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Quick Take: Mad Men, "Dark Shadows"
"I've always thought Jewish women are the most beautiful women in the world." - Roger 

Review: Mad Men, "Dark Shadows"
(S0509) Matthew Weiner and the writers at Mad Men love symbolism, so much so that some critics have accused the show of laying the imagery on a tad thickly this season. While I can see why someone could feel this way, I tend to disagree. Sure, the open elevator shaft Don (Jon Hamm) nearly stepped into last week was a bit on the nose, but I found it rather effective. This week, Weiner and company tap into the pages of American history and use the poisonous smog that lingered over the eastern United States in 1966 as a symbol of Betty's (January Jones) desire to seep into the Draper's home and poison it from within. It's a little heavy-handed, but it's pretty damn powerful.

While I enjoyed "Dark Shadows" much more than this season's other Betty-centric episode, "Tea Leaves," "Dark Shadows" is a clear step down in quality from the past three or four episodes, which were some of Mad Men's best. Betty can be hard to stomach (obligatory fat joke alert!), particularly when she's unsympathetically portrayed as a spiteful monster -- in this case attempting to sabotage Don's new marriage by informing Sally (Kiernan Shipka) about his first marriage to Anna.

It's not all Betty's fault that "Dark Shadows" fails to live up to the quality of the previous episodes. "Dark Shadows" feels over-stuffed and lacks narrative and thematic focus. Mad Men's best episodes focus on two or three characters; "Dark Shadows" features stories about Don, Megan (Jessica Pare), Betty, Sally, Roger (John Slattery), Jane (Petyon List), Pete (Vincent Kartheiser), and Ginsburg (Ben Feldman).

Despite the helter-skelter approach, the episode had moments of brilliance. Ambitiously biting off more than you can chew is hardly most egregious sin a show can commit.

One of the things that I like most about the episode is that it shows the men (I say men, because Peggy has been really off her game lately) of SCDP actually doing their jobs; and doing them well. Roger and Don have been so checked out mentally recently, it's nice to be reminded that deep down these guys still have what it takes to be successful ad men.

Roger, in a rather desperate attempt to stick it to Pete, secretly tries to score SCDP a new client: Manischewitz. He recruits Jane and Ginsburg -- quite possibly the only Jews he knows -- to help him with the pitch. Ginsburg develops the copy and Jane helps schmooze the company's owner. As a reward for their work, Jane gets a new apartment and Ginzo gets $200. Michael might be a great copywriter, but he stinks at negotiation.

Meanwhile, Don and Michael pitch their ideas for a SnoBall campaign. Ginsburg's idea is full of "juvenile energy" and features a series of authority figures (cops, teachers, Indian chiefs(?!)) being hit in the face with a snowball. It's a funny idea, and clearly superior to Don's idea about playing with the phrase "snowball's chance in hell." Even Don seems to recognize that Ginzo's work is better (although I suppose that is debatable), but when it comes time to pitch the ideas to SnoBall, he leaves Michael's idea in a cab. It's not entirely clear to me whether this was simply a jealous dick-move by Don, or if he was trying to prove a point and take a suddenly too-big-for-his-britches Ginsburg down a peg.

It's a pleasure to see our heroes pouring themselves into their work again. Even if it could just be an attempt to avoid the poisonous smog hanging over the rest of their lives.

Lingering Thoughts on "Dark Shadows":

  • My favorite scene of the episode has to be Betty sprinting into the house and making a beeline for the refrigerator for a quick mouthful of whipped cream. This GIF -- which, by my count, popped up online less than five minutes after the scene aired -- might very well be my all-time favorite Mad Men GIF. The only thing that would have made this scene better is if Betty did what I always do when I eat whipped cream out of the can: hold the nozzle for an extra 30 seconds  and suck down a giant whippet. (Note: TVGA does not support off-label uses of nitrous oxide).
  • Betty's Weight Watchers approved dinner was extremely depressing. A burnt piece of toast, half of a grapefruit and a few cubes of cheese...yuck.
  • I've made my fair share of jokes at the expense of Jessica Pare's teeth, but seeing her without a shirt made me regret all of them. Yowza!
  • Speaking of topless chicks: Damn, Rory Gilmore! You might not be able to act, but bravo on that spectacular rack. 
  • Roger was on fire this week. Both his obsession with LSD and his rampant antisemitism continue to be hilarious.
  • From now on, I'm labeling any folder of pending work "Shit I Gotta Do" in honor of Ginsburg.
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