Paranormal State, "Devil's Hostage" and "Permission to do Harm": lacking the spooky

Quick Take: Paranormal State, "Devil's Hostage" and "Permission to do Harm"
Two cases and not a lot of spook factor.

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Review: Paranormal State, "Devil's Hostage" and "Permission to do Harm"
(S0601 and S0604) The episodes that aired on April 18, 2011 were new but oddly aired out of sequence of filmed and numbered episodes. However, this does not have any side effects for the viewing experience as it is a documentary/drama reality show (whatever that means). Times they are a changin'...

Well, in short, both episodes were a bit lackluster and came across like a dry piece of toast. "Devil's Hostage" turned out to be a couple more than likely faking their paranormal experiences and even Ryan Buell, the founder of P.R.S. and the Director of the investigations, had his doubts. I had high hopes initially with this one but they fell short by leaps and bounds. "Permission to Do Harm" meanwhile was just as dissapointing as there was no creep factor at all, not even a little. Oh, and the synopsis about the mirror that "levitates and shatters" -- a little false advertising here. It turns out that the couple recounts the incident but you never see anything interesting actually happen.

There have been plenty of episodes that do have a scary and/or creep factor and some highlights can been seen here, for example: Scary Moments Video.

Conclusions for these two new episodes: it may have been better for them to end up on the cutting room floor and allow for some more interesting cases that actually make you want to leave the lights on to keep the shadows at bay. Alas, both were a let down and a bitter one-hour pill to swallow. Both episodes get a D-. 

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Recap: Paranormal State, "Devil's Hostage" and "Permission to do Harm"
Here's a quick look at what happened in the episodes:

"Devil's Hostage"
When a woman has long scratch marks mysteriously appear on her back, PRS is called in to see if they are truly facing the devil. But her credibility is called into question, a struggle of another kind emerges for Ryan and the rest of the team.

"Permission to do Harm"
When a mirror levitates and shatters on its own, P.R.S. heeds the call to investigate a spirit that has been unleashed on an unsuspecting family. Ryan must track down the spirit and contain it before it does irreparable damage.

By Dawn Nyberg

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Dawn has a passion for the show Supernatural & everything that makes it great: acting, story arcs & classic rock. She loves episode spoilers, conventions & sneak peek clips. Follow her on Twitter: @Feretory

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