Breaking Bad Season Five trailer takes you right back to that manic addictive place

There's no denying it: once Breaking Bad has you hooked, it has the manic addictive adrenaline-fueled force of, well… you know.

breaking bad season 5 trailer mike

And with Season Five finally kicking off tonight with an episode called "Live Free or Die" (which I'm guessing does not involve a carefree family road trip to New Hampshire), there has been a super lab's worth of work and scientific-like prognosticating about what's coming in this final season (the first batch of eight episodes will be doled out this summer with the final eight excruciatingly held out until mid-2013).

In fact, I've already presented my diagnosis of the 14 ways that Walter White could get "got". And on that list, good old crusty hyper efficient Mike pulls in pretty fair odds as the man to be a major player in Walt's final downfall (we list him at 5:1, place your bets now!).

With that in mind, this Breaking Bad Season Five Comic-Con trailer certainly puts Mike front and center, at least in the wake of Gus and Tyrus getting blow'd up and what will certainly be at least a brief power vacuum in the world of meth cooking and slinging in the great American southwest.

After watching this trailer, I was reminded that because Mike got shot during the escape from the Mexican cartel's compound, he was offstage during the final events of Season Four (and one could even make a strong argument that he would have done enough advance work to prevent Walt from using Hector Salamanca to take out Gus at the assisted living facility). And then I considered that mobile medical unit that Gus had in place for (mostly) himself after the escape.

Gustavo Fring, on top of many other things, was a multimillionaire with many, perhaps hundreds, of people on his payroll. Mike was one of them, and now that he is going to be in effect out of a job – one that he may even believe was relatively stable before Walter White stampeded into his life – he's going to be righteously pissed off, as the trailer clearly relates.

And that is merely one of any number of factors to chew on ahead of Season Five!

In other AMC/Breaking Bad news, AMC will live-stream the Breaking Bad premiere for Dish subscribers, stemming from AMC's ongoing dispute with Dish Network.

This is all to say, make sure that you get in front of a television for Breaking Bad tonight at 10/9c,on AMC. 

By Eric - TV Geek Army "Revered Leader"

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Eric is the publisher and revered leader of TV Geek Army… at least in his own mind. TV Geek Army is a place for serious TV reviews and news for serious fans of great television. Contact: eric-[at] 

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