Revenge, "Trust": believe nothing of what you hear

Quick Take: Revenge, "Trust"
Another victim falls prey to Emily's plot.


Review: Revenge, "Trust"
(S0102) Things are not slowing down on new ABC drama Revenge. Emily continues on her quest for revenge against the individuals who claimed her father funded terrorists and committed illegal insider trading. 

Emily's second victim is Bill Harmon, a man who was once close enough to her father that she called him uncle. Harmon is the head of a profitable hedge fund and Emily fools him into believing that she has insider information on a merger between a cell phone company and Nolan Ross' corporation. She wants to invest in the cell phone company and Harmon in turn has his top clients invest as well. A few moments later Nolan announces on television that his company is actually merging with the competitor company. Emily knew this all along since she owns a stake in Nolan's company. Harmon knows he will be ruined if the information gets out so he puts a gag order on his employees, but, it's too late. Emily already has a list of Harmon's top investors and calls each one personally to tell them of the situation. Harmon's credibility is ruined.

While Emily has made it to clear to Nolan that she doesn't want his help, if it weren't for him this week her plans could have gone up in smoke. Now that Lydia's divorce is going through and she will be left with nothing, thanks to Emily, the beach house was up for sale. Emily puts in a bid, but, Victoria Grayson outbids her. Nolan discovers this and outbids her and buys the house in Emily's name.

Victoria continues to have her doubts about her new neighbor. Her mission to discover who Emily truly is is even further ignited when her son Daniel shows interest in her and Emily reciprocates the feelings. Her private investigator learns that between the ages of sixteen and eighteen Emily's records were sealed by the court. Victoria decides that she wants Emily followed.

While I am enjoying the show, what bugged me a little this week was how Bill Harmon had no sense of who Emily was. She commented to him that she had known Nolan for years and it didn't tip him off one bit. Meanwhile there's Jack. He knew Emily when they were children, back when she was known as Amanda, and when he looks at her you get the sense that he feels like he knows her. One more thing, I am curious to know what Nolan's plan is? I definitely think he has his own hidden agenda. He knows that Jack holds a torch for Emily/Amanda and while he did buy his boat, appropriately named Amanda, he has agreed to give it back to him as long as Jack acts like his friend during the summer and attends some parties with him, the first of which, a surprise party for Emily.

By Frances Seda

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