starting to come together makes it end on a less frustrating note, by far! Instead of splitting everyone up, make it all part of the same mystery--and maybe if they DO just talk it out like functional adults, it'll start falling into place! They need to realize that all this fracturing only helps the enemy, and to make sure it doesn't keep happening in the future, because The Big Plan is about to go down, and they need to be a united front if six-ish people are going to beat a whole international terrorist conspiracy on their own turf.

More notes on Blindspot 2.6 "Her Spy's Harmed":

  • Does this mean that this episode is set super close to two or three weeks ago when they first brought up the chip? Or did Sandstorm weirdly wait a long time for their important plan?
  • Roman is such a tragic character. It's almost definite that he wouldn't even be functional, if he was even still alive, without Remy, but along the way she seems to have broken him in a different way. Can Jane save him?
  • Roman claims he doesn't like killing, but his default is KILL AT ALL COSTS and Jane calls him on it and it's fantastic. Good job, Jane. Then she shows him that you can get stuff done without killing people, and it's also fantastic.
  • What if Remy went with the mind wipe in the HOPE of being a different person on the other side? Like, secretly being tired of all the trauma and brokenness, and taking any chance to start over fresh? What if she's passively-intentionally being the first flaw in her former existence's whole plan?
  • Still hoping Borden isn't the mole. Kinda hoping Nas is now, but that's disappointing, because I wanted someone to be on their side; she's still too shifty.
  • Is Weller going to sleep with everyone BUT Jane??
  • Hopefully the case against the coach will get somewhere soon; watching Reade crack up with no chance of redemption and healing is not fun and doesn't do much for the story.
  • Nas is the one that kept Weller from choking the new CIA guy; will it turn out that she saved him for a purpose? Will it turn out that even if she was just being smart, having that guy dead might make their lives easier?
  • What happened with that guy that Jane called awkwardly and sort of asked out on a date last week?
  • What did you guys think of this week's Blindspot? Share in the comments!

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