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“Corn.” – Bash


Review: Franklin & Bash "Bro-bono"
(S0104) Thursday night is the NBA Draft and that got me thinking: if there was a Franklin & Bash draft, who would go number one?  Would it be Bash, the cocky, quick-witted womanizer or Franklin the slightly-shorter, cocky, quick-witted womanizer. Obviously either one would make for a franchise player, so how do you choose?

Easy answer: you trade up and take them both.

And just like the Miami Heat before them, this superstar-heavy team continues to win championship after championship. And they more than proved their MVP-like mettle in “Bro-bono.”

Once again, Franklin and Bash get kind of split up on two cases and (Spoiler Alert), they win them both!

The case Bash is focusing on involved an old high school buddy, Danny DuBois (AKA Double D, like the bra size), who was convicted of drunk driving after sipping on a couple of brewskis and hopping into a golf cart to save a buddy who was in the middle of a bar fight.

Fun fact: this type of fight is apparently called a donnybrook. I did not know that. See? Not only is Franklin & Bash wildly entertaining, but also education.

Anyway, Double D is totally not the jerk he appeared to be (to Franklin at least) in high school. Actually, he’s pretty cool and stuff. He takes care of his grandma and drives her and her friends to doctors appointments and — I don’t know — bridge club. I don’t even want to think about what it’s going to be like when I get old. I’m going to be just like Franklin and Bash and die of the funnest STD ever by the time I’m 40.

One of the old women from Double D’s grandma’s circle of friends, Nanette, takes the stand to testify that Double D only had two beers before he drove off to defend his buddy in that golf cart. Except the total ice queen prosecutor (who hates Franklin and Bash because Bash’s ex-girlfriend Janie or Jeanie or Joanie has been more successful than her and she clearly doesn’t understand how jealousy works) discredits Nanette by revealing that she had been convicted of prostitution back 12 years earlier. This all comes much to the chagrin of Pindar who totally wanted to rub Ben-Gay on Nanette’s varicose veins (if you know what I mean... which if you do, gross, because I don’t).

With nowhere else to turn, Bash decides to get Franklin drunk in front of the jury and just see what happens.  And bingo. It worked. Double D is acquitted (though not before Franklin gives a wasted closing argument and referenced I think Happy Days). And it turns out (Twist Alert), Double D didn’t cheat with Franklin’s girlfriend in high school; he cheated with Bash’s! I hope for Double D’s sake that Bash doesn’t find out, or there might be a donnybrook of his own in the future. Hi-Oh!

Meanwhile, the other case involved Harry Hamlin. And love. And erectile dysfunction.

Hamlin plays Rick Paxson who is basically the exact same character as the Hugh Hefner clone from last week’s episode, just more Hamlin-y. He and his wife meet for divorce arbitration when they both accuse the other of cheating... with the same woman! But it turns out neither cheated. The wife was just giving the woman a kiss goodbye and in the still-camera freeze frame it looked like something more passionate. And Hamlin just couldn’t get it up.

Franklin gets involved after he admits to the wife that the firm wants the case to be dragged out to make more money and the wife respects his honesty. And once he realizes that he can help bring a marriage back together, Franklin’s hopelessly romantic tendencies kick in and he invites Hamlin over to the weekly Margarita Monday party at the F&B bachelor pad. He admits to Hamlin that he knows all about the ED because even his Little Franklin didn’t Franklin-Up enough one time recently. Once Hamlin realizes that if even Franklin can have a little droop in his scoop, maybe he can overcome his feelings of inadequacy and profess his true love to his wife.  And they get back together because Franklin and Bash just don’t lose their cases. It’s just that sometimes, they make the case for love.

Speaking of love, Pindar overcomes his fear of elderly hookers and it seems like a continuing love connection may be on the horizon for him and Nanette. Stay tuned.

Just kidding. It’s Franklin & Bash. Of course you’ll stay tuned.

Lingering thoughts about "Bro-Bono":

  • Whoa, Douchey Lawyer Jerkhole can really shred on that axe!
  • But Franklin and Bash still get the upper hand by planting the ol' "Happy 50th Birthday" banner at Douchey Lawyer Jagweed's birthday party.  Classic.
  • Leprechaun?  Good movie choice, Your Honor.
  • “Pizza Hut!” – Franklin
  • Next week we meet Franklin's dad. Oooooooh, spooky.
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    On: Wednesday, June 22, 2011
    Eric - TV Geek Army "Revered Leader" said:

    I love your Franklin & Bash reviews Mike particularly because I honestly don't know if you genuinely dig the show, or enjoy the hell out of riffing on the show. So it's a laughing at versus laughing with kind of thing. I have my leaning on whether or not your tongue is firmly planted in cheek, but please don't reveal as that would steal some of the fun...


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