Glee, “Sexy”: Holly Holiday is back

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“A nooner is when you sneak out for desert in the middle of the day... right?” – Emma


Review: Glee, “Sexy”
(S0215) Lately I feel like Glee is trying too hard with the life lessons, but then again I will be cool with any story line that includes Gwyneth Paltrow coming back for a visit.

There was a lot going on in this episode, so we will start with the Will/Holly/Emma/Carl issues. Holly is back at William McKinley High, but this time is subbing for the health teacher and is giving sex ed lessons. While talking to Will and Emma about the subject, Emma thinks that the students should choose celibacy and Holly thinks that they should just teach them the truth and not sugarcoat anything. Will goes along with Holly’s idea after Brittney admits she thinks she is pregnant because a bird made a nest with eggs on her house, suggesting she thought babies were brought by storks.

Holly gives her sex ed lesson via music, giving one of the most energized musical scenes of the season with “Do You Want to Touch Me” by Joan Jett. I loved Brittany and Santana joining in and the look on Will’s face as he watched Holly dance around. After they do a duet of “Kiss” by Prince, he admits how attracted he is to her, but she tells him she is damaged goods and he shouldn’t want to be with her.

Emma goes to Will complaining about how open Holly is being about sex with the glee club so he tells her she can also sing a song for glee. She gets the celibacy club, along with Carl and newcomer Puck, to join in the musical sex-ed lessons and gives a performance of “Afternoon Delight” for New Directions. Emma thinks that “Afternoon Delight” is having dessert and thinks she is promoting celibacy. This whole scene was hilarious with Emma and the looks on everybody’s faces as they sang this song.

Carl takes Emma to Holly for some help with their sex life. They admit they haven’t had sex at all and Carl shows Holly that every time he gets near Emma she giggles. All they do is cuddle and watch that “racy” Desperate Housewives show. Holly asks Emma if she is still in love with Will and Emma says she is confused. Carl decides to stay at a hotel for the night. Holly tells Will that she wants to give him a chance after hearing Emma’s confession of her feelings for him.  

Santana had a major development this episode, realizing her true feelings for Brittany. After trying to get Brittney to come over for some cuddling, Brittany admitted that their relationship was confusing. They went to Holly for help and Holly told them they needed to find some way to figure out their feelings for each other.

They end up singing “Landslide” with Holly and Santana realizes she doesn’t want to be with anyone but Brittany. She gets her heart broken though when Brittany chooses Artie. I did chuckle a little when Sam told Artie that he wished they were as close as their girlfriends were. If you guys really knew how close they were then you might change your mind! I am not sure how I feel about this whole “Brittana” story line. I thought Naya Rivera gave a good performance this week, but I am still trying to understand why they need to explore this relationship.

After seeing the word sexy on the glee club board, Sue decided to track down Blaine and Kurt, telling them New Directions was trying to get sexy for regionals. Blaine decided the Warblers needed to step up their game also. I like the Warblers and miss Kurt, but don’t like when they just add random scenes just to have them in the episode.

They have a random song moment and Blaine thinks that Kurt’s face looks gassy while trying to be sexy. Blaine tries to help Kurt be sexier, but realized Kurt doesn’t know too much about the subject. Blaine goes to Burt about helping Kurt with his situation. First Burt is apprehensive, but changes his mind. He talks to Kurt and lets him know that he matters.

During a celibacy club meeting, Puck notices a hickey on Quinn’s neck and she lies that it is a curling iron burn. Then there is a flash back to her make out session with Finn earlier on. In the middle of kissing, she tells him that he should have been her first and she is going to make sure they are prom king and queen. This Finn/Quinn storyline really bothers me. First, what happened to the mature, nice Quinn? I don’t like how they can’t decide what kind of person she is. Then there is Finn who told Rachel he doesn’t like people cheating and won’t get back together with her, but then he goes back to Quinn who slept with someone else and then told him it was his baby when it wasn’t. I find it hypocritical for Finn to be with Quinn. And it is annoying that their names rhyme!   

Surprisingly Rachel was quiet this episode and there was hardly any Mercedes, Sam, Tina and Mike. A little Puck and Lauren, but something important didn’t really happen. Gwyneth Paltrow is awesome on this show and I hope we get a few more episodes with her.

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On: Thursday, March 10, 2011
Eric - TV Geek Army "Revered Leader" said:

I love the term nooner... think I first heard when someone teased Peggy about heading off to one on Mad Men (and double love that the excuse to leave is always to "go to the printer"). 

Great job Erin !

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mistyjhitch said:


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