Franklin & Bash, “She Came Upstairs to Kill Me”: sex on the Bash

Quick Take: Franklin & Bash, “She Came Upstairs to Kill Me”
“Booty withdrawn.” – Bash 

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Review: Franklin & Bash, “She Came Upstairs to Kill Me”
(S0102) Not to brag, but I totally called the twist in tonight’s Franklin & Bash episode, “She Came Upstairs to Kill Me,” on my Twitter account like 45 minutes before it was revealed.

@mikeproper: It seems pretty clear that the dead husband was just finishing the punchline to a joke when he claimed his wife killed him, right? #F&B

But that’s not to say the twist wasn’t exceptionally well-crafted and perfectly written.  Because, gosh, was it.  It was so good that when it was finally revealed, I completely forgot that I had predicted it.  I honestly think my Twitter account might have been hacked like 4-Days-in-the-Past Anthony Weiner thought.  Because there’s literally no way I could see through the clever mirage that was the phenomenal twist ending that capped off this equally phenomenal episode.  No way.  I just won’t believe it.

Of course, the ingenuity of the twist was hinted at early on with a reference to The Sixth Sense which apparently had a twist in it as well.  Like Franklin, I didn’t know that.  Still, genius.

The main case in question dealt with a beautiful woman (or in F&B-speak: Totes Hottiesaurus) accused of murdering her rich husband by having too-wild sex with him (aka best way to die ever!).  Unfortunately, she’s not the most honest person and keeps stuff from her legal team: Infeld, Bash, and the douche nephew lawyer prick.  Most importantly, her earlier claims that she didn’t know her husband wasn’t taking his heart medicine turned out to be a lie.  And the prosecutor (like a jag) totally used that to discredit the defendant. That, paired with the victim’s supposed last words (“She came upstairs to kill me”), and things weren’t looking too good.

And for a second I’m almost thought that she was going to be convicted and Franklin and Bash would lose their first case ever (I assume).  And how stupid I was for thinking that.  Because Franklin and Bash don’t lose.  And when they find out one of the jurors was betting on the case (because that’s a thing), they confront her.  And yet, Infeld doesn’t want the resulting mistrial to risk the inevitable future re-trial, so he decides to just play it straight.

And then the morning before closing arguments are to take place, the dead dude’s best friend (played by Fred Willard of Mad About You fame) revealed that they both used to tell a bunch of kind of dirty jokes (by basic cable standards) but never knew the punchline. And one of those punchlines was the victim’s supposed last words. Boom! Jackpot! Franklin and Bash win! Case closed. Not Guilty!

Another successful case and another successful episode.  If I could judge the show on any one thing, it would be that it’s too addicting.

More like Cranklin and Hash, am I right?

Lingering thoughts about “She Came Upstairs to Kill Me”:

  • Tanning through the office windows? Double jackpot!
  • Ex-con-with-a-heart-of-gold = Totes Hottiesaurus herself!
  • Bash's favorite female cartoon: Jessica Rabbit. Franklin's favorite female cartoon: Betty Rubble. Pindar's favorite: Sailor Moon or something.
  • Great opening credits, guys!
  • “Why would he think we didn’t photocopy our butts already?” – Franklin (Classic Franklin)(Just totes classic)
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    On: Thursday, June 9, 2011
    Eric - TV Geek Army "Revered Leader" said:

    All credit paid where credit it due, Mike !

    Also, your use of Cranklin & Hash and "totes classic" = classic :-) 


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