DarkMatter: Multiple sides of our fav criminals are shown in "I've Seen The Other Side Of You"

So many awesome shows are jumping on the Orphan Black let's-play-different-versions-of-the-same-person bandwagon, and it's always so fascinating to watch! But here, only half the crew has previous versions to play with, and has no idea what the original crew is doing. Spoilers ahead for DarkMatter (S0203) "I've Seen The Other Side Of You"!

Darkmatter 2.3

Because of the damage the jerks at Hyperion-8 did to her, Anne Droid can't connect to the ship, and she decides that she needs to shut down to let her nanites repair her. She'll be out for 32 hours. Why does the story keep requiring her to be off all the time?

Arax convinces Five that he knows where they can go, and uses his time in the bridge to call Reynaud and tell her what they're up to. Arax is the asset! Not Five! So what do they want with Five?

But Anne is still down, and soon other stuff goes wrong, because they're not allowed to have nice things. This time when she powers off, the computer that she'd told manually to look for signals and connect, trying tomake her own connection, keeps looking--and decides that three brainscans that are still active will do. It triggers them, which knocks out Two, Three, and Four, effectively resetting them to who they were before the brainwipe. Apparently an active brainscan in the computer is the same as a mental connection to the computer?

Yeah, it's weird. We'll just let them science that fiction and move on.

Now Portia, Boone, and Ryo again, they're total sociopaths. They don't remember Five, and they really don't remember everyone else, and they lock them up until they can decide what to do about them. Apparently, they were in stasis for around a year; it's been fourteen months since the mind-scans were made, and we've only seen 47 days as of last episode! The criminals are convinced that they're being had, but Five's story checks out. Her being right only makes them more suspicious of her, though. And Boone has to learn that Sarah died--he doesn't remember it happening while he was Three--and it makes him a little more human than the other two for a moment. But doesn't stop him from trying to kill everyone anyway.

Nyx managed to escape capture and frees them, so they go to the bridge to fight back while Five heads back to the infirmary. Along the way, Portia starts working on a neural link with the ship like the one Anne Droid uses, and it's like a drug for her--she gets high off it and it makes her reckless. She keeps going deeper and taking over more of the ship, even though she's warned that it'll make her crazy and possibly kill her from information overload.

While the guys are shooting at everyone heading toward the bridge, she's using the ship against them to herd them into an airlock and then work on getting the outside doors open. 

Five, though, has a different plan. She uses a little widget that connects her to the ship to do what Portia is doing naturally--and she's not strong enough to break the other woman's connection, but she IS strong enough to access the memories already in her head from Portia and to use them against her. She confronts her in an alley where once she felt at her weakest, and because of that, Portia can't hurt her--but she can hurt Portia. She knocks her down and makes her point, and then stops herself from being brutal and tells her that she just wants her friend back, that she knows she was treated as a slave and that's why she ran away, but she knows there's better in her. 

Portia accepts her kindness and it knocks them both out of the memory--returning Five to the infirmary before the neural link can fry her non-nanite-protected brain, and triggering the computer to stop imposing the old scans on Two, Three, and Four, making them back to the selves we've gotten to know while the show has been on. More sciencing the fiction, but whatevs. Bonus, they trust the new crew members and let them have free roaming privileges on the ship now.

It was a pretty straight forward plot again: a computer accident makes them back to who  they were, Five comes up with a plan, the plan works, they're back to themselves. But, since this show is definitely more character driven than plot driven, it's the characters that make it such a fun episode. The contrast between who they are with no pasts and who they are when they have terrible pasts is amazing--Portia is a flat out psycho, while Two is dangerous but moral; Three is a little bit of a jerk, but Boone apparently only ever cared about Sarah and thinks nothing of killing a kid; Four is quiet and deadly, but Ryo is practically a chatterbox of viciousness. Seriously, it's the most we've heard him talk ever. And while the crew is almost a weird family now, in their old minds, they were barely united by common greed and gleeful wrongdoing.

But Five always believes in them, and her belief payed off. Well, belief and ingenuity, and a holographic helping hand from the Fauxbot. 

And because of them all reverting, we get some interesting and useful information.

Two had a hard life with a very distinctive skyline, and her lowest point was when she was escaping from it. Five knows that, and offering kindless in that moment is what saved Two from herself.

Boone unlocked one of the cases that they couldn't get into, and so Three has access once he's back to himself. There's a toy rocket inside, and he sort of half-jokingly plays with it, trying to make Five smile. There's a necklace that belonged to Sarah, that he was going to give back to her when she got better. And there's a blue-glowing tech thing that he accidentally turns on, sending a signal to some people who will be the main plot of the next episode!

Anne Droid says that their memories are still actually there, underneath the mindwipe, and if they downloaded the scans back into their brains without a neural link connecting them to the computer, they'd be able to access their old memories--but Five tells them what they were like then, and they all decide to be who they are now instead. If they get their pasts back, they'll still have these new memories, but their old personality traits will be dominant because they're based on those memories. It's good that they decided to stay who they are now, that they made the active choice to be better people...but it'll almost definitely come back later that they do have the option of reverting.

More notes on DarkMatter 2.3 "I've Seen The Other Side Of You":

  • Seriously, why does Anne Droid keep having to be turned off?? It's like the writers have no idea what to do with her, which is sad since she does well with literally all the characters and is a gem. Maybe this is also why no one inside the show seems to appreciate her enough.
  • They don't know they shouldn't trust Arax yet; when will that come out, I wonder.
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