Jersey Shore, "Girls Like That": pivoting situations

Quick Take: Jersey Shore, "Girls Like That"
"Yo, she's so fake dog, she broke the bed, dog." – The Situation, on Angelina (and her situation)

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Review: Jersey Shore, "Girls Like That"
(S0211) While Jersey Shore certainly had its share of drama, hijinks, and mayhem during its Miami Beach edition, one gets the feeling that with Angelina's stormy/crazy departure, there's not a lot left for even the masterful reality television editors at MTV to conjure up for us.

I found it amusing that Snooki and JWoww attempted to blame all of the fallout stemming from The Letter (Snooks/Jenny left a very quote-unquote "anonymous" letter for Sammi revealing some of Ronnie's early season indiscretions) on Angelina and hoped that her exit would be the magical excuse to return "the girls" to their rightful place as BFFs.

Not so much as it turns out. What's endlessly astounding is that this is one of the most blatant examples of Shoot the Messenger in world history (and I state this with some authority after watching a marathon session of HBO's Rome, so I've studied my history here you can rest assured). But to hit a semi-serious note for a moment, I think it's clear that Sammi has chosen to assign her fears and feelings of betrayal and rejection to her (former) friends than to where it belongs, which would be Ronnie.

Meanwhile, this Breaking News just in from Amazing Idiocy Central: Snooki and JWoww decide to "rescue" a lobster that the boys have brought home for dinner, which they plan to feed and keep as their "pet." To whit, here's Snooki: "I'm not sure what lobsters eat, but I think they eat like insects or something." And of course, the plan breaks down within minutes as Vinnie points out that lobsters "go in salt water," so the girls decide to relent and eat their newly adopted pet.

Speaking of Vinnie, he still wants to hang out with Ramona, the girl who brutally stood him up some episodes back. This week, we get to watch him endure her being several hours late to hang out on the beach again, even ditching two "hot ass girls" who rung him up a few hours into the wait. This boy is smitten. Ramona finally shows up for their beach date, toting her boutique dog in its pink outfit. Vinnie is gaga nonetheless, enraptured by her tale of how her homeland of Romania "looks like a little fish" and is located "right over there." Oh Ramona, tell us more.

Much of the latter part of the episode involves an emerging situation (for lack of a better word) involving The Situation "going dark" at the club. He's overly aggressive with the fine eligible ladies of club Klutch, and when he doesn't quickly find anyone to bring back to the Smash Room, he impatiently and impetuously rounds up every to head home.

The most amazing exchange of the night comes when Sammi and Ronnie are observing The Situation's overtly sleazy maneuvers on the dancefloor:

  •  "If I were to ever meet him I would be like, 'hell no'!" – Sammi
  • "You did meet him, and you made out with him." – Ronnie
  • Later, The Situation alternatively tries to hook up with Ramona (while his "friend" Vinnie is in the bathroom) and Snooki, but they are not having it. Looks like The Situation's reign of testosterone (and other muscle enhancing substances?) may be coming to an end.  

    More thoughts on this week's installment of Jersey Shore (Miami Beach edition):

  • "The bad aura in the house is finally gone." – Pauly D
  • "Yo, she's so fake dog, she broke the bed, dog." – The Situation, on Angelina (and her situation)
  • Just me or does The Situation and Pauly D's antics in removing Angelina's bed from their room remind you of the classic Friends episode, "the one where" Ross directs Chandler in moving a couch up a precarious set of tenement stairs: piv-ot piv-ot piv-ot, shut up shut up SHUT UP.  
  • Gotta love The Situation pouring a little champagne out "in memoriam" for his homie Angelina leaving the house.
  • "What am I gonna do, be up Ronnie's ass all the time?" Sammi, suddenly lamenting her "friend" Angelina's departure
  • Great reality TV editing work: juxtaposing the girls' super awkward tension in the house against the boys having a joyous time batting an inflatable ball around the hot tub. Or as Pauly D would say, "Aw yeah, hot tub, YEAH."
  • On that note, I appreciate the chalk board at the front of the house announcing: OH YEAH!
  • "I used to beat up girls like that in high school." – JWoww on "prissy girls" like Sammi  
  • The enormous vat of margarita (with two bottles of Corona tipped upside down in it somehow?) that Snooki imbibes along with friend Ryder is larger than her head, I would wager.
  • "You look like a Chippendale's dancer, a very religious one." – Snooki, with reference to The Situation's party vest
  • "Yo, we're staying clear. Safety first." – Pauly D, with reference to avoiding "grenades" at Klutch
  • "I see Mike talking to Ramona, and he kind of pulls a little bit of the robbery." – Pauly D
  • "Mike has a serious possible obsession with me." – Vinnie
  • Video: Jersey Shore, "Girls Like That"
    Check out a deleted clip from the episode, from MTV:


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