DarkMatter: Three gets some more backstory in "We Were Family" and it's even more tragic than before.

Why is Three so tragic? Is there some rule that the most fun character has to have the saddest backstory? At least until we find out more about the others, I suppose, but really, he already lost the only woman he ever loved, then failed to win over Two when he tried to find a connection like that again, and now we find out he's an orphan, too! Good thing he's turning out to be the sweetest member of the crew outside of Anne Droid! Spoilers ahead for DarkMatter (S0204) "We Were Family"!

DarkMatter 2.4

We start with a flashback. A kid is woken in the middle of the night by his mom, handed a familiar toy rocket from Three's box last episode, and told not to make any noise. He then listens to his parents getting killed and the house catching fire before someone rescues him.

Cut to now. The crew is getting ready to go shopping on the space station they're coming up on. Devon needs supplies if he's going to do Six's surgery, and he asks Five to help him get them. Anne Droid asks to go along to "study human interactions", and they let her, but when they're done with their supplies, she asks to stay. She wants to explore. Someone checks her out when she's with her friends, and when she's alone and the security guard proves to be prejudiced against un-attended droids, that guy comes to her rescue. 

It would be sweet if he wasn't a little too pushy. He saved her from getting arrested, but it turns out she actually was shoplifting--she picked up a toothbrush, something both personal and practical, to give to her friend who has been nice to her. Probably Five, even though Five totally doesn't wonder why she's taking so long getting home this ep, like, at all. The man, Victor, finds it charming; he takes her to meet his friends, who turn out to all be human-passing androids themselves. They don't belong to anyone; they're free, and she can be too, even though she insists that her humans are different and she's fine.

They're also paranoid, and sort of jerky about her being an older model, but Victor assures them she's safe. He gives her a chip that will give her emotions and let her pass as human, and he scans her to see if she's defective as she thinks she is, then takes her on an adventure while he waits for the results of the test.

Victor buys her a little black dress, and she does look gorgeous, but it's a little too lke playing dressup with a big doll, and he's just giving her orders about where to go and what to do. We know that she can refuse to comply when she wants, so she must want to hang out with him, but still, it's naieve and it's alarming as much as it's cute. After hours of hanging out, he takes her back to her ship, but refuses to meet her friends. He tells her humans can't be trusted, and asks if he can kiss her--and her "okay" before he even finishes talking is about the cutest thing she's ever done, followed closely by the little shiver she gives on the way to the airlock. He doesn't trust humans, but can we trust him? He did all of this under the ploy of waiting on test results, then admits that he's known since the did the scan: she's not defective, she's intentionally designed to be different.


Everyone on that crew needs to be nicer to Anne Droid; look what happens when she's starved for attention!

Meanwhile, Arax is being shifty and Three is being tragic. 

Arax robs Five's room while she's making sure Devon is okay and the surgery on Six is going well, and gets that mysterious key card that got Five chased down before the memory wipe. Is that why Reynaud is so intersted with her? He tells her that he's got the widget, and she sets up a meeting at the station, but before he can hand it off, Five tricks him. She had sensors in her room in case someone got in there without her permission, and she hugs him when he tries to comfort her about Six and switches the card for a normal one. Pickpocketing queen! Arax hands the card off and finds out he was had! Reynaud isn't happy. No one confronts Arax about it yet. But he does seem like he was happy to not have to turn over Five, too, so maybe he's got a soft spot.

Three reunites with his old crew, who knew where to find him because of that beacon he accidentally turned on last episode when going through his stuff. Turns out his old captain was also sort of his dad--he's the one who rescued him after theives killed his family, and he raised him as his own. He says he hunted down those theives and killed them, and that they gave him a scar for his troubles. Now they're reunited, he's got a job he could use help with.

Three has borrowed money from Five to be able to go to the bar, and he's a little taken in by all this seeming knowing of him, despite knowing for a fact that they know he's got no memory, so they could be saying anything. Mostly, it seems like he just wanted that connection--they claimed that he was family and this would be a fun jaunt, and he goes without thinking too much about it. Learn that lesson, Three, because people showing up pissed off and / or lying about things you don't remember is kind of a theme in your life right now.

They go down to the planet for their job, and things amost immediately go bad. Turns out, the money they're getting is a payroll stolen from miners, because miners on Syfy always get the short end of the stick. And the way they're getting it is they've captured their inside man's kid and are holding him hostage. And the second the guy asks to see his kid, they shoot him. 

Three verifies some facts, and finds out that the scar Gar showed him was actually from a fight over poker and had nothing to do with his parents; he gets rid of these losers and confronts Gar, rescuing the kid, and demanding the truth. It turns out that when he was Boone, he knew that Gar was the one who killed his parents, and he was fine with it. He was that much of a criminal; it didn't bother him to have been raised by the reason he was an orphan. But Three isn't Boone anymore, and it bothers him a lot now. He shoots Gar and takes the kid back to his people.

Back on the ship, he pays back Five and she realizes that the old memory she had last season about living on a farm with loving parents who called her Titch was his, not One's like they'd assumed; he's sad that he can't remember it himself.

Six does fine in his surgery, despite Devon shooting up with something when no one was looking and having shaky hands while he was working. They assure him that he's forgiven, that he's part of the crew, but he can't seem to forgive himself as easily.

And Reynaud gets yelled at by her own boss--from Ferrous, one of the conglomerates in charge of everything rather than governments, who tells her that there's a war coming and the crew of the Raza is the key to winning. Dun dun DUNNN, on whatever that means. 

More notes on DarkMatter 2.4 "We Were Family":

  • Three's old captain also happens to be the kind-of-badguy from Forever Knight and I kept expecting him to narrate pretentiously on the radio or pop a fang and bite someone's neck.
  • There's a lot of druggie doctors on Syfy right now. Maybe that's why he was in the supermax; he was addicted and it led him to bad choices despite seeming to be a good kid.
  • Two seems to be being matched up with Devon; that woman can have chemistry with anyone.
  • What was that scene with Nyx and Four? Aside from being a cool fight and an excuse for Four to have no shirt on, it didn't really have much to do with the plot, though it did show that Nyx is not normal--she can slow down time and anticipate moves and pick up any weapon and use it in seconds. Does she know what's up with her, or is that going to be a revelation for her, too?
  • Also are we supposed to ship Four and Nyx now?
  • What was Gar going to do with that kid? It seemed like it was part of the plan that his dad would wind up dead, and if he kidnapped and raised Three, who's to say that wasn't his MO? The one guy said he'd only been with them a few weeks, but the other guy is the one who said they were family; was he raised too?
  • You'd think that these guys who claim they're family with Three would know how good a shot he is.
  • Also: Three shot first.
  • Three is giving me Jayne Cobb feels this ep; if it had turned out he was a hero to the mining colony for some old crime gone wrong that got misinterpreted, I wouldn't have been surprised.
  • Mr Ferrous is the same guy who played one of Olivia's henchmen (also the actual husband of Olivia's actress) on 12 Monkeys (which I never shut up about, I know), and was on Orphan Black as a henchmen there, too, so again, yay for reusing your actors, Syfy! There's more and more overlap between Syfy and BBCAmerica shows nowadays that it would be easy to get a crossover. I know I say that every ep of every show, but come on, it'd be super cool!
  • You can watch DarkMatter live at 10pm on Syfy Friday nights, and livetweet with the cast and crew and all the fans! Or you can watch it on Google Play (season 1), Amazon (season 1), iTunes, or on Syfy.com!

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