Lucifer: Mommy issues all over the place in "Liar Liar, Slutty Dress On Fire"

Last week, Lucifer was sure his mom was out to kill him. This week, he's got to be sure she's not killing anyone else! Spoilers ahead for Lucifer (S0202), "Liar Liar, Slutty Dress On Fire"!

Lucifer 2.2

Mama Morningstar wakes up in a series of recently dead bodies, all asking where Lucifer is, until she lands in Tricia Helfer, who is a lawyer currently laying dead in a hotel room with a screwdriver in her neck. She gets up, pulls out the screwdriver, and goes wandering through LA covered in blood until she walks into Lucifer's living room. He really should have more security in that luxe penthouse, though, right? 

She swears she's just lost and scared and newly free from millenia of torment, and all she wants is to reconnect with her kids. Lucifer doesn't trust her at all. She tries to prove her story by showing him where she woke up, but while they're there, they find that there's another body she hadn't mentioned, a 19 year old kid dead on the bed, and Luci automatically wants proof that she didn't kill him.

Conveniently, that's the case that Chloe catches next, so he stashes Mum at home with Maze to watch her, under strict orders not to torture her, and goes with his favorite detective to see about this murder--and the other one, too, when they discover the maid also dead in the bathroom. Lucifer, of course, has been there already. It makes him look really impressive to Ella, but it annoys Chloe that he's still trying to pin every murder on his mother.

Since the cops have no idea that Charlotte the lawyer is now Mama Morningstar, or that she actually did die and it was someone else who got up and walked away after the fact, it looks to them like she escaped a murder scene, making her a witness who can help their case. They find out that she's been sleeping with a coworker who claims they're in love. They also find out she's married to someone else.

When they go to talk to the husband, Lucifer is dismayed about how much of a wreck he is--he's been taking care of their sick kids for three or four days, but Lucifer says this is more of a disaster than that warrants, and goes to give him a makeover...which results in him finding a huge stash of cocaine hidden in their closet, that the husband didn't know about.

And that leads them to the FBI, and the identity of their other dead body: he was a mole in the local drug cartel, working with Charlotte and the FBI to bring down the baddies that no one else has been able to get at. It's nice that the lawyer was actually basically good for once! But that means that it's probably the cartel that hired the hit on them...except the local drug king tells them that the signature way they were killed belongs to a well known hitman, who's currently dead, and that he knew the kid was a mole and has been feeding him bad info for months.

Which means that the actual killer was someone who knew the hitman's MO well enough to make it look like he did it, but didn't know that he was dead, which rules out the whole of the cartel--and rules in Charlotte's coworkers. They find that her protege knows too much about the case, making him the main suspect, but Lucifer pushes too hard and he lawyers up, further upsetting Chloe. She thinks they've been working together long enough that he should be able to follow the rules and not endanger her cases by now, and she doesn't like how he's making everything so hard on her lately.

Meanwhile, Mama Morningstar tricks Maze. Despite being told not to torture her, Maze still wants to break her, and now she has a body that can be broken. She taunts her with how Lucifer made a deal with God to take her back to Hell, and she acts like that really upsets her long enough to get Maze close enough to headbutt unconscious. In one go! Must've been one mean headbutt. 

But that means that she has no reason to come back now, since she thinks Lucifer's place isn't safe anymore. It also means that she's still wearing a body that seems to be alive and is now the target of their killer again, since Luci also let slip that she wasn't dead when they talked to that protege. If he kills her again, she'll jump to some other body, and they'll have no idea at all where she is, what she looks like, or what she's up to, and that means they have to find her before that guy can.

Which, of course, he doesn't tell Chloe.

So he follows the protege, Chloe follows him, and he stops the guy from killing Mum, but has to stab her himself to sell the escaped-but-injured story, and has to convince her to play along that they've never met while Chloe handles the perp. He says that it might be too much for Chloe to handle if she knew who Charlotte was now, but at that moment Chloe is taking down the dude on her own and Mama points out that she looks like she can handle herself. There's a nice moment where Lucifer looks all dreamy and impressed about that and Mama takes note of the reaction, looking like she thinks he's gone totally nuts. I'm just happy that they haven't fallen into just bickering and annoying each other, that there's still that hint that he's totes in love with her even if she doesn't realize it. Even if HE doesn't realize it.

So the bad guy is taken care of, and Lucifer takes Mama home, where she insists that she didn't do anything wrong. See, she didn't stop Lucifer from getting banished because it was her idea to send him to Hell--to save him, since God wanted to totally destroy him after the rebellion in Heaven. She did it because she loves her children, and she does want her home and her family back, but if she can't have it in Heaven, she'll be okay with it here.

Luci is swayed. He says she can stay until he figures out what to do about it. She's tearfully grateful, and he doesn't go to talk to Chloe about it even though she says she's always there for him if he wants to, but he does leave Mama alone in the room to go brood on his own. Which is when she stops crying all at once and looks up at the sky like she's won some sort of battle and her plan is going perfectly.

What're you up to, Mama Morningstar??

Meanwhile, other stuff!

Amenadiel doesn't come when Lucifer calls him to take Mama back to Hell, because he's busy researching what it means that his power is failing. Dr Linda finds him in his old office and calls him on all the lying and manipulating he did at the end of last season, and later he sincerely apologises for it, but making up and being friends again doesn't make him feel better.

Because it's not just that he hurt his first human friend and is losing his time-controlling power, it's that his wings are dying. They look really gross, the feathers falling out, the bare skin scabby and infected-looking, and it looks like it hurts. And he has no idea what to do about it, and hasn't told anyone else that this is happening to him, so he's all alone with it.

What can make an angel's wings die like that? Did Lucifer only avoid the same fate by having his cut off while they were still whole? Because Ama hasn't been in town all that long, and he's already losing his power AND his wings, but Luci had no ill effects until he started working with the cops...

And Trixie and Chloe are in a battle of wills. Trixie wants a new doll like the one that her friend had, and to get it, she ruins the one she has--but Chloe says trying to manipulate her like that means she doesn't get a new one. It's nice that Trixie seems to be okay after all that she went through in the finale last season, but that doll is a mess; I hope she actually is okay. Maybe she'll get to go see Dr Linda too. Or maybe Maze can help her work through it; that'd be fun.

Anyway, Lucifer buys the doll for her anyway, since Chloe won't--as well as a play set and accessories including a toy chocolate cake because he knows that's Trixie's favorite--and a) fails to see how this is more proof of his soft spot for Trixie that he insists isn't there, b) fails to see how he's undermining Chloe's authority with her own child, because he thinks he's just helping her be a better mom by giving her kid what she wants, and c) almost has a personal realization when Chloe points out that sometimes what's best for the kids, the kids don't like. That's probably what finally got him to believe what his mom said when she told the story of how he got cast out. But that means that Lucifer could blame Chloe when things go sideways, which is unfair since she didn't know anything about this stuff since he woundn't tell her about it, and could damage their friendship.

So a pretty good second episode! Mama Morningstar is a walking plot complication, she doesn't understand humans or have a human sense of almost anything, and when she's mad she can cause plagues and floods--or, at least, she could before she had a body. And she's definitely up to something. How much of her power came with her into this human form?

Is it her presence that's causing Ama and Luci to lose their powers? Or is it that they're acting and feeling more human like we thought before? OR is all of it because of whatever allowed her out of Hell to begin with--are they blaming humanity for all this when something else is meddling in the background and these are just the side-effects? This season feels like it's barely getting started, and there's already so much going on!

More notes on Lucifer 2.2 "Liar Liar, Slutty Dress On Fire"

  • Does it feel to anyone else like Chloe is hardly in these last two eps? Like, where did her own story go? I hope they aren't sidelining her; she's a main character and the female lead!
  • Things of possible note for the future: Lucifer stole one of those bundles of coke. Charlotte has kids. Mama knows that Luci likes Chloe, and Maze likes Luci. "Hell gives the damned what they deserve".
  • I wonder if they'll let Mama Morningstar have her obscure apcryphal name, Sophia? Although Sophia means wisdom and she's a "goddess of all creation" rather than a goddess of wisdom, so maybe not.
  • Progressive Lucifer: "I'm all for stay-at-home dads"
  • Good thing the body she took is roughly Maze's size, because if those clothes didn't fit, what would they have dressed her in?
  • Lucifer being traumatized by Mama's not understanding how bodies and people work when he first found her is my new favorite thing. That's twice in two episodes that a nude lady has had the opposite of it's usual effect on him!
  • Mama Morningstar made her baby mac and cheese! Which is super cute, AND it means that Lucifer, who doesn't seem to consume anything but alcohol and sometimes drugs, has a fully functioning kitchen somewhere in his house.
  • Still no word what's going to happen about Detective Douche--who Lucifer actually called by his actual name this ep! What??
  • It was good that when Dan tried to flirt, Chloe shut him down fast. We don't need rekindled old romances going on.
  • What did you think about this week's Lucifer? Share in the comments!

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