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Quick Take: Homeland, "Clean Skin"
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Review: Homeland, "Clean Skin"
(S0103) It's pretty much a staple, these days, for every teenager on television to have an attitude problem of some sort. In most cases, the attitude is accepted by the rest of the family as an ordinary occurrence with no real cause or solution. Things aren't that simple on Homeland.

When Dana (Morgan Saylor) revealed that she knew about her Mom sleeping with Mike (Diego Klattenhoff) and faced her with it, it revealed so much about why she is so angry and surly and beyond that, it once again showed how extremely difficult this situation is for the entire family. What was Jessica (Morena Baccarin) supposed to do? She broke things off with Mike but what good can come of telling Nick (Damian Lewis) about the relationship other than easing her guilt? The whole thing gives me a headache.

I always like it when a show forces me to see something that is difficult to watch. Of course, Homeland takes things a step further by also having the characters watch and writhe in uncomfortable agony. I will say one thing for Carrie (Claire Danes): at least she's focused on getting evidence on Nick and not concerned with his sex life.

It's hard to believe that there have only been three episodes of Homeland considering everything that has happened so far. Just as we're getting to know Lynne Reed (Brianna Brown) and understand what a crazy life she leads, she is murdered. Carrie makes a pretty solid point about how messed up the spy business is considering that Lynne called her minutes before her murder, expressed her fear of being murdered and there was still nothing Carrie could do to stop her being murdered. Remind me never to accept gifts of jewelry that cost more than $25.00.

It's pretty obvious that Lynn was killed in order to get the necklace and finance some nefarious plan, but at this point, that is the only thing that's clear.

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On: Monday, October 17, 2011
Eric - TV Geek Army "Revered Leader" said:

Great point about how it seems as though much has happened over three episodes. I think part of that feeling is based on the fact that the characters we're getting to know are fully realized. 

Also have to give props to Danes and Potempkin, who are great together. Hope we get to see the two of them working together actively on the case in episodes ahead. 


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