Mad Men Season Four: the webs gush ahead of premiere night

The webs are a gushing ahead of Mad Men Season Four's big premiere night (tonight, July 25th, 10PM, AMC).

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  • From Salon, a slideshow on how Mad Men "transformed pop culture": " "Mad Men" -- with its detailed sets, clothes and focus on the societal trappings of the early '60s -- have helped make its time period more readily accessible to younger generations and arguably helped pave the way for a number of films set in the same time period. The most obvious descendant is "A Single Man," Tom Ford's paean to grief and repression (and fabulousperiod sets) starring Colin Firth and Julianne Moore (the film even employed "Mad Men's" production designer) and "An Education," with Carey Mulligan as a young girl awakening in 1961 London."
  • More from Salon: why Mad Men is "bad for women": "But as we approach the start of the fourth season, I fear that I’ve been wrong about its treatment of womanhood. The message that many women, especially those under 40, seem to have taken from the show is not relief or gratitude at what’s changed, nor an understanding of the past, but something quite different: Those fashions are cool! God, Don’s hot! Are you a Joan or a Peggy? Let’s dress up like them, have a "Mad Men" party and drink martinis!"
  • Slate's fantastic TV Club is back to cover the new season. This time around, Julia Turner, Michael Agger, and John Swansburg are on hand to gab about the Drapers and crew: " When it comes to the new season, I'm going to take my cue from Eastern philosophy, empty my mind, and bend like a reed in the gin-soaked wind."
  • Win a chance to Mad Men your living room.
  • Finally, there are a bunch of video montages floating around the webs. This one, Betty Draper's Guide to Parenting, is particularly fun. From New York Mag: " Among the many things to look forward to — including, but not limited to Roger Sterling's one-liners, Joan's remarkable competence, the mere sight of Don Draper — is the resumption of Betty Draper's campaign to go down as one of the worst mothers in TV history."

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