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Carrie's medical problems are revealed as Nick begins his campaign.


Review: Homeland, "The Vest"
(S0111) In case anyone was wondering what Carrie (Claire Danes) is like without her meds, wonder no longer. The best part was the look on Saul's (Mandy Pantinkin) face that said, “I had no idea she was nuts.” Watching the way her mind works while in a manic state was a little like watching Sherlock Holmes make connections that help him solve mysteries.

I suppose this episode made it pretty clear what kind of a man the Vice President is. Jamey Sheridan is known for playing gentler characters but the VP in Homeland is clearly a single-minded self-serving dick. My years of TV viewing has taught me that characters like this often meet an untimely death.

I loved the Brody family's visit to Gettysburg. Nick (Damian Lewis) ruminating on the battle while thinking about whatever mission he has planned was fascinating. Not to mention Dana (Morgan Saylor) getting everything on video. Eventually, the life of the Brody family will be all over the news and she'll have more cameras then she can handle.

As loathe as I am to make assumptions about Homeland, it seems pretty clear that Nick is planning to blow someone up with a suicide bomb and that someone is very likely the Vice President. What isn't clear is exactly why. Is Nick a full on soldier declaring war on America or does he simply want revenge for his student? Hopefully Dana is smarter than she acts and won't forget about the package she saw.

It's funny to me that even though Saul can clearly see that Carrie is damaged, they have a special working relationship that works. Just by taking a look at Carrie's pile of papers, Saul was able to see a pattern. I only wish I was able to figure out this show as easily.

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On: Tuesday, December 13, 2011
Eric - TV Geek Army "Revered Leader" said:

I'm still absorbing the takeaways from this episode a day later. I suppose I'm conflicted because I want Brody to be some version of "good" (read = not a terrorist) and find peace with his life and his family. What's so wrenching is that his wife clearly is happier than she's been since Nick went MIA, and there was a veneer of blissful family vacation at Gettysberg. I don't think I've been as shocked at a quiet scene as when Brody greeted the suicide vest-maker in the back of that shop, and it was a bit sickening watching him give 'er a try on for size. 

All the Carrie and Saul scenes were top notch. I love that Homeland is not afraid to juggle the status quo frequently. THere's rarely time to settle into any kind of groove -- doesn't Carrie's days of illegally monitoring the Brody household seem like a long time ago now? 

OVerall: I think we're in for one hell of a 90-minute season finale. 


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