DarkMatter: Undercover Android in "We Voted Not To Space You"

Anne Droid finally gets to (literally) let her hair down and be vital to the mission! And Zoie Palmer is so dang cute as she cranks up the BAMFness for the part! Spoilers ahead for DarkMatter (S0205) "We Voted Not To Space You"!

DarkMatter 2.5

We start with a human-ish Anne Droid flirting her way through a bar and then beating up a bunch of thugs before dragging a guy called Danny Bones out by his ankle, and she's somehow intimidating and super cute as she does it. But wait! It's another flash-forward cold-open, and right after, we go back to the normal timeline to see how we got here.

Six is up and about and seems to be actually injured and hurting, something people on TV have a hard time being. Two tells him that they decided not to throw him out an airlock for his crimes, but he's going to have to prove himself. He can start by helping them out with this investigation into One's murder. He tells them that it's impossible to hack the mainframe remotely, so they'll have to do it in person; best chance would be to find some isolated and understaffed satillite office and get in from there.

The problem is that everyone knows everyone on the crew, so there's no chance of them going unnoticed; Anne Droid, however, being not technically a person, was never booked and never put into the files. She's clean. She can get the hack-widget into the computers! She even tells them about the upgrade and doesn't keep it a secret, which is refreshing, and cuts through a lot of potential needless mess in that storyline!

With the upgrade in place and swaggering like a scoundrel, she comes out in leather and flirts with Three and impresses Five and Two, and it's such a good scene. Three didn't like the idea because he claims to be only barely used to her the way she is, but when she comes out all prettied up and smacks his butt, he seems to have changed his mind. Those two need more scenes together!

She heads into the station, and her attempts to get arrested are also adorable. She's the cutest swaggering scoundrel ever. First, she opens a door that's meant to be locked, and the guard is like "just don't do it again". She throws his hat, and he threatens to fine her. She tears his whole uniform, and he finally takes her into the office...where they also say she'll just get a fine and get let off. Until she messes with the guy at the desk enough that he's annoyed enough to properly write her up. While he's in the back room, she gets the computer's panel open and plugs in the hack-widget, and everyone learns that the Person of Interst in the case is none other than Jace Corso!

HumAndroid is a gift, you guys, and we really need more episodes where she gets to be central to the story!

Devon gets to use his connections this time: he knows some smugglers who can probably track where Corso is hiding out, and that's what gets us to where Kiva Anne Droid is kicking booty and taking names (and also taking scumbags) from the opening!

Danny Bones is a weenie; he caves immediately. But he's afraid that giving away Corso means Corso will kill him. Two promises it won't be a problem, and she's scary enough that it works. Another great scene, the dudely badguy tied up and begging, surrouonded by the most bada** of the ladies in a pretty bada** crew, none of the guys bothering them. It's amazing how that's not something that's seen much, but it works so well, and no one on the show questions it, so it's even more normal and therefore awesome.

Corso is hiding out in an abandoned power plant on a frozen world. Team Get Corso--Two, Three, Four, and Nyx--head out to get him while Team Backup--Five, Anne Droid, Six, and Devon--stay back. Everything starts going pearshaped almost immediately. While Team Get Corso is tracking him down, shooting him, and then trying to get him out of the panic room he locks himself into, the GA arrives at the planet, having tracked them from that poor cop's sad little station. Anne takes the ship down to the surface, which none of them have done before, and Team Backup decides to walk the two-ish miles across the surface to help their friends and warn them about the GA cops.

Corso has backup, too, though, in the form of bombs. Right after they follow him down into the tunnels under the power station, everything blows up, causing cave ins and splitting up the teams.

Nyx saves Three with her kinda-sorta few-second-premonitions, and then evades answering when he asks her how she did it. Still hoping she's like Two, and that the two of them can bond over it. Three gets a concussion and it slows him down and makes him cranky and ungrateful about being saved. He's also adorable.

Four gets caught under rubble, and he's the first caught by the cops; Kierken, from the office, is smart and savvy, and seems to really believe he's doing justice, and his discussions about corruption with Four were interesting. If he becomes their biggest persuer, maybe he'll see that they're fighting for good against bad systems, of which he's a part whether he wants to be or not, and will switch sides. Because that'd be cool. The GA can't all be bad, but there seems to be some heavy brainwashing propaganda keeping them from realizing they're dealing in corruption if they're not in on it, and it would be cool to see more good cops join their ranks as they find them.

And Two catches Corso. She makes him dig them out, but it gives him time to see that she's changed; the Portia Lin he knew wouldn't bother with revenge, so she must care, and caring means she's not a cold hearted psycho like he knew. How long before other people figure it out, too? He also says that it wasn't Traugott that hired him to kill One; this was a separate gripe from whatever they were up against in the prison. Two decides that that's enough to deal with, though, and she kills him as soon as he reaches daylight.

The GA leads Four out. Three and Nyx catch them; Two catches up; Team Backup arrives with more guns and an armed shuttle. Outnumbered, Kierken lets them go, reluctantly, but he says it's not over; he'll catch them. They get back to the ship and get scarce before the GA main ship can catch up with them.

Three still doesn't trust Six, but Two does enough to talk to him about what happened; she's not sorry she killed Corso, but she's not happy with how there's someone new coming after them. Six says maybe it's the acting CEO that One didn't trust before he died. 

And Anne is visited by her Fauxbot holo-projection, who informs her that she's been making mistakes and is probably more defective than she knows. Anne is human enough that she can lie about the damage she did to the ship by landing it so suddenly and too quickly, and the Fauxbot isn't pleased about this ongoing threat to the crew and ship. I'm not pleased about the idea of her leaving to avoid threatening them, and keeping secrets in the meantime.

This episode was worth it within seconds; Anne Droid as a human is so fun and cool and cute, and even though I miss the original innocent and awkward version, it's so good giving her a story of her own and letting her act as part of the crew on these missions! The fact that this episode also had revenge on Corso is gravy; he's a lot different from One, and I was hoping that he actually WAS One in disguise, but that's aparently not where the story is going. Yay for being unpredictable! It was cool seeing the actor get to be someone else, as always in these stories, and he gave them important information about what they're tangled up in!

More notes on DarkMatter (S0205) "We Voted Not To Space You":

  • The Three-Anne Droid ship got a nice pile of bones to feed it this episode! Whoo!
  • Her human-name is Kiva, which would actually be a pretty cool name to keep if Anne isn't good enough. Since names are pretty mutable on this show, she could keep it for a while and pick something else later. 
  • It'll be fun when someone triest to write about this show 20 years after it's done and has to list the names as, like, Two / Portia Lin / Rebecca / *alias / alias / alias* for academic accuracy!
  • Devon is still shooting up, but this time he has flashbacks that look like someone dying on his table; was that because of his drug addiction, or are the drugs meant to treat what also looks like it could be PTSD from a previous event? Either way, he hides his meds and no one knows about the need. PTSD-treatment would be more interesting than yet another drugged-out failed doctor on TV, though, so let's hope for that one.
  • Anne Droid practicing with Four's swords was neat, and is probably the first time she's had a meaningful convo with Four--he understands her need for something to clear her head...but it makes me worry that she's too much of an adrenaline junkie as a human-passing version of herself.
  • Does everyone on this crew have potential chemistry?? Four and Anne Droid seemed sparky, and Three and Nyx could be cool, both of which were not even hints on my radar before this week!
  • This is the second instance of stapling open bloody wounds this night, incidentally. Dav had to be stapled up in this week's Killjoys, too!
  • You can watch DarkMatter live at 10pm on Syfy Friday nights, and livetweet with the cast and crew and all the fans! Or you can watch it on Google Play (season 1), Amazon (season 1), iTunes, or on Syfy.com!

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