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"We sell history." - Alex 

Review: Family Guns, "Family at War"
(S0101) I'm not really into guns. Not because I'm some bleeding heart liberal, but because I'm a sissy (which I guess some people would argue is the same thing). It's scary to hold something in your hand capable on ending a life with single squeeze on of an index finger. So needless to say, I haven't been a huge fan of the recent spate of firearms-based reality programming.

That said, I am a bit a of a history buff. So I found myself rather enjoying NatGeo's new reality show Family Guns, which documents the exploits of a company that sells historical antique weaponry.

Family Guns follows the employees of International Military Antiques, a Pennsylvania based family business run by father and son Alex and Christian Cranmer. Alex, the son, is the slightly effeminate (at least buy gun enthusiast standards), excitable manager of the operation. Christian, a cranky eccentric with an endearing British accent, is the owner of IMA.

IMA was founded after Christian, who is nicknamed the Indiana Jones of antique guns, discovered a hidden cache of over 55,000 guns in Nepal. 

In the premiere, "Family at War", Alex spends the majority of the episode trying to talk his dad out of buying various guns for his personal collection. Alex accuses his father of being less of a business man and more of a hoarder.

There is Pawn Stars-esque element to the show, where customers come into the shop looking to sell merchandise and haggle with employees over the price. In one instance, a naive seller asks $200 for a German World War II machine gun. Chris, the sales manager, takes pity on the poor soul and offers to pay him $2,000. They buyer is thrilled, but little does he know the gun is worth ten times that amount.

The episode concludes with a trip to a Pennsylvania reenactment of a World War I battle. Alex notices that many of the weapons used in the reenactment were purchased from his company, some for upwards of $40,000.

By Lucas High

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