Charlie's Angels, "Pilot": sorry, Charlie

Quick Take: Charlie's Angels, "Pilot"
The employees of the Townsend Detective Agency are beautiful, tough and boring.

Charlie's Angels

Review: Charlie's Angels, "Pilot"
(S0101) As I watch the opening scenes of Charlie's Angels,I am struck by a flurry of questions. Who is that voice? Why is Bosley so hot? Where's Minka Kelly? When did they start making hotel doors so flimsy?

I absolutely hate it when a show kills off what they present as a major character in the first episode. How is anyone supposed to be invested in this character when we've only known her for ten minutes. Even worse, now I spend the rest of the episode wondering if the show wouldn't be better with Nadine Velasquez instead.

Clearly, the first episode will be all about solving the murder of the angel who got blown up while introducing the new one. This brings up another thing about new shows that I hate. We all know that Minka Kelly is the third angel. Do we really have to bide our time while the rest of the cast catches up? Personally, I prefer my TV characters to know more about the story than I do.

I was pleasantly surprised to see Carlos Bernard again, as I was a big fan of his on 24. Unfortunately, his character was just as lame and one dimensional as the rest of the cast.

I had high hopes for this show. Even though ABC made it very clear that this new version of Charlie's Angels was little more than fluffy fun, that's no excuse for the tired dialogue and uninteresting plot in the first episode. Even Victor Garber as the voice of Charlie sounded like a computer program.

I'd like to say that this reboot was a valiant effort but I can't even be that generous.

By The King of TV, Paul Goebel

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On: Friday, September 23, 2011
Eric - TV Geek Army "Revered Leader" said:

I suppose I shouldn't, but I can't help finding it astonishing that so many network shows look tired, cliched, and dare I say it, downright cheap and lazy? 

Contrast this with shows with vastly lower budgets and smaller audiences like Breaking Bad and Justified, which in my view can go toe to toe with the best films being made. 


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