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Review: House, "Man of the House"
(S0813) Every time I watch House I learn something new. I had no idea that a dude could stop, well, being a dude after getting a severe shot to the 'nads. Not that I needed a reason to be more protective of my junk but that is what I call valuable information.

With the news that House is officially in its last season, I find myself watching the show with a little nostalgia. Each case reminds me of one from the past and House's (Hugh Laurie) personal stories remind me of how he has changed and/or stayed exactly the same over the course of eight seasons.

It's definitely interesting to learn about medical conditions that may or may not cause a man to be more sensitive, but it's even more interesting to hear the conversations that it ignites. House makes a good point about the idea of baser instincts, but does that mean it's an excuse not to try and be a better person? By what I've seen in my many years on this planet, most men would answer yes.

I was wondering when House's phony marriage would come back to haunt him. The best part of watching him prepare for the interview was the joy he seemed to take in the various activities. Dressing up, cramming and hanging out with Dominika (Karolina Wydra) all looked like a lot of fun. Too bad the downside of a fake marriage is federal prison.

I laughed out loud when Wilson (Robert Sean Leonard) got busted by the real neighbor. Clearly, things were going too well and it wouldn't be right if House's life didn't contain the maximum drama possible. While I seriously doubt that they would get a second chance like that, I am excited to see the wacky hijinks, Mrs. House is going to cause for the rest of the season.

In closing, I should note that I really enjoyed Dr. Park (Charlene Yi) for the first time this season.

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