Ridiculousness, "Pilot": too bad for words

Quick Take: Ridiculousness, "Pilot"
"Make your tips sticky. I'm dead, dead serious." - Rob


Review: Ridiculousness, "Pilot"
(S0101) Anyone who writes about television inevitably needs to stretch when trying to think of new and different ways to say something sucks. In this instance, I'm not going to waste my time trying. Ridiculousness is simply too bad for words. Well, I guess if you put a gun to my head to my head and forced me to pick a word to describe how bad the show is, I'd have to make a snap decision between "flagitious" and "execrable." (Thank you, Thesaurus.com).

For those of you who missed last night's premiere -- and for the sake of our beloved country, let's hope that's most of you out there -- Ridiculousness is basically a carbon copy of Tosh.0, if the host of Tosh.0 had a head injury and all of the video clips also featured head injury victims. Rob Dyrdek, skateboarder and star of MTV shows Rob and Big and Rob Dyrdek's Fantasy Factory, hosts along with his "friends" Steelo and Chanel West Coast. Steelo controls the pause, rewind, and slow-mo buttons for the clips and CWC is like the female Fred Norris of the show -- she kind of just sits in the background and occasionally giggles.

Here are a couple of examples of segments from last night's pilot:

"Everybody Humps" features dogs, turtles, alpacas, and many other species of animals humping stuff. The segment comes complete with a "Cherry Pie" soundtrack by Warrant -- which is what passes for clever on this show.

Rob interviews an "extreme pogo-stick jumper" and provides the audience with this gem of advice: "Make your tips sticky. I'm dead, dead serious." The interview is followed by -- you guessed it -- clips of guys on pogo-sticks fracturing various bones and damaging critical internal organs.

Ridiculousness is what I imagine America's Funniest Home Videos would be if the Confederacy had won the Civil War. It's all monster truck wrecks and nut shots, bad accents, and even worse jokes. For the life of me, I cannot figure out why MTV would greenlight this show. I get that these clip shows are popular and extremely cheap to make, but why Rob? Sure, he's affable enough on Rob and Big, but he's just not funny enough to stand on stage by himself and tell jokes. To make matters worse, he doesn't actually tell jokes during a lot of the clips. He just provides inane color commentary and does goofy voices. It's really painful to watch.

By Lucas High

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Lucas High is a man on a mission. That mission: to watch television for a living. Drop him a line at lhigh2@gmail.com, on Facebook and on Twitter at twitter.com/LucasHigh.

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On: Tuesday, August 30, 2011
Douche VanKunt said:

Althou gh Ridiculousness is Tosh.0 reincarnated... I would rather was Rob Dyrdek that Tosh super queer anytime.   Straight up, enough with the anus-jokes,  actually, the progression to pure anal skits is too much. I got nothing against gays, I just hate gays.


Leave the dildo wierdo stuff to Bam Margera -


Dyrdek is the N-Sync of skateboarding... past pop !

gcomm (anonymous)

On: Tuesday, August 30, 2011
Lucas High said:

Thank you for your comment, Mr. or Mrs. VanKunt.

On: Friday, September 2, 2011
Daniel G Hob said:

Just saw the show tonight.  I'm a huge fan of Tosh but know that Tosh is a bit over the top for some.  Ex: wheelchair guy rolling down escalator.  yeah, funny but F%(k up.  

So Ridi is the same but pg-13ish.  And it's cool.  It's like they cover what Tosh wont touch but is still damn funny.  

Sadly but true... basically something i can watch and laugh with my GF who thinks comedy in the likes of Tosh / Sunny is Phili is a bit too F'd up.

DG out!

On: Friday, September 2, 2011
Donovan said:

I also thought Rob's new show was plain awful. At least Tosh.0 is funny and at it's best, clever. The only difference in Tosh.0 and ridiculousness (pretty much as stated) is Rob is not funny and apparently doesn't have a joke writer under his pay roll.

Honestly, a lot of the videos I have seen were on Tosh.0 a couple of years ago as well. To top it off the retard-scale, he uses bing. What a dumbass, honestly.

Lastly, I cannot see how anyone would find it funny for him to take random redneck - retard stuff he found bored off the internet and YEAH THAT'S FUNNY.

Rob has his funny moments (in his other two shows, but definitely not in ridiculousness). Honestly, if this show survives more than a week on MTV or any other TV station, it would be 100% because he's paying the bill from his own pockets.

On: Tuesday, September 6, 2011
Josh said:

Tosh.0 is funny. Tosh's sarcastic sense of humor fits right in with a clip show. This show with Rob was a bad idea. He tries way too hard, and he's just not that funny. 

Basically its Tosh.0 with twice the energy and half the IQ.

On: Monday, January 9, 2012
anthony said:

rob dyrdeck has a passion and a drive that no one on earth can match up to but he's no comedian at least not when he's trying to be he should've stuck with fantasy factory. Daniel Tosh is like a cartoon while others hide their true thoughts and potray them through the median that is animation, tosh is'nt afraid to say what everyone else is thinking thats what makes him awesome.

On: Sunday, November 4, 2012
Mike Morales said:

Comparing that unfunny bimbo to Fred Norris the soundboard operator and the head writer of one of the greatest shows of all time, is like comparing Honey Boo Boo to Brando's Godfather. 


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