Cash Cab revealed to be a fraud

Last year, I shattered the fragile psyches of thousands of readers (well, maybe dozens) when I discussed the fact that the show Cheaters is a fraud. The jilted lovers are not lovers at all. They are paid actors who probably don't even know each other prior to being cast by producers. Well, 'tis the holiday season and in the spirit of giving, I'm back to do it again. Brace yourself people. Just like Cheaters, the popular Discovery Channel game-show Cash Cab is a farce!

cash cab

Maybe that's what gunman James Lee was so bitter about about when he stormed the network's Silver Spring, MD headquarters a couple months back. (Too soon? Sorry.)

If you are standing on a street corner in Manhattan, you stand a better chance of being picked up by a cocaine-addled Charlie Sheen mistaking you for a hooker than Ben Bailey. Apparently the contestants on Cash Cab are prescreened and cast by producers long before they get anywhere near the tricked out taxi. Okay, okay, they are not completely aware of the gag. Contestants are "told they’ve made it on a non-specified reality show and that a cab will be coming to take them to the shoot. A cab pulls up, and, surprise, it’s the Cash Cab! This might explain why so many improv-comedy types are on the show." If that isn't enough to completely sour you on the show, the cash (you know the the stuff IN THE TITLE OF THE SHOW) is fake as well! Contestants are mailed a check for the amount of their winnings. What's next? You're going to tell me Santa isn't real?

By Lucas High

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On: Sunday, December 19, 2010
Reuben J. Cohen said:

I was actually in Silver Spring that day, but good joke. So I guess not too soon.

Personally, I'm shocked about "Cash Cab". I had never heard of this show, so I never would have guessed it was fake.

On: Sunday, December 19, 2010
Lucas High said:

I really like Cash Cab, so it kind of sucks that it's a sham. I always wanted to go to NY and hang out until I saw a van-cab being followed by a camera crew and flag it down for my shot at getting on the show. I guess the only chance I have to get on now is to hire an agent and go to casting calls.

I was 15 minutes north of Silver Spring, in Columbia, MD, on the day of that wacko stormed the Discovery Channel building. Than like a week later I was in Baltimore when that other dude barricaded himself in a hospital room at Johns Hopkins. For like a month there, little Maryland was the hostage situation capital of the nation.


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