Killjoys: Looks like everyone is about to get "Schooled"

Every time we think we know what's going on, things get weirder in Westerly! Which, really, is for the best, because this show is the most fun when things are bonkers. More classist shenanigans and mystery-goo coming up in Killjoys (S0204) "Schooled"! Spoilers, of course, because this is a recap!

Killjoys 2.4

Dav and Dutch start out looking suggestive, and then it turns out they're just sparring, because that's what fighters on TV do when they're not sleeping together. Dav tells her that he knows they're complicated, and that Alvis is not, so he's okay with whatever is going on between them--the two of them are still cool, regardless. She tells him not to make it weird, and then pins him by half smothering him with her...we'll say legs. It's suggestive again. They're still flirting.

So of course that's when Turin and his lucious hair interupt them and tell them they've got a new job: he's tracked the last signal sent by Red 17 to it's destination. It's a school. Apparently, the brightest kids on Westerly are required to go to school offworld, and there's a warrant he's wrangled to get the next batch up there as an excuse to get his pet Killjoys to investigate that signal. No one really talks about how systematically removing the smartest leaves the dumbest and the other unwanteds on the moon to flounder.

Dav says he's not babysitting, and then spends literally the whole episode bonding with the kids. He's unexpectedly good with them--and now I think Team Killjoys needs a scrappy young survivor kid of their own.

The Warrant gets them through the Wall, and they stop off to see Pree for a minute and introduce a new character named Sabine who tells them where to find the kids after the bombings last season blew up a lot of the housing. Dav flirts; Sabine looks uninterested; Dutch looks amused more than anything, because Dav is sort of a doofus, for all his BAMF attitude and skill. 

Turns out the first kid on their list is super young, and the brother of one of the other kids taken already. The father doesn't want him to go, but he's not a great guy and the kid wants out. The warrant means they can take him by force if they need to, but he eventually lets Jake go on his own; Jake just wants to see his brother. And he's kind of great, with his dirty face and tangled hair and sassy cursing self. Makes me wonder what Johnny was like as a kid, since Dav gets along with him so well.

After they get the other kids--two girls--they head to the school. It's a whole station in orbit, and when they land, no one is there but the welcome video...which happens to be Delle Seyah, old childhood nemesis of both Pawter AND Dutch! Pawter was going to go walk the earth like she's in a 70s outlaw-crimesolver show and spread the word about all the new walls for all the towns on Westerly, but after saving her from a forced marriage and potential slavery--that's who knocked her out last ep, slavers--Johnny convinced her to come with. Good thing, too, because this is a medical mystery as much as anything.

They follow the instructions to one of the classrooms and instead of kids they find cryopods. Empty ones. Lined with goo. Because this show is in love with all things slimy. Pawter figures out that the pods aren't just suspension pods, which would be weird enough, but are also neural feeder pods: the shool has been illegally pumping information into these kids' heads rather than actually teaching them. When Delle Seyah herself shows up, she says no more kids were meant to come for six months, and she has no idea what happened to the ones that were supposed to be here--or their caretaker. 

When she's confronted about the "schooling methods" she admits that this isn't just a school that skips all the problems of actually teaching kids--it's a "living human seed bank" of Qureshi culture. She doesn't answer whether she expects a war or a winter to need a seed bank, but we do know that their leadership is all inbred and starting to have genetic issues, so maybe it's that, too. 

Pawter discovers that the goo this time is melted kids--all but one. And Johnny discovers that the melting happened at the same time the signal they're tracing hit the station. It got shunted into the pods and overloaded them, triggering "cleaning protocols" that just goo-ified the kids who never even woke up. The guardian leads them around the station, accusing them of breaking the law and such, but it's not long before they find out she's just a hologram: the real guardian's DNA is accounted for in the goo, meaning she died the same time they did.

But that one kid that wasn't accounted for didn't. It turns out that it's Olen, Jake's older brother, and he wants to get rid of the adults he blames for what happened and take his brother and Lucy and flee. He overrode the station's life support and got himself and Jake onto the ship before Johnny cornered him in the hold. He's having headaches and weird flashes that include parts of the same mystery-memory that Dav saw when they tried to make him Level 6, and it's driving him mad. There's too much data. He's ready to blow up Lucy to get away if they won't let him leave. 

Johnny pulls the little brother card on him, and laughs it off later, but he's pretty raw when he talks about being the baby left behind while his big brother goes off who knows where, and tells Olen he's being a terrible big brother by making this how Jake will remember him. That's enough to get through to him, and he gives up trying to kill them. Dav and Pawter had saved the other two kids from suffocation by putting them in stasis while Pawter had refused to be the damsel in distress, and Dutch had gotten Delle Seyah to the control room where she kisses Dutch to give her the DNA to work the computers. Once Olen gives up, they get the air turned back on.

Instead of taking the boys back to Westerly and their bad dad, they take them to Alvis in the monastary on Leith. The monks will take care of Jake and help Olen get the huge and overwhelming transmission out of his head, and will keep them safe and secret in the meantime. Dutch agrees to share whatever information they get with Delle Seyah, and Delle says they're allies now, which is better than friends. Also, they flirt some. She probably didn't exactly NEED to kiss Dutch before, but why not, right? 

And just before the end, we cut to Fancy Lee on the shuttle taking Khlyen wherever it's supposed to be taking him. He kills everyone in the shuttle, bloodily, then lets Khlyen out of stasis. Khlyen says "neatly done" while looking happy about all the mess, so what qualifies as messy to him? And then he tells Fancy to switch headings to whatever planet the Jacobis boys are from--somewhere outside the Quad! Whoo! The wider world of the show, finally!

Aside from not enough Pree, it was a pretty neat episode--though the horror of the whole thing could have been played up a little more. Kids melted by a malfunction, and their guardian attacked by the lone survivor who didn't understand what was going on--he thought she'd caused the pain and was attacking him. A whole station's worth of information crammed into one kid's head, and it's slowly driving him crazy. A little kid reunited with his idealized big brother just to find out that he's part of something scary. Delle's pet project to save her people sabotaged by her connection to someone on the run from all sides--and she won't say why he was in contact with her to begin with, or why she needed to hijack a school for her pet project anyway. There's a lot of story bits to come back to in this episode! And on top of all that, it's the first hint of what exists outside the four worlds we've been on this whole time!

Plus, Dav being awesome with kids, and Dutch being kind of bi, and Johnny and Pawter working together to solve a problem they can't solve individually. And Dav teasing Johnny for liking Pawter, and Lucy being awfully jealous for a ship's AI. AND, Johnny sort of made a future-pop-culture reference with his "I've seen this movie!" comment, and that's so awesome I can't even. There needs to be more future-pop-culture in scifi, because people aren't going to stop making or watching TV and movies just because they live in space!

Killjoys season two is getting more and more interesting!

More notes on Killjoys 2.4 "Schooled":

  • Hm, someone else on another Syfy show I review here on TVGA recently said he was fine with whatever was going on with his fav girl and another guy, and that turned out to be a lie. Is Dav just making peace, or is he really cool with it? He wasn't at all cool with anything last episode...
  • I would literally have Lucy keep every stray from every episode, if they let me.
  • Sabine could be a neat addition to Team Pree, if we get to see what Team Pree is doing when the KJs aren't around and if she had more of a role to play than just a giver of information in a way that's an excuse for Dav to flirt. Hopefully she does, though, because this show is pretty good about letting the ladies have decent stories of their own, too.
  • Jake is played by the same kid who played Baby Duck Cole on 12 Monkeys last season! That means both Baby Cole AND Papa Cole are in this episode, and I'm disapointed no one has posted a pic of their reunion from behind the scenes. This is two weeks in a row that there's two guest stars from 12M on Killjoys, though--good job reusing your actors, Syfy!
  • I wonder how much downtime Killjoys have? Does Johnny watch movies in his, or is he just always playing something in the background of a busy life?
  • You can watch Killjoys at 9pm on Syfy Friday nights, or on, Google Play, Amazon Video, iTunes, and join us for the livetweet with the cast and crew on Twitter! And come watch our aftershow on Saturday nights!

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