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Quick Take: Family Tools, "Now You See Me, Now You Don't"
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Review: Family Tools, "Now You See Me, Now You Don't"
(S0102) The second week of ABC’s new Wednesday night comedy found quirky co-workers Jack and Darren working in a corporate office – an advertising office at that – assembling office furniture. While it may not sound exciting the writers of the show found a way to interject humor into what could have possibly been a boring situation. 

While Darren is content in his non-existence in the office due what he terms “tool belt country” – wearing a tool belt makes you invisible to those who work in the office – Jack finds the whole thing unacceptable.  While wearing their tool belts they witness one employee licking the office donuts, another one steps into the cubicle they are working in and passes gas and another two have a discussion about how they are double billing clients. Anyone who works or has worked in an office knows that shenanigans like these are common practice. 

Things change though when Jack has to removes his tool belt. He comes “alive” as one of the employees instantly notices him and tells him that everyone in the office is nice and great to work with. Isn’t that how it always is? We don’t see the reality of a situation when we are so close to it or immersed in it. Soon enough one of the employees noticing him is Wendy – a former crush. Jack immediately feels the need to impress her and tells her that he is now the CEO of his dad’s handyman business and that he oversees a fleet of seventy vans. 

Following a night of drinks – which Jack offers to pay for and cannot afford – which his new office peers he comes into to work the following day dressed business casual. While speaking with Wendy, Darren offers up an advertising slogan that Wendy steals and passes off as her own. When Jack confronts Wendy about it and tells her the truth about himself Wendy promptly walks away from him. While Jack and Darren imagine an entire scenario to get even it doesn’t come to fruition and instead Darren spills everyone’s office dirty secrets during a meeting and then walks out of the office with an expensive coffee maker - the hero of the episode. I think Darren’s actions are what everyone dreams of doing every now and then. Exposing people for who they really are without a second thought. 

While the episode was comedic it did offer up the truth about how people treat one another and react to things we believe to be important. If the show continues as such I think we may see another season of this new comedy. 

By Frances Seda

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On: Wednesday, May 22, 2013
Anonymous said:
"If the show continues as such I think we may see another season of this new comedy." Guess the author of this article didn't hear that Family Tools has already been cancelled and tonight's episode has been pulled and replaced with a repeat of Modern Family.

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