Breaking Bad: the season of Skyler?

In the startling Season Four opener of Breaking Bad, all eyes were on Gus’ box cutter. Yet as Gus was coming up with new and terrifying uses for that object, something quite interesting was happening elsewhere: Skyler was using her baby daughter to break into Walt’s apartment. Sure, infant-assisted break-ins may be less attention-grabbing, but this act marked an important turn for Skyler. While she spent much of last season dealing with her anger at Walt, she now seems to have adopted an active role in his criminal life and seems intent on taking a piece of Walt’s business for herself.


Last night’s episode only confirmed this notion, as we saw Skyler scoping out the car wash before striding into Bogdan’s office with a flawlessly calculated offer (and something that Walt had insisted on doing himself). Though her ploy was unsuccessful, thanks to her husband’s grand exit in Season One, Skyler doesn’t seem ready to back down. Her next move remains a mystery, but it’s one I’m dying to have revealed. 

It could be that Season Four is going to be Skyler’s season. She is due after all. Several other characters have already enjoyed seasons where they really come into their own. Season One was clearly a season of Walt. Duh, I know. He’s the main character and it was the beginning of the series, so naturally it was all about him. Season Two, however, became a season of Jesse as he took over product distribution, had his tragic romance with Jane and showed surprising humanity in episodes like “Peekaboo.” Season Three is a tougher call, but I’d probably give it to Hank. Since the threat of the Cousins dominated that season, and Hank was so crucial to that plot, we all started wondering what Hank was up to. His increasing aggression leading up to the shootout and subsequent struggle with physical therapy made for lots of compelling character development. 

Now it seems his hospital bills may be setting Skyler up to grab the spotlight. We already saw the beginnings of this when she proposed buying the car wash and paying Hank’s bills with the money Walt won “at a casino” toward the end of Season Three. But the cast even alluded to Skyler getting seduced by the criminal lifestyle in the Season Four preview video. Plus, a sneak peek at Episode Three shows a fight between Walt and Skyler concerning the car wash and the potential danger Walt is facing. So while two episodes in may be too early to tell, I can’t help feeling we’re in for the season of Skyler.

By Kristin Hunt

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On: Monday, July 25, 2011
Eric - TV Geek Army "Revered Leader" said:

Great analysis kristin !

I think that Walt Jr. is a chess piece that will be used at some point. He will be put in danger or more likely find out something about what he parents are up to... and that will have a huge impact on everything that happens next. And of course Skyler will be a big part of that. 

Interesting that we haven't seen Walt and Walt Jr. together this season as yet. Pops is pretty busy these days, eh?


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