Frequency: "Bleed Over" works the case from both ends

...and does it better than they'd been doing before. Now that Frank and Raimy have decided they're going to keep each other in check, it's time for them to try to work as partners for real. All in all, it goes pretty well...sort of. Spoilers ahead for Frequency (S0104) "Bleed Over".

Frequency 1.4

This week, it's all Nightingale all the time!

In Frank's time, a nine year old girl is found wandering in the street after the killer takes her mom. In Raimy's time, the same girl, now grown, disappears for three days and is found wandering again, saying she just escaped from the same killer. A few months ago, she'd published a book on her experience as a child and what she knew of the Nightingale Killer, did she make him mad and catch his attention?

That would be so Red John of him.

Raimy works the Adult Ava case, and Frank works the Young Ava case, and there's a series of awesome back-and-forths as they exchange information. In the past, Frank takes Ava and her dad to the park with Raimy to see if she'll talk to another kid easier than she talks to an adult, because she won't tell him anything. While there, she confesses to Raimy that she saw the man's face, but when they try to talk to her again, her father gets mad because the thought they were being friends and now he feels used, and she clams up again.

But adult Raimy goes to talk to Adult Ava and manages to get her to admit that she saw he has a scar on his hand. Raimy tells her not to talk to anyone, but she immediately goes to the press and tells them exactly what she just told Raimy, in almost the same words, like it's been rehearsed.

HMMM. Totally not suspicious. Sure.

Since kid-she won't talk, and adult her isn't being super helpful either, Frank and Raimy get the description of Nightingale that one of the other witnesses gave, and Frank records it and gets his own sketch artist to draw it up. Then he leaves it in a crawlspace in the house, so that Raimy can find it now and compare it to the sketch her artist made. It's a near perfect match! Good job sketch artists! Frank then takes a copy of his sketch back to Ava, and she finally admits that she saw him because her mom used to take her to the park and then leave her there while she went to have an affair with a guy who lives nearby--meaning Ava saw Nightingale as he stalked her mom before taking her. She saw him seven or eight times, with and without the hood up, and she knows what his car looks like.

With that information, Frank stakes out where Young Raimy and her mom are hanging out, and he sees the same car--but when he approaches the guy, he floors it and leaves, without anyone seeing his face or catching his licence plate. And as it turns out, it doesn't matter because he now knows he's been made, and he burns the truck to the ground.

If only they could cross over with Bones; the Squints could still get usable info off that wreck!

So once again they almost had him--or, at least, someone who does the grabbing for him. If it's a him. I mean, this show is just getting started, it could be anyone. But once again, they lose him because of finding him; it's going to make actually catching him hard, and I wonder what Raimy's files are going to say in the morning about any changes that've happened because of this week's case!

In 2016, Adult Raimy is also hitting a dead end: Ava wasn't kidnapped by the killer, it was all staged. She was double messed up by her childhood experiences, both so traumatised that she couldn't move on, and so addicted to the attention that she couldn't give it up, so she recreated the experience. Raimy gets her to tell everyone what she knows in exchange for not getting her sent to jail, because she thinks she's suffered enough.

Meanwhile, relationships!

Gordo tells her, drunkenly, that he set her up with a Tindr account because he's tired of seeing her existing only for work, and he misses how she used to be fun and would sometimes have boyfriends and such. But it turns out, she doesn't need that; no-fiancee-timeline Raimy recently had a hookup with a hot fellow cop, who she then didn't remember because she apparently hasn't spent a lot of time comparing notes on the changes in her memory, and HAS spent a lot of time missing Daniel. That is, until her case makes her meet Kyle again, and remember their night together!

He thinks they had a good thing going, and he's confused, but he's also nice about it when she says that she has a lot to deal with and doesn't have time for that stuff. But talking with Gordo gets her to admit that it's really Daniel that's holding her back; she can't explain that it feels like cheating or why, but Gordo tells her that she needs to move on. So at the end of the night, she asks hottie mc also-a-cop out, and he accepts.

And Frank is still trying to get Julie to believe him when he says she's in danger, but she spends half the episode mad that he used their daughter to get info on a case--she doesn't want the "darkness" that surrounds him messing up Young Raimy's life the way it's messed up his. And she still doesn't believe that she's anymore at risk than any other nurse in the city...though she does admit that she carpools to and from work now, and doesn't go out alone anymore. That'll have to be good enough for Frank until she has a better reason to believe him.

Frankly, I'm just happy she's taking some precautions, even if she doesn't believe they're needed.

Another good episode, and I think the characters are finding their grooves nicely. Frank and Raimy make a good team, even if they can't meet for real, and they're working out ways to get information back and forth, which is amazing and clever! Not to mention fun to watch. No huge changes in time this week, but potentially some small ones they haven't thought to look at yet, which could be super interesting, since they'll undoubtedly crop up at the worst possible times when Raimy thinks she knows what's going on and hasn't realized that things have changed around her again. It's also neat seeing them tie seemingly unconnected cases together in unexpected ways. They're gonna be stars of the force by the time this is all done.

More notes on Frequency 1.4 "Bleed Over":

  • Young Ava doesn't look like she's the same race as Adult Ava; usually casting matches faces better? Adult her is the one who I think was on Sleepy Hollow last year, though? And Nikita before that?
  • What if the sketch matches because it's the same lady still working for the same cops after 20 years? That'd be awesome.
  • Drunk-Gordo is adorable.
  • Drunk-Gordo also almost found out that Raimy is talking to Frank every night, even though he thinks he just found out she's an old-tech nerd. Frank found out that Gordo still lives next door, that the internet is super fast in the future, and that there's something called Tindr that embarasses his adult daughter.
  • Fav random idea I had about this show this week: What if the show lasts 20 years and Frank catches up to when Raimy started calling him in the past, but now he knows all the stuff she doesn't about how her life goes, making HIM the one who informs HER?
  • What did you guys think of this week? Share in the comments, or come talk to me on Twitter @pirategirljack!

    By Samantha Holloway

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