Blindspot: The team "Resolves Eleven Myths" when Rich Dotcom comes back

Yay, an episode where the team is all together and Jane isn't being forced to be in a different show than everyone else! Well, I say together... Spoilers ahead for Blindspot (S0207) "Resolves Eleven Myths"...

Blindspot 2.7

The episode starts with Jane and Weller having dinner and smiling and kissing and being super adorable. Roman shows up, and they all have a great time...until the door flies open, everyone disappears, and pre-mind-wipe Remy shows up and literally beats herself up. She says Jane can't have any of this; it's not her's and it's not for her. Then she stabs her in the heart and she wakes up terrified and confused.

Back at the office, Things are Happening.

Rich Dotcom hacks the whole FBI system to get them to arrest him and take him into custody, so that this legendary assassin known as The Winter Soldier--I mean, The Accadian--who everyone thinks is a myth or a boogeyman, can't get him. That doesn't work for very long, though.

Rich manages to sneak back out of holding and into their offices again moments after they left him down there, and while he's still explaining how he did it, they realize that holding has been attacked and the guards they just saw are now dead. The Accadian is in the building, and the only reason Rich is still alive is because he fled the second he had a chance. The assassin got in by replacing a security guard, but quickly kept shifting around who's access card he was using so they were always a little behind and he could use the lead to find Rich.

He uses stuff from their own supplies closets to build a bomb that takes out Patterson while she's trying to defuse it. He gets the best of both Zapata AND Reade in the lockers, and kidnaps Zapata so he can poison her and make them leave Rich to get the cure.

See, Reade and her had just had a big fight. The cop in charge of the case of his old coach's murder and the lawyer who dropped the case against him showed up in the office right before everything went south. They wanted to apologize--and to make Reade help them decide who of the victims was the killer. Reade won't "pin the crime on a survivor", which Zapata just thinks makes him more suspicious since they don't know he should be on that list, too. She's convinced that they're here because they think he did it, even though they give no signs of that being the case; then her guy at the cops calls and tells her that they found a knife in the sewer, so she's sure that it'll be Reade's missing kitchen knife and that doesn't help any.

When she and Reade go to clear the floor and find the Accadian, Reade tells her to stop helping; he didn't ask for her involvement, it's not needed because he didn't do it, and he thinks she's only invovled at all because she's still an addict: she's not placing bets anymore, but she still needs the thrill of risk. So they're not working well together when the Accadian finds them, and that's when he knocks them out and kidnaps her.

Every time they say "the Accadian" I think of the Scorpion King, but this guy is more like fighting Jet Li; he's fast and quiet and a better hand-to-hand fighter than anyone else.

While that's going on, Weller confronts Nas about bugging everything, and she says that she needs to know every single thing going on in Jane's mind, so she can see it coming if she turns on them. Weller doesn't think she'll join up with Sandstorm, but he does think Nas will push her away and they'll lose her--especially now that she wants to turn Roman and use him as a resource against Sandstorm. She tells Jane that she trusted her inside man as well as she trusts Roman, and he killed a bunch of her people before getting himself killed, and she doesn't want Jane to make the same mistake.

Jane doesn't take being put off like that very kindly, and Weller's mad at Nas and refuses to talk about what happened between them last episode because of it. Rich drops hints of something called Omaha so Nas won't send him away instead of keeping him safe, and that is just one more thing for Weller to be suspicious of.

So when they split up to go help Zapata, everyone is on edge. 

They do leave Rich alone to draw out the Accadian, but only for a few seconds; they let Rich handle the computers to put the surveillance on a loop so they don't actually have to leave the room. While he's there, he messes around with other things, too, because famous deep web hacker, so of course. 

Jane and Weller corner the assassin, and they're not doing a very good job of incapacitating him until Jane has a moment with her dream from this morning, and uses the moves her other self used against her to take him down--but Weller accidentally kills him before he can tell them which of the vials he left is poison and which is cure. Which means Nas and Reade have to guess, and they almost guess wrong before Reade figures out that Zapata's hand isn't just twitching, it's using morse code to tell him which is the right one, since her throat is closing up and she can't speak, but her eyes were working just fine when the guy was talking about the vials earlier.

Everything looks better, and they send Rich back to jail...but his boyfriend Boston, the one who he said had died in his arms to get them to believe he was telling the truth, answered the call instead of whoever was supposed to, and Rich gets escorted to freedom instead of jail.

Except that Patterson wasn't in the hospital because of that explosion like they told Rich she was. She was checking for exactly the sort of other hacks that Rich Dotcom would totally put into their computers given half a chance, and so she was prepared for their call to be intercepted. They let them get just far enough away to think they were free, but then caught both of them for the price of one. But at least Rich managed to get the FBI to kill the actual assassin that was actually after him, since he actually ticked off Kim Jong Un by coming on to his wife, like he said!

Once the case is wrapped, Reade and Zapata apologise to each other, and she promises not to mess with the evidence...and then totally goes and messes with the evidence. But the knife wasn't Reade's kitchen knife; it was Freddie's pocket knife, which means she's not only stolen evidence, but she also knows who did it!

Nas tells Jane that she can't approve her bringing Roman over, and Jane isn't happy with that.

Jane goes on a date with her Australian non-profit guy, but when he asks her where she's from, does she have siblings, what's her job, and is so sweet and normal about those very loaded-for-her questions, she freaks out and leaves. "This doesn't belong to me," she says, just like the dream told her. Is she starting to crack up? Is Remy actually trying to come back for real, not just in scattered memories? Will she be able to integrate both personalities, or will the tension be too much? Weller better keep an eye on her.

Weller is home fixing the door that got busted down when they went to go pick up Rich from his living room at the beginning, and Nas shows up and tells him that she's always had a hard time letting people in, but she kind of wants to change that now...and then they're kissing again and I'm questioning Weller's sanity again.

And then Roman gets a message that their FBI mole left something in the dead drop for him. The guy he's working with half-suggests that Jane maybe can't be trusted, and he almost strangles the guy, defending her by saying she's done everything they asked of her. But he also says they're not going to say anything at all to Shepherd until he sees what's in the drop. 

It's a note. All it says is "Jane's loyalty is with the FBI" and then a few pages of code. From that chip, which they still don't know what it's for? Roman goes all vein-poppy about that news; even if Jane wants to turn him now, he probably won't go. But maybe this also means that she can stop living a double life? And maybe it means that he'll go rogue to confront her instead of bringing Sandstorm into this, since he's taking all of this very, very personally? She might still be able to get him arrested and work on him that way...

Who was the mole? Nas would know now that Jane really is with her team, and the whole thing with Weller could be specifically to keep him distracted. Borden wasn't even in this episode, so it would be strange if his info changed unless he's also listening in. Patterson had access to the code, but why would she be a mole? What if it's not even one of the people they showed the first time they mentioned the mole, and we're just meant to keep being paranoid as everyone inside the show is?

This was a big, full, awesome episode. So much happened--this recap is super-long this week!--but they managed to keep it from being muddy or confusing. In fact, it's probably more morally clear than the show has been in weeks, and with everyone on the team in one place, doing the same things, it's much easier to keep the story straight then it's been since it was split up!

Rich Dotcom is so much fun--the whole first few minutes of the episode, where he keeps poking at the tension in the team, calling out the wonky chemistry between them now, telling Jane Weller is still obviously in love with her but confused, blaming all the weirdness on Nas--it was great. Like a little bit of letting the fans speak, while also being a quick and easy way of broaching all those subjects in the show itself! And he really should join the team; it'd be so much fun if they just decided that he's less trouble where they can keep all their eyes on him. Every show needs an arrested and indentured hacker to keep them company! Where else would we have gotten Birkhoff from Nikita? Or Reily on MacGyver?

And it's so nice to have the storylines knitting together! Everything matters to everyone on this show, and that's great.

More notes for Blindspot 2.7 "Resolves Eleven Myths":

  • Is Jane living back at the same safehouse? Her bedroom looks nice.
  • Not really eleven, but a few. The Accadian is real. Omaha is a thing.
  • Patterson getting to be the "relationship expert" was so very very cute!
  • Did Reade just have a revelation about how much he cares about Zapata this ep? Is she doing all this to begin with because she cares about him? Or is all of this just two dysfunctional partners being dysfunctional together?
  • Rich flirting with Zapata and Nas is kind of amazing. I'd like Nas to kiss him more than I'd like her to keep kissing Weller, that's for sure. 
  • He gave Boston Dobby the House Elf's death from Harry Potter! And he was binge-watching Stranger Things and was mad about Barb! Ha!
  • What did you think of this week's episode? Tell us in the comments, or come talk to me on Twitter @pirategirljack!

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