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Quick Take: Ringer, "What We Have is Worth the Pain"
“That’s insane.” - Henry


Review: Ringer, “What We Have is Worth the Pain”
(S0117) I bet you thought I was going to pan this episode, huh?

I actually feel like we as an audience learned quite a lot from the Ringer gang this week. Oh, certainly, that knowledge came with the price of 60 minutes of my sanity, but it’s a small price to pay to get confirmation that yes, Siobhan really is out of her mind. No, Mr. Fantastic really isn’t a villain, he just looks like one on TV. And the only person we should feel bad for in any of this mess is Juliet because when your only options for female role models are your slimeball mom and your slimeball step-mom (and your slimeball step-mom looks like the best option) you should probably just petition the state for an emancipation.

Malcolm is missing and we learn absolutely nothing about that except that Andrew was apparently the last person to see him. Andrew spends a lot of time looking like a bad guy here, between flashbacks where he threatens to kill the real Siobhan to the chat with Olivia that reveals him to be A-OK with wacking Tyler last week. Not to mention he’s practically shadowing Bridget’s every move as she tries to unravel the mystery of The Man She Almost Married and The Case of the Missing Nar-Anon Sponsor.  The man is everywhere and looking sinister the entire time.

And then he takes a bullet for Bridget and we cut to credits.  Stop this ride, I’m going to hurl.

Siobhan comes back to Manhattan to clean house when her plans begin to fall apart with Tyler’s death. She pretends to be Bridget pretending to be her (my head hurts) to tell Andrew that she doesn’t love him in hopes that it will motivate him to kill Bridget sooner rather than later. I think that Henry is finally starting to realize that the woman is nuts. Grief-stricken over her long-dead son and nuts, which are two very bad mixers to stick in your cocktail. 

Run away Henry. Run far away as fast as you—fine. If you’re going to continue to help her, I’m not going to care when you finally get ganked. Not that I would care all that much to begin with, but now I really won’t care.

But you know who has grown on me? Juliet. At first, I didn’t like her very much, with the scamming her father and generally just being a teenage mutant ni—just a teenage mutant. But can you blame her? Her parents suck and she just wants Mommy Dearest’s love and approval. I can relate.

And in typical Mommy Dearest fashion, Catherine’s manipulation is discovered to have gone too far when Juliet finds out that it was a hired goon by her mother who beat the crap out of Tessa, not Mr. Carpenter. Now said goon is flirting with Juliet via AIM (Really? People still use AIM? Teenagers still use AIM?) and…well…I’m sure this will be a fine mess come next week.

See you then!

By MaryAnn Sleasman

About the author

MaryAnn was raised by television because her parents were too cheap to get a babysitter. Some people have fond memories of summer camp, she has Salute Your Shorts rerunsStalk her on Twitter at @radium_girl.

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