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"I want what you want." - Olivia


Review: Fringe, "6B"
(S0414) The team investigates what looks like the start of a vortex like the Other Side has to deal with all the time, and they assume it means the universes are starting to merge or collapse into each other. Walter immediately starts examining that gel from Season One with the whole bus thing, trying to make it into something like the Amber the other side uses to seal up the rifts. Which, of course, makes him question just how different from Walternate he actually is.

All of this, though, doesn't really matter. It's a soft spot, yes, but the vortex is being caused by mutual grief: a woman lost her husband because of a coin toss, and on the other side his double lost her, and together they're pushing through to see each other again. Peter and Olivia have to convince them that they aren't seeing ghosts, that they're different people from the ones they lost, and they need to let go before Broyles is forced to trigger the first Amber event in our universe. They, of course, manage to stop the vortex, and the Amber doesn't need to go, and their experiences get Olivia thinking. Earlier, Peter asked her why she was keeping them apart now that they don't need to be, and the case lets her realize that she wants to see what it's like being with him. So they come to a consensus and go upstairs together.


I feel bad for Peter. It's got to be a lot of pressure having the whole existence of at least two dimensions entirely dependent on how people are connected to you. And he still hasn't told her that he might be turning into a weapon / mass-murderer, so that's an issue. It's great that Olvia finally sucked it up and stopped being a frigid ice-queen, but she still has immense trust and vulnerability issues, and he is still keeping secrets from her. Overall, though? Unexpected. Olivia didn't hold off telling Peter what she learned from the mindreader. Peter was upfront about still thinking about Fauxlivia. And they actually ran with it, instead of drawing it out for another three seasons. 

The fact that pure emotion can punch through the universes must mean something, and the fact that it was love that started the merge will undoubtedly bear on Peter's role in this whole mess later. This is how a set-up episode needs to be handled: delicately, cleanly, a little bit unexpectedly.

By Samantha Holloway

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Samantha is a freelance writer, editor and book and TV reviewer. She's currently in gradschool and working on her first novel, and one day she'll rule to world. Or marry her TV. Whichever comes first. Follow!

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Eric - TV Geek Army "Revered Leader" said:

I adore the last line of your review samantha !


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