Once Upon a Time, "7:15 AM": stealthy, we hardly knew ye

Quick Take: Once Upon a Time, "7:15 AM"
Emma learns more about the stranger while Mary Margaret deals with her unrequited love.

Once Upon a Time

Review: Once Upon a Time, "7:15 AM"
(S0110) Usually when a show has concurrent storylines that exist side by side, it makes for interesting watching. It's always great to see how the actions in one world affect the other. However, sometimes, one of the time lines can be so interesting that it makes the other suffer. That is what has happened on Once Upon a Time.

I really enjoy seeing the fairy tale characters, their origins, and how they interact with each other. I had all but given up on Snow White (Ginnifer Goodwin) meeting any of the seven dwarfs. The encounter between her, Grumpy (Lee Arenberg), and the rest of the gang was an interesting twist on the old tale. Who knew there was an eighth dwarf?

On the other hand, I couldn't have cared less about Mary Margaret and her lovesick, flock-seeking storyline. It's bad enough that a reasonable person would risk their life to reunite a bird with its family, but to make that part of your stalker agenda shows a serious lapse in judgment. I would prefer to see a stronger separation between the real world and the fairy tales.

I don't mind the mysterious stranger (Eion Bailey) so much. As he's a writer, I'm sure we'll eventually learn that he is connected to Storybrooke in some cool way, plus Emma (Jennifer Morrison) needs to have a love story of her own.

After watching this show all season, my biggest question is still why is anybody intimidated by “Queen” Regina (Lana Parilla)? As a mayor, she seems powerless and since Emma is the sheriff, she has plenty of power in the town anyway.

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