Last Man Standing, "Co-Ed Softball": it's women or nothing

Quick Take: Last Man Standing, "Co-Ed Softball"
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Review: Last Man Standing, "Co-Ed Softball"
(S0105) Every week I think about skipping out on watching ABC's Last Man Standing, but I always find myself watching it and enjoying it. And I must say that this was by far the best episode since the premiere three weeks ago.

Mike Baxter has shown himself to be a guy's guy in previous episodes. Not the type of guy who would be for equal rights among men and women, but when it comes to his daughters he definitely sings a different tune. When Mike and his fellow co-workers learn that they will not be able to keep their permit to play softball at a local field unless the team becomes co-ed he appears to be among those that are against the new rule. Even after voting on the issue and its decided that they will go along with this new rule he continues to complain otherwise. Once he's home though he confesses to Vanessa that in fact he voted for the team to become co-ed and he's scared of Ed finding out. He felt compelled to vote the way he did since his youngest daughter Eve is involved in sports and is often left to feel excluded because she is a girl and extremely athletic. He has always told her to speak up for herself so how could he do something that would undermine that.

Mike ultimately figures out a way for everyone to be happy with the new dynamic of the softball team, he asks Eve to be part of the team. That was definitely a given being that she is extremely athletic and Last Man Standing has already shown itself to be a bit predictable. It's one of those comedies that gets tied up with a pretty red bow at the end of the episode but yet it's somehow enjoyable to watch it get there. Eve actually takes over Mike's position as pitcher and while he was a bit despondent with it at first he was extremely proud of her in the end, especially since they won and because she knocked the tooth out of one of the opposing teams players. That's not the pretty red bow I was talking about though.

Mandy was struggling with writing essays for her college applications this week and Kristin decides to help her. This sparks something inside of her and she decides that she wants to go to college as well. She goes to tell her dad this and guess what Mike was doing when she walked in, researching colleges within driving distance that she can attend. Let’s all let out a collective sigh for how thoughtful a father he is. Sometimes predictability in a show isn't that bad.

By Frances Seda

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