Revenge, "Pilot": the [cuss word] of Monte Cristo?

Quick Take: Revenge, "Pilot"
A young girl begins her plan to ruin the residents of The Hamptons.


Review: Revenge, "Pilot"
(S0101) Anything you really need to know about Revenge, you can figure out from the title. There's a girl, she's pissed, she wants revenge, end of story. Of course, there are details, but do they really matter? You decide.

Amanda (Emily Van Camp) was a little girl living in the Hamptons when her father (James Tupper) was sent to prison for something he didn't do. When she turns eighteen and inherits a lot of money, she changes her name, rents a house in the Hamptons and begins her plan to exact justice on those who wronged her. Pretty straightforward revenge story, no? Those who are calling this show a modern day Count of Monte Cristo should really read the book first. That's like saying Full House is a modern day Three Musketeers, which sadly, was probably said sometime in the 80's.

The cast is filled with the expected assortment of friends and foes, most of whom don't recognize Amanda, but those who do, are more than willing to help her with her scheme.

It's never really made clear what exactly Amanda's plans are but before the show is over, there's a murder, an affair and plenty of overacting. The worst offender has to be Madeline Stowe, who is described as the  “reigning Queen of the Hamptons social scene .“ Her efforts to show what a witch she is before the show even gets started are so strained that it makes her acting in Revenge (the movie with Kevin Costner) look good by comparison.

All in all, Revenge is a fluffy little night time soap opera that just might succeed as long as the acting doesn't push it into Dynasty territory.

By The King of TV, Paul Goebel

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