Curb Your Enthusiasm: "Vow of Silence": pig parking and chat-n-cuts

Quick Take: Curb Your Enthusiasm, “Vow of Silence”
“Oh, it’s okay to mouth?” – Larry

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Review: Curb Your Enthusiasm, “Vow of Silence”
(S0805) Last night, I disturbingly discovered that Larry David and I have some pet peeves in common. Let me tell you, it’s a sobering moment in anyone’s life when you think you possess an open heart full of empathy, only to find yourself aligning so much with Larry that there’s no getting around the fact that there’s some bastard in you too.

First, we both hate double-parkers. You know the ones who park just enough over the line so you can’t take the space next to them. Or worse, there are the toads that flagrantly park on the line so both spots on either side are out of play. There’s a special place in hell for those people, and Larry makes a point of calling them out at the episodes open. Obsessed with a red Volvo committing said crime, Larry makes it his mission to out that offender and others in the half-hour.  He even gets in the face of a “pig parker” at a Pinkberry and, dare we say that Larry even comes off heroically despite the offender’s rant?

Next, Larry points out the cunning “chat-n-cut” maneuver perpetrated egregiously at buffet lines the world over. I never knew it had a name but Larry (who of course admits to being an expert offender) explains it as when a person sneakily strikes up a conversation with someone in the front of a line so they can just slip into place with them and bypass the waiting part like everyone else.  A cute blonde thinks she can get away with it at Jeff and Suzie’s going away party but Larry has her number and calls her out... for a double violation! Bravo Larry; even blondie was impressed.

Actually Larry manages to keep me on his side for most of the episode. Terrifying, I know. His mocking of Vance’s (Michael Hitchcock) vow of silence, which has him only mouthing his intentions to people per his spiritual advisor,  is spot on and is the perfect example of a prototypical, self-serving L.A. exercise in stupidity. Plus he and Richard Lewis are totally right about the weirdness of sitting Shiva for Jeff and Suzie’s recently deceased dog, Oscar. Who does that?

Of course that comes on the heels of Suzie demanding -- before the dog is put to sleep -- that Jeff and Larry drive to a Pinkberry to get Oscar a coconut yogurt as a last meal. The two starving idiots of course buy it, and then proceed to take little bites to hold their hunger, which then turns into competitive huge bites resulting in an empty container by the time they get to the vet clinic. I kinda of can't blame them... have you had a Pinkberry?

And that’s when the lying begins and we all know Larry is an excellent liar, but eventual discovery will always be his Achilles' Heel. He and Jeff tell Suzie that Pinkberry was closed for a holiday, which of course comes back to haunt them by episode’s end. But that fib pales in comparison to the one Larry tells his buddy Tessler (Michael McKean) to try and get out of doing a charity gig for a touchy-feely kids' camp. I gotta say I admire the kind of commitment that has Larry leaving LA for NYC for three months just so he can get around having to fess up to Tessler.  It’s hilarious and pulls together all the story threads in the end for a double punch-line that isn’t piggy at all.

By Tara Bennett

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On: Monday, August 8, 2011
Eric - TV Geek Army "Revered Leader" said:

Oh, I totally relate to Larry more than any other character/person on television I'd think. Some of this is by design -- Curb at its best showcases Larry as a vessel for all the things we want to say (for starters -- then LD goes way over the top in most cases) in polite society but can't. Nonetheless I share his sensibilities in combatting the silly, rude, inane, and completely stupid rules/behaviors/people we are forced to deal with on a daily basis. 

On: Thursday, August 11, 2011
Michael said:

Yeah, I agree with Eric. I am almost always on Larry's side in any episode of Curb. He's completely in the right most of the time, anyway — it's just society's idiot rules that mess things up. All in all, I this episode was a bit classic and I loved the reason for why Larry moves to New York (and loved the hint about the daughter's not-so-excellent singing skills).


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