Lucifer: Everyone takes a "Trip to Stabby Town"

Last week, Lucifer and Chloe came to some sort of common emotional ground, and this week, it's immediately tested because that's how this show works! We're back to the fun, just-short-of-goofy episodes in Lucifer (S0208) "Trip to Stabby Town". Spoilers ahead!

Lucifer 2.8

Lucifer is trying to get back into the swing of therapy. He actually wants help and acknowledges that he needs it, which is already so much progress, but Dr Linda, though she's made up with Maze, is still stunned and processing the whole Devil thing. Lucifer wants to know what the sandwich Chloe made for him means--he seems to get that there's some sort of intimacy involved, but he totally misses a) that the sandwich was actually made for Trixie and he took it before Chloe made one for him, and b) that after the sandwich, the important part of the morning was that he said the right thing and made a real connection with Chloe. After all his trying to be better last week, he managed it without trying because he actually cares about her and she needed the comfort.

He wants to talk about it, but Dr Linda only wants to know how Hell works. How was Hitler punished? Is there a dictators wing? Is her bad uncle there?

Which, to be fair, are all good questions to ask the person who could actually answer them

But it means Luci gets very little attention for his issues, which makes him cranky. In another show of progress, though, he admits to Chloe that he thinks he broke his therapist and he's worried about her. Chloe offers again to listen if he needs to talk. He says that he can't talk to her about this stuff, and she says:

"I've seen all your ugly parts by now."

"Not even close, I'm afraid."

Sooner or later, Chloe's going to have to challenge that, but this time, they're coming up to a crime scene and there's a body to investigate.

A lady was chased down and stabbed nineteen times in broad daylight. Someone caught a picture of the murder happening, and Lucifer sees that the weapon is Azrael's blade--which means it's kind of his fault this happened, and he can't let Chloe find the thing: it not only stabs like a normal blade and obliterates the souls of celestial beings, but it also has, like, and influence. It wants to be used. Humans are a lot more maleable and a lot less able to resist it, and it'll just keep getting passed around, causing a swath of destruction all across the world.

If Chloe gets it, not only will it warp her into a murderess, but her room mate is a celestial being (and, implied sort of, a child). Also implied: Lucifer doesn't want her to get warped like that.

Luci isn't pleased.

Chloe finds out that the woman belonged to a yoga group that was semi-cultish, and starts her investigation there. Lucifer enlists Ella to help him find out who stole the blade--while getting her to not tell anyone about how this looks like a dug up grave. Even though it totally is, Amenadiel and Maze moved the body somewhere safe already, so there shouldn't be anything that sort of incriminating around.

At least, not anything important to this case. Ella has been shown to work on multiple puzzles at once...

She discovers a burned note with directions to the grave site written on Mama Morningstar's letterhead. Turns out, she wanted the blade out in the world, causing havoc. She wanted to make enough trouble that Dad would have to take notice and come talk to her. She says it's because they should mourn as a family.

I still don't buy it.

So Chloe gets a list of names of people who might have had a grudge against the murder victim and Lucifer gets a list of names of people Mama gave the directions to, and there's only one name in common. That leads them to the leader of the cult, who didn't do it because he's a scammer and wasn't there, and to more dead bodies, because the blade is still out there. It's like that cursed coin from Sleepy Hollow two season ago (or, the cursed coin from Dresden Files which was handled better); it moves to the next wielder as soon as it's dropped.

All this time, Chloe has noticed that Lucifer is spending a lot of time with Ella. She says she's not jealous, but she's totally jealous, and Dan calls her on it. He wants to gossip, but she says it's all about partnership and not keeping secrets. But Lucifer has to keep the secret because Ella has discovered that the shoeprint from whoever dug up the grave matches the shoe of one of their victims, meaning the cases are linked--which leads Ella to Lucifer's loft, where she hugs him as part of a proof of her leap of faith, and Chloe walks in and sees it. Because of course. And also of course, she assumes he's sleeping with Ella because that's the sort of person Luci is most of the time.

Later, she tells him not to sleep with coworkers, and he tells her he's not, and that it's a point of pride for him that he's never lied to her, which calms her down. Pretty quickly, too, because she obviously wants to believe him. He makes it saucy with the offer to gladly mix business and pleasure if she's ever up for it and she leaves annoyed but feeling better, and Lucifer gets that goofy heart-eyes look again. He noticed that she was jealous and it made him all squishy.

SO. They figure out that the only yoga person not accounted for was the first lady they talked to, because that's usually how it goes. The guy who founded this semi-cult was being investigated for harassment, but when Lucifer gets to their latest perp at the dude's house, he finds out that it's not just harassment that the creep is guilty of. She's already stabbed him, but Lucifer sticks up for her when the cops arrive, saying it was self defense. Out of all the petty issues the blade made into murderous urges, she's the only one who had a real reason to want him dead: "I said no, and he kept going!"

But in the rush, the blade goes missing. So while Chloe and co are handling the crime scene, Lucifer has to go find the blade before the mess continues, and has to do it while cops are all over the place. 

He finds it by the pool...with Dan.

Who blames Luci for ruining his marriage.

And stealing his family.

And messing up his job.

And eating his snacks.

I don't know how this show does it, but this scene was silly--trying to stab him for eating his pudding--but also super intense. Dan manages to slice Lucifer across his belly, enough to draw blood but not enough to kill him forever. Which is good, because when he gets Luci cornered, he manages to fight off the blade's influence enough that Lucifer has an in. Dan is stronger than he realized, and once he knows that, he can lay a patented Lucifer-whammy on him and get him to speak the truth: His marriage was failing and they were separated before they even met Lucifer, and his job was ruined when he decided to cover up a crime, again before they met.

Lucifer did eat his snacks though.

Lucifer gets the blade, Dan doesn't remember trying to kill him and feels better than he has in weeks for having gotten all that off his chest (despite not remembering it happening), and everything is cool. Except that Chloe is mad that the murder weapon went missing.

Ella wanted to do the favor without asking for one back, but Lucifer doesn't like owing people, so she asked him to go to church with her. He goes, and apparently doesn't burst into flames. No word on whether he makes contact with Dear Old Dad there yet.

Dr Linda finally realizes that Lucifer, despite being the literal, actual devil, is just a messed up guy from a dysfunctional family like all her other patients, and decides to get back to work.

Mama and Amenadiel confront Lucifer about everything that's happened. Ama says none of them should be on earth, that all of this that's been happening is because they're here, and he wants everything to go back where it belongs--the blade and the family. Mama, though, wants to shift things around some. She wants back into Heaven, but with her whole family, Lucifer included.

Which is too far for him. He tells them, point blank, that Hell was awful, but Heaven was worse, and the only place he has ever felt like he's appreciated and understood is on earth, so he's not going anywhere. He gets mad enough that creepy white flames start crawling up Azrael's blade, which he's still holding in his angry fist. It makes Mama back down and call off Amenadiel--but while they leave Luci looking like he just realized something bad was narrowly averted, Mama says they just got a new opportunity.

Again, I ask: what is she up to??

This show has really turned up the everything this season. The snappy sassiness was always there, but everything is cleverer and tighter this season. The emotions run deeper. Lucifer going through therapy isn't just a prop or a joke anymore, it's a vital part of his emotional and character development--this week, amongst everything else, he was trying to figure out why he cares whether people get killed! It never mattered to him before, it was a lark, a way to stay around Chloe. Now it's actually something he cares about!

Everyone has their own point of view, and seeing everyone work together, or seemingly work together, while dealing with all their own wants and needs is such a joy.

Next week, Mama Morningstar decides to go after Chloe because she's what ties Luci to earth. How long before she realizes that's a really bad idea if she actually wants him to team up with her? Or will we find out that that was never her goal to begin with?

More notes on Lucifer 2.8 "Trip to Stabby Town":

  • How amazing was that last five or so minutes of last week?? Linda and Maze make up, and Lucifer and Chloe hug! So great.
  • Lucifer also needed the comfort last week, but in that one amazing moment, he didn't think about that, and so it didn't become a competition or a balance-of-power issue, which, for him, is stunning.
  • That sandwich represented Chloe's relationship with her dad and then her relationship with her daughter; that Luci was included was a Big Deal and it's nice that he saw that, even if he doesn't get why. They're totally family now, no takesies-backsies.
  • How long before he does go to Chloe when he needs to talk something out? She's all in with the idea of him as her partner, and they work so well together, but she really does know so little about everything he's been going through, even on a metaphorical level. And she notices when she's being left out.
  • Lucifer with those names written on his hand like a high school cheat sheet!
  • "You are quite sexually prolific; turns out you got that from me!" and how Lucifer looks like he'll never ever try reverse cowgirl again!
  • That scene where Ella demos the way eight bodies were killed and how crazy-suggestive it was...omg. How did that get past the censors?
  • Jealousy is proof this ship has sailed, you guys. I hope that Chloe continues to not bug him about his sleeping around unless there's an indipendent reason for it--like she's a coworker, or she's a witness, or whatever. It'll be so much better, as I said before, if he stops that because he wants to, and figures out on his own that it's because he only wants Chloe. Or doesn't stop that and has to deal with the conflict of interests. So long as he does it himself and not because of jealous nagging. Honest discussion is fine and encouraged, though.
  • Maybe Chloe should show interest in someone else soonish, so Luci gets to be the jealous one. So they're even.
  • I wonder how many outtakes of the stabbing-by-the-pool scene there are?
  • Image of the night goes to Lucifer holding a poptart. And maybe to Maze saying she stole them because they're good.
  • If this season was the same length as last season, episode eight would be getting ready for the finale-set-up, but they've ordered a full season, so who knows. Will it be like two short seasons, one before and one after the holidays? Or will the story continue through all 22 eps?
  • What did you guys think of this week's Lucifer?

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