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Review: Smash, "The Cost of Art"
(S0104) After last week's episode, I have become unimpressed with Smash. The storyline of Julia (Debra Messing) and her affair with Michael (Will Chase) seeped so far into bad soap opera territory that I all but gave up on the show.

Now this week, the episode starts with Karen (Katherine McPhee) getting the cold shoulder from the other chorus members because she had the audacity to want to be the star of a Broadway musical. As someone who has experience dealing with backstage politics, I may be more sensitive to this than most, but it just feels played. It's a well-known fact that actors are petty, backbiting people. Why do we need it shoved down our throat?

As unrealistic as it was, I enjoyed seeing the other ensemble members helping out Karen. It's good to show people standing up for themselves in a realistic way even if there is no chance that it would really happen.

The constant talk about Lyle West (Nick Jonas) was irritating to say the least. I already heard about Nick Jonas being on the show. We all know he'll show up, so stop trying to get us excited about it. I already saw him singing on Jimmy Fallon. Why would I sit in anticipation of seeing a Jonas Brother? That being said, he was awesome when he finally showed up.

I enjoyed this episode a lot more than last week's but I must admit that I couldn't care less about the rivalry between Karen and Ivy (Megan Hilty) and if the show continues to dwell on that storyline, I may check out.

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