In Plain Sight: "Girls, Interrupted": rock and or roll

Quick Take: In Plain Sight, "Girls, Interrupted"
Mary visits a witness in the desert while Marshall tries to protect an ex-teen star.

In Plain Sight

Review : In Plain Sight, "Girls, Interrupted"
(S0410) I've really been enjoying this season of In Plain Sight and the pregnancy storyline if only because Mary McCormack's boobs are truly natural wonders. The whole thing also gives a whole new insight into Mary and what makes her tick. Then there's tonight's episode which shows the finer points of giving your baby up for adoption. It's refreshing to see a show portray adoption as the viable alternative to parenthood that it really is. It's not an easy decision and the series is doing a good job showing that.

As for this week's case, I was less than thrilled. I prefer the WitSec candidates that need protection because they made a deal, not so much the innocent bystanders. This week it was especially irritating that the future rock star just happened to see a broad daylight murder behind the venue where she was performing. I mean, Echo Park can be a rough neighborhood, but criminals there still keep their murders pretty covert.

It gets a little tiresome when relocatees decide to break the rules every single week. What part of dead don't they get? The worst part, however, is how Marshall (Frederick Weller) and Mary are always letting those things slide. Talk about a liability issue. I would hope that all the problems in this episode would lead WitSec to be a little more strict in the future, but I doubt it.

I liked seeing Mary out of her element and forced to give up the control that she desperately needs but it was a little hard for me to accept Robert LaSardo as such a nice guy. After seeing him on shows like Nip/Tuck, he really scares me.

The ending showdown was just stupid. Was that hitman really going to shoot Lita (Elizabeth Nicole) in front of the whole choir? It was just sloppy writing.

Hopefully, this episode is just a bump in the road and next week, IPS will get back to what makes the show great: quality writing, great characters and crazy big boobs.

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