Stitchers: Can Ivy be trusted in "The Guest"?

This week on Stitchers, Kirsten is looking for help from her newly-discovered half-sister Ivy, and it's unclear whether that's a good idea or not. Spoilers ahead for "The Guest" (S0209). 

The Guest

So Ivy has finally decided to meet Kirsten, mostly just to feel her out and tell her that she hates her. Kirsten is the reason, Ivy says, that she didn't have her dad in her life for all those early years. They must have been born not that far apart, for her to look so close to Kirsten's age, so she would have only been a few years old when their dad married Kirsten's mom. But she has a relationship now, and she doesn't trust that Kirsten isn't looking to bust that up, until Kirsten says something about multiple murders and her being with the NSA, so she knows what she's talking about.

Ivy still doesn't believe her, but Kirsten decides to tell her about their current case so she knows what's going on. It's sort of the best thing about this episode, how we get to see Kirsten telling the story vs what's actually happening, because while Ivy keeps not very subtly trying to get her to say what their dad's technology is, Kirsten is keeping her details confidential. As she should. Because this girl is a total unknown. She's slanting her details, too, so that she sounds like a normal NSA agent dealing with a case normally--mostly--and the contrast between the story she's telling and the one we're seeing is fun.

But she still knows next to nothing about Ivy and it's alarming that she's being as open as she is, and Ivy won't let it drop, whenever the tech involved comes up. Why does she want to know what it is so strongly?

So Kirsten describes the case: investors in an app are turning up dead, as well as at least one person who used it and happened to be a senator's son. They find out that the son is a creeper, but that winds up being incidental. The real story is that the creator of the app was running a scam by getting funding for something that should have flopped, but the app took off, and he couldn't pay back his investors, so when they started making demands, he hired a hitman.

Not much of a case this week.

But it gives Kirsten an excuse to talk to Ivy and frame for her how they use the unnamed tech, and what situation she's in. Becase while she was investigating this case, Blaire showed up in person--instead of just sending messages through Maggie--and told them that they're to drop all investigations into Daniel Stinger and Liam. Cameron didn't know yet that Liam was back on the scene, and after that he's worried about her, because he sees her getting deeply obsessed still, and he knows she's not going to drop it just because she was told to.

He's right, of course. She meets with Liam and decides not to bluff. She asks him flat out to tell her what he knows about her dad and everything connected to him. Liam acts like he doesn't know what she's talking about, and walks off, but after they take down the baddie in the case, he calls her back and says he's just around the corner. He'll meet her and he'll tell her everything.

Except that when she goes to meet him half way, she hears him yell, and then there's a gunshot, and Kirsten finds him laying in the alley, apparently dead. The thing is, the only one around that would have known he was on the phone and coming to meet her was Ivy.

Meanwhile, Kirsten is accidentally giving away all the dirt on everything in her life.

She barely starts talking about Cameron, and Ivy knows that Kirsten has unresolved feelings for him--which, incidentally, is also what Cameron knows because she flubs the "I thought you were cool with us" discussion about Nina being mad at him. She insists, badly, that she is cool with it, and apparently Cameron takes that at face value despite the knowing look he sends after her, because when Nina asks him to choose, he picks Nina. But the reason she wanted him to choose was because she knows he likes Kirsten.

Whether that holds up through the finale next week will have to wait to be seen.

Linus is dealing with his dad going in for surgery, and Camille is helping him through that by being wonderful, and staying by his side, so she's not there to stay by Kirsten's side and tell her that giving all this information to Ivy is likely a bad thing. Linus is insisting that his dad will get better and everything will be fine, but when it's only Camille around, he breaks down and he's so scared. Linus needs to be protected.

Young Cameron in Kirsten's head gets creepy. He shows up during the stitch again, and Linus and Cameron try to isolate the anomaly, but he hacks better than they do--from inside Kirsten's head. She still doesn't tell them what's going on, and that's sure to be yet another bad choice. He tells her that the time for secrecy is almost done, and someone will ask her a question that tells her when it's past. Cryptic much?

And Kirsten shows Ivy her wall of crazy. She's trying to prove that she's serious about finding him, and she tells Ivy that she wants to meet him and forgive him and keep him safe, but she actually told Cameron that she wants to bring him to justice. She tells Ivy how she's been using math to try to predict how to find him and it isn't working, but she knows that Ivy can give her the last piece she needs to make sense of it all.

She doesn't though, not yet. She does, however, say that she'd misjudged her and they seem to be bonding...until Liam gets shot. Was it Ivy who did it? Ivy who tipped someone off? Or was it whoever is spying through Kirsten's head--can they do that even when she's not actively stitching? Why is Stinger so determined not to be found, and yet has time for this other daughter?

This is the second to last episode of the season. Everything is sliding toward the finale, and all that sliding overtook the case--the only reason it was there at all was because Kirsten decided to tell Ivy about it despite that being risky and weird. But next episode, when Kirsten's secrets and bad choices catch up with her, will Cameron stand Nina up again to help hwe, or will he choose Nina like he said he did this week? Will Camille and Linus be able to leave Linus's dad? Will Maggie or Fisher be able to do anything when she hasn't told them anything, and has actually actively avoided telling them things? It looks like Kirsten has neatly set herself up to have no one at her back when all this caves in--and that's going to be a problem! Can she solve this problem on her own?

Personally, I wouldn't be surprised if everything that's happening that pulls people away from the team was orchestreated specifically to leave Kirsten to face whatever's coming alone. But was it orchestrated by Stinger, or is he, like Ivy says, not capable of all this badness? Is he protecting her, or setting her up?

Since the whole episode was mostly questions leading into the finale, I actually don't have a whole lot of things to say about this ep beyond the general weirdness of Kirsten telling a virtual stranger so much about her mostly-classified life. But I sure am ready for the finale!

More notes on Sititchers 2.9 "The Guest":

  • This show has made it basically impossible for me to trust any new people. The jury is still out on Nina being as good as she says, and then Ivy shows up? Shifty.
  • No one thought to ask why Blaire wants them to drop the case. Especially since it comes right at this particular moment when she finally made a breakthrough...
  • This show is at it's best when everyone is working together--and no one was this week. Plus, there was no Tim or Alex, and hardly any of the rest of the team's support team. Very little active lab time at all.
  • Is Kirsten going to be the one left on death's door this cliffhanger? Because ratings haven't been great this season and it'll be greatly disappointing if that winds up being the last episode ever.
  • One episode left of season two! You can watch it live at 10pm on Freeform Tuesday nights, on the app, on the website, or on Hulu!

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