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Quick Take: Breaking Amish, "Jumping The Fence"
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Review: Breaking Amish, "Jumping The Fence"
(S0101) I saw a preview of this new TLC show a month or so ago and was instantly intrigued. Having forgotten when it premiered I was happy when by happenstance I caught the premiere on Sunday night. Here's the gist: Breaking Amish follows four Amish young adults (Kate, Jeremiah, Abe and Rebecca) and one Mennonite (Sabrina) as they break away from the traditions of their upbringing and move to New York City to ultimately decide whether or not they will remain Amish/Mennonite or become "English." 

One thing I would love to know but which will probably never be revealed by TLC is how they were able to recruit these people to be a part of the show. I am sure that even if they did decide to return to their lives they will somehow always be shunned by their family and peers for having left in the first place. After some thought I also question how real the show is? One of the girls, Kate, was discussing how she always had aspirations of being a model after flipping through fashion magazines when she was younger. I don't know much about the Amish community but from the little I do know I didn't think that they would have subscriptions to magazines. It seems to be a little backwards from what they believe. And while Jeremiah's anger to the lack of privacy was amusing, where does all of that anger come from? Considering how sheltered they are growing up how does he know so much of the "outside world." I assume part of his anger comes from the fact that he was adopted and wishes he wasn't adopted by an Amish family. Also, his girlfriend appears on screen when he tells her his decision of moving to New York City. Wouldn't she suffer some repercussions from agreeing to be on camera even though she walks away from him?  

One thing I did find a bit upsetting was the treatment of Rebecca and Sabrina by their families once they informed each of them of their decision to go to New York City. Essentially they were instantly shunned. Sabrina, like Jeremiah, was adopted as well and has never felt as though she was a part of the Mennonite community. The letters she receives by her peers once they learn of her decision were quite harsh.

I am not sure if TLC has a hit here but it's definitely going to be interesting to watch. After seeing the previews for the season it seems like these five individuals are going to run wild with their newfound freedom.

By Frances Seda

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On: Monday, September 10, 2012
Anon said:
On: Monday, September 10, 2012
Trina said:

I'm from Lancaster County & know of Sabrina from friends.  Her story doesn't ring true. She isn't dressed as girls would dress from the church she was raised in.  Also, she was apparently married - which certainly wasn't mentioned in the show. Also, there are lots of small things mentioned in the premiere about Amish that certainly aren't reality.

On: Thursday, September 13, 2012
tellthutruthnow said:

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