Southland, "Thursday": tomorrow is another season

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Tang spends her last day in Southland while Sherman gets some closure.


Review: Southland, "Thursday"
(S0410) It's getting really tiring watching Lydia (Regina King) struggle with the way things work regarding her pregnancy. If she wants to be reckless and endanger her unborn baby along with a host of other bad decisions that is certainly her choice. However, expecting her boss to ignore the rules and let her stay on the street just because she asked is ridiculous. The doctor even offered her the letter that would let her stay on the street. I guess it takes some getting used to when you have to start considering other people.

The opening voice-over was right on target regarding Ben (Ben McKenzie) and what kind of cop he is going to be. He has crossed way over the line now and he can't go back to being the wide-eyed kid who just wants to make a difference. Clearly this thing with Amber and her “family” is going to have dire consequences. Consequences that will go beyond this season finale.

I often tell people that Southland is the best cop show on TV, but I forget to mention that it's not for everyone. Hearing a story about a man who watched two children burn to death and seeing an obese perp swallow a stolen watch rather than give it back are not your usual cop show fare. For better or worse, it's this kind of disturbing drama that sets Southland apart from the rest.

As if the title of this episode wasn't enough of a clue, the message here is that even though the lives of these cops are fairly insane, they don't know any other way to be. The rookie, the vet, the detective, the sergeant, every last one of them has the same word for a day where all hell breaks loose... Thursday.

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On: Thursday, March 22, 2012
Eric - TV Geek Army "Revered Leader" said:

I kind of thought/think that Ben's dealings with Ronnie and his "family" are over for the time being, though Ben of course will neve be the same. That Ronnie's death/murder (justified though it may be) was dealt with passingly seemed to confirm this. 

I found the bit with watch-swallowing to be something of comic relief, which probably speaks to my own sensibilities. I loved the dude's reaction to being asked to put a shirt on: "I get hot!" 

One thing you didn't really touch one was the amazing tension between Tang and Cooper stemming from the toy gun/shooting incident. I found the culmination here to be satisfying: Cooper isn't going to rock the boat and drag a fellow officer through a messy he said/she said... but he doesn't have to like it, or her. 

Another great season of Southland. TV Lords bless TNT for picking it up. 


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