Lucifer: "Weaponizer" brings us bonding and backstabbing in equal measures

Last week, Lucifer realized (with Amenadiel's help) that there are consequences to his bending the rules. This week, things go serious real fast! Spoilers ahead for Lucifer (S0205) "Weaponizer"...

Lucifer 2.5

Chloe does fine from her car accident, but we learn how it happened--Uriel, the angel who can see the patterns in everything, set it up so that she'd get hit by a car but not killed as a warning to Lucifer. He tells Lucifer that he has 24 hours to turn over Mom, or he'd make sure that Chloe dies.

Lucifer flips out. He spends most of the episode being adorably concerned with Chloe's wellbeing, removing anything from her vecinity that could possibly hurt her--including things like pens, sandwiches, and the slideshow-clicker from when she's talking about the case. He's still not telling her why, and she has no real reason to believe him when he tells her she's in trouble because of it, but it's adorable all the same. And even though they don't get to the point where he talks about feelings at all because of the constant distractions, it looks like those days aren't so far away.

The case is the death of Lucifer and Dan's favorite action star. Since they both love these cheesy overblown films, it's the first time they've ever been on the same page about something, and even Chloe mentions how cute it is to see them bonding. And it IS cute, them quoting parts of the movie at each other, and reenacting scenes.

Tracking the star's life, they find out he was broke despite making millions, that his wife married his competitor who was also broke now, despite being in even more popular movies, and was now breaking legs for the mob because he didn't want her to know how poor they were, and that they both still had the same business manager despite how little money they were making. But lately there had been a resurgence in popularity of the franchise, the action figures were selling like hotcakes, and Kimo was starting to do signings again.

Checking into how they could be starting to get attention again and still be so broke, Dan notices that their contracts were flubbed: their copies say they get 1% of merchandising income, while the ones their manager has say they get 10%: he's been keeping the other 9% of everything for himself! 

While Lucifer is busy keeping Chloe safe, he sends Ama to deal with Uriel, but Uriel isn't fooled; he beats the tar out of Ama, because he'd suspected that the patterns of their behavior would lead to him losing his power. Maze is PISSED at that turn of events and tells Luci to clean up his own messes...though she then goes to get Mama Morningstar herself and convince her that turning herself in is the best thing to do. Mama agrees; she's going to do it to stop her kids from fighting, but Lucifer points out that none of them actually know what Dad wants, they only know what he shows them, which isn't much. Lucifer only saw an open door: does that mean to get her back? Or does it just mean Hell is getting drafty?

Uriel's plan comes together with domino-tricks precision! Chloe's time runs out and Ama didn't stop Uriel from collecting Chloe, so Lucifer is late getting to her because he thought she was safe by then. She goes to the hotel where the wife and the business manager are meeting at the same time as Kimo shows up and sees them making out--the first hint he had that his wife was cheating on him. He pulls a gun on them, and Chloe, being a cop, puts herself in the way of the bullets.

It should have killed her.

But Lucifer backs off when she tells him to because he trusts her. It's amazing to see, because he was obviously distressed, but one ask from him and he stands down to let her work. And Chloe tells Kimo that she's terrified of everything she doesn't know is happening, but all they can control is their own actions--which gets through his anger and grief and stops an angel's plan from killing her. 

It was so good, you guys.

But Uriel isn't done yet. He's still going to take their mom back or he's going to kill Chloe. Lucifer, after his speech about how no one really knows what's going on, goes alone to confront him, and finds that he's stollen Death's blade that can kill even immortal beings like angels and keep them dead. His real plan is to kill Chloe AND Mama--he doesn't care about Lucifer's favorite human, but he knows that Luci cares about her "a little more than you care about mom", and he's using the threat against her life to make him do what he wants. And he wants to kill their mom because he sees patterns. He knows it's only a matter of time before she makes it back to heaven and Dad takes her back, and then she'll destroy him.

Lucifer thinks he's overreacting and taking liberties with what God wants and needs. They fight about it. Uriel spares Lucifer because he says he'd never kill a brother, but when he goes to hit the key that'll start the pattern to kill both women, Lucifer stabs him with Death's blade...apparently without thinking about it, out of sheer desperation. Maze, who came to defend him like she always does, says he deserved it, but Lucifer is horrified: this was his brother and a fellow angel, and he killed him with his own hands. 

Covered in Uriel's blood, he goes back home, distraught and damaged, and the preview for next week looks like he's going to totaly fall apart. The feels! Cheerfully debauched Luci, broken and crying because he had to make a terrible choice and now he has to live with it--it's the most serious this show has ever been! And he did it for the two most important women in his life, backed up by the third, but one of them doesn't even know that it happened or why!

The whole third act of this episode was So Good. Lucifer fighting back against the idea of fate and divine will, and giving us a peek inside the world they come from. Uriel talking about all the patterns and how he sees everything that's going to happen and has decided to take it into his own hands--another rebellion in Heaven? Ama dealing with his loss of power and what it means to him. Chloe admitting that she's afraid and then standing up and doing what's right anyway, so she can go home and read Coraline to her daughter. Man, just all of it. This season is getting so good, so rich and complicated and emotional.

Lets hope that when Luci falls apart next week, Chloe can get through to him before something really bad happens! If ever there was a time to let Chloe in on what's been happening around her, this might be it; how can she help her partner if he won't tell her how he got so messed up? Maybe we'll get to see that compassion from the first (or second?) episode again, like when she saw his wing-scars; maybe her compassion will stop him from self-destructing.

More notes on Lucifer 2.5 "Weaponizer":

  • Fav moments: Lucifer looking like he's going to confess feelings when they're on the stakeout; Chloe messing with Lucifer when he tells her she needs to do the opposite of whatever she'd planned to do, and she says she'd planned to sleep with him finally; Luci telling Uriel not to be an angel in a trenchcoat; Ella going "Get a room already!" to Chloe and Lucifer, then turning around and seeing Dan and saying "Too soon?". Oh, and Lucifer being scared that he was waving sex toys around when Trixie walks in the room!
  • Mark Decascos was so great in this part. Not a killing machine, not an Inhuman, not a revenging spirit or a Hawaiian mastermind, just an action star who loved his wife.
  • Chloe knowing when a particular Con was because of her mother's fame was great--she tries to separate herself from the Hollywood upbringing she had, but it's still there and it's nice when it helps the case!
  • This ep poked fun at Supernatural, but their Uriel was just as bad as the other show's Uriel; he just always seems to be a jerk.
  • Amenadiel was first born of the angels, and was the wrath of god. Now he's sad and powerless and thinks he's fallen.
  • Is Maze literally bound to protect Lucifer? Like, when she just suddenly joins fights, is that because she was teleported from whatever she was doing to defend him? Or is she just really good at following him and making dramatic entrances?
  • The complicated death scenarios were reminding me of Dead Like Me a little. I wouldn't have been surprised to see Gravelings working with Uriel.
  • The Angel of Death is a She--the only female angel so far mentioned!
  • I kind of want to ship Dan and Ella now.
  • What did you think of this week? Share in the comments or come talk to us on Twitter @pirategirljack or @tvgeekarmy!

    By Samantha Holloway

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