Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura, "The Police State Conspiracy": you just made the list

Quick Take: Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura, "The Police State Conspiracy"
"The government doesn't control these operations." - Clem, Fusion Center Spokesman

Coffins? Or normal grave liners?

Review: Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura, "The Police State Conspiracy"
(S0204) According to the conspiracy theorists this week, the Homeland Security fusion centers are allowed to gather information on anyone and anything, and answer to no one. They claim that the centers define most free thinking and even legal dissent as threats to the state. Jesse calls them the Thought Police like it's 1984. They met with De-Fuse, a group that wants to inform people about what's being done, and they've apparently been targeted, too. They talked to FBI agents who say we've all been profiled, and that there's a side effect that people pointedly don't get involved with politics because of fear of getting labeled a terrorist. Which is exactly what the centers want, they say. And they talk to people who claim that the fusion centers are only the start: The people in control want to build massive prisons or concentration camps to hold not just dissenters (which can be defined any way they want), but also their families, maybe whole communities. 

How scary is that?

Again, as always, this has to be taken with a grain of salt, but if there's one thing this show has already shown, it's that there is an awful lot going on in the upper levels of government that it pays for but doesn't have any control over. Who does have control over these things? And what is their goal in the whole situation? Does someone really want to declare martial law and lock up whole families? The people they've said they're targeting-- college students, liberals, people in support of third parties, protesters -- are a group that includes almost everyone I know, and that's scary.

The police state is something that's pretty standard for science fiction, and almost required for a post-apocalyptic story, and things like this make it sound like someone is aiming to keep control even in a situation where it comes to that. Maybe that they have a plan to trigger an apocalypse of their own, that leaves them in control by way of the military. Is that what we want?

It just seems like the point every week is that we, as a populace, need to ask more questions and demand more accountability.

More thoughts on "The Police State Conspiracy":

  • Things to look out for that mean 'internment camp': train tracks nearby, independent power generation, guard towers, barbed wire pointing inward, a secure perimeter, and airfield, barracks-type housing, a strong and obvious military or police presence.
  • If this is all real, it could be the normal preparations a country makes for things like war on its own land, biological warfare, massive civil unrest-- but shouldn't they be more transparent about how they do it and what they have set up? And any system that big would be easy to turn into a dictatorship.
  • "The country is being run by dozens of dictators you've never even heard of" - Jesse Ventura on the Fusion Centers.
  • How many things go through added to bills no one reads before they sign off on? Now, that's creepy.
  • "You think threre's 50 states? Wrong, there are 10 sectors run by 10 people you didn't vote for." - Jesse
  • By Samantha Holloway

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    On: Tuesday, November 16, 2010
    Reuben J. Cohen said:

    You make the show sound so entertaining! I should really try to catch it sometime.


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