Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura, "Wall Street": who's really behind the economic collapse?

Quick Take: Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura, "Wall Street"
"People, it's time to be the old proverbial fly in the ointment; let's invade this so called club." - Jesse

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Review: Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura, "Wall Street"
(S0205) Anything involving our financial systems and the situation they're in needs a lot more space than what a one hour show can give it. This episode of Conspiracy Theory, in trying to tackle the whole thing, doesn't really have a chance but they skate gleefully over the thing, dipping in where the juiciest parts are. The mortgage bubble is portrayed as a Ponzi scheme that bankrupts everyone who buys into it, but makes millions for those running it whether business is up or down. The Federal Reserve does whatever it wants and answering to no one. The way Goldman Sachs seems to train people who then go into very important positions in government, regardless of whether it's a Democrat or Republican majority. A supposed secret businessmen's society in Italy that causes most, if not all, of the "unusual activity" in the stock market and funnels cash overseas. A shadow government that controls not only our finances, but all the finances of the world powers.

Even if it's not really put together the way it's portrayed here, or if the real interpretations aren't the way they're given here, it makes a compelling case for a huge and unstoppable power -- like all the best/scariest conspiracy theories. It makes a very convincing argument that it's all a criminal act -- a massive one that can't be stopped because it's above the people who would have stopped it, and commits all of its criminal activity with our money. We aren't just seeming to get poorer as the years go by; these people talking to Jesse and his team claim we actually are.

It's scary. It's definitely enough to scare a person into believing in the conspiracy, but the paranoid in me thinks maybe that's what the point it. Maybe someone wants us to be afraid? Fearful people are easier to control, right? So maybe it's a layered conspiracy: this stuff is real, and also all the other government conspiracies are real, and whatever we know, it's only so we'll panic and miss them doing something else that's worse. Good thing Jesse's around to track it all down!

This is exactly what this show is about: whether it's all true or not, enough of it looks like it is that we can start to think more critically and ask better questions. An informed populace is the original goal of this country. The government should work for us, not over us. Shouldn't we know what they're doing?

More thoughts on this edition of Conspiracy Theory:

  • All these insiders are so young! So young and so very smug looking. 
  • The best part of every one of these episodes is at the end where Jesse confronts people and yells all the hard questions. Not much ever gets resolved, but it's so very satisfying to see him yelling at them the way we can't.
  • I just can't get over how scary all this can be. Sometimes, this show is terrifying!
  • All the insiders say that everything they do isn't their fault; the government should be controlling them better, there should be more regulations, there shouldn't be bailouts removing all the risk. But if they know that it's all wrong, shouldn't they know to stop on their own? How can they claim that they're victims?
  • How much of all this does the President know? How much does each individual bank know? Man, makes me want to pull all my money out of the system like some crazy old lady!
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