Family Tools, "Beachwood Approved": biting off more than you can chew

Quick Take: Family Tools, "Beachwood Approved"
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Review: Family Tools, "Beachwood Approved"
(S0103) This week Jack and Darren get the opportunity of a lifetime when Tony books them a job in the exclusive community of Beachwood. Tony of course is apprehensive and wonders whether or not Jack can handle the enormity of the job. He feels that if Jack does well it could lead to more work in the area. Although one has to wonder why is it that Tony has never had jobs there before being that he has been Mr. Jiffy Fix for so long. 

Jack and Darren arrive at the home and the owner explains to Jack what he needs down while Darren spends the time scoping out the place and discovers an eight person indoor hot tub in the master bedroom along with an espresso machine. You already know who will be doing the work and who will be doing the relaxing during this job. 

After their first day of the work Tony goes to check on the work that Jack has done and lo and behold guess who he runs into... Darren. He's using the house as his staycation. Hilarious! Darren is so the character that does and says things that most of us only dream of doing. Of course Jack discovers the following morning that his dad has modified the work he has done and confronts him about it and tells him to stay. It's not long though before Jack is begging for his dad's help when he bites off more than he chew and decides to rewire the house - something he is completely unqualified to do. The repair work is too much for Tony to handle so Jack concedes that he will call in a Beachwood approved plumber and electrician to repair the damage. 

No matter how old one gets they may need their parents to clean up their messes every once in a while. 

We eventually do learn why it is that Tony has never been able to break into the Beachwood area. Terry shows Jack the plumbing work that Tony did when he was first starting out... Instead of putting the pipes in the wall he put them on the outside of the house.  Tony finally admits that it is okay to make mistakes in the beginning and that it's the only way to learn and become better - something that Jack has been trying to convince him of with his own failures.

While Jack and Darren's antics took center stage there were mini storylines occurring as well. Terry was fervently working to get Tony in shape for his upcoming physical. She actually feels that his poor health is a reflection on her and how she is caring for him. I find this hilarious. It's similar to when a child misbehaves and a parent feels that it's a reflection on their parenting technique. We sometimes forget that not all actions can be blamed on others. And there was Darren and his sister Stitch who kept arguing over whose turn it was to care for their grandfather. In the end, he makes it up to her by letting her use the hot tub with her boyfriend, of course the owner of the homes returns home to find them in there. 

By Frances Seda

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