Stitchers: everything changes in the finale, "All In"

Season finales are chipping away at all our fave shows, and now it's time for another cliffhanger to taunt us! The problem with short shows is that the benefit of them being tight and story-packed is countered by the long, long waits and how quickly the season goes by. Stitchers (S0210) gave us a lot to chew on over the summer--and it was risky, since renewal hasn't been announced yet! Spoilers ahoy!


Kirsten is flipping out because she can't figure out the last thing she needs to find where her dad is. Stitching into Liam only tells her that he wasn't even English and the whole time he was there, he had the job of keeping a super close eye on her and reporting back to her father. Which we'd all figured anyway. Even getting close to Camille was part of the plan. But his memory is damaged by the bullet hole through his brain--probably intentionally?--and she can't find anything useful in his stitch. Back at home, the notices some changes on her wall of crazy that lead her to a power plant out-building.

Ivy gave her the answer she needs!

Short-lived excitement, though, because when she arrives, all she finds is Ivy, ticked off that she tricked her into betraying her father, even though Kirsten didn't really do anything of the sort. Stinger found out about it, cleared out all his stuff, and left them both this time. The marks on the floor look like a stitch lab. Ivy vindictively tells Kirsten her mother's still alive, but she doesn't know where or how. Maggie takes her into custody and they find out that she actually doesn't know much of anything, not even what the huge tech project really is. She's only been in contact with Stinger a few months, and it looks like she was being groomed for the "family business" of running a stitch lab. They never quite ask the question about why Ivy and not Kirsten, and never quite deal with the whole Rogue Stitchers issue, which is a little disappointing, but it sets up for a really great third season if the network gets on their game and renews it.

So their case seems to be going nowhere. And so are their personal lives.

Linus's dad is going in for surgery and he tells Linus that if he dies, he wants Linus to stitch into him so he knows how proud of him he's always been--and BTW, he and Linus's mother always knew what he does, because Linus was secretly recruited out of high school and they were given clearance to allow it.

Camille is shaken by yet another person she knows winding up in the Corpse Cassette, and she doesn't think she can do the job she's been given. Fisher is super supportive and won't let her give up--and when she gets drunk later, she totally booty-calls him. Fisher, however, has been working with his ex to get the paperwork so they can dig up Kirsten's mom and see if she's really not dead, and now that he's not wearing his ring, she thinks they might have a chance again. Even though he's still a cop, still devoted to his work, and now his work involves a classified program.], so he'd be even less able to tell her anything about what he's doing. Getting back with exes is always a bad idea on TV. But he misses that drunk-Camille's call is about him coming over that way, and tells her he's got a date with Stephanie, and it crushes her a little.

Kirsten confronts Blaire about what's going on after they dig up the grave and find there was never a body in it (and she grabs Cameron's hand for comfort as they crack open the coffin), and Blaire goes from cheerfully douchey to really scary in about a second. He tells Kirsten that she has no power in this, and he owns her, and she'd better step in line. She's so shaken between that and Ivy and Liam that she busts in on Cameron in the middle of the night, hysterical, just like in fanfiction. Cameron tries to calm her down and get her even again--and he asks her what it is that she wants. She wants her mother and she wants home, even though she doesn't know what that means, but being with Cameron feels like home.

He hugs her--and then she kisses him. And he kisses her back. And they kiss for a long time. And then it's like they both come to their senses, and the moment breaks, and Kirsten storms out as suddenly as she stormed in, leaving Cameron looking shellshocked. Just that morning, Nina found his badge and found out that he works for the NSA and he's the one that keeps Kirsten safe. They were just getting to a place of trust and honesty, and he goes and makes out with the girl he actually loves. And then she runs away. So far, Nina has been super understanding and sweet, and she doesn't deserve this mess. It's a shame that we finally get our Camsten kiss--possibly the only one we'll ever get--and it's tainted by cheating.

Kirsten goes home depressed, and Camille is even drunker, but they decide to solve the problem together. They realize so quickly that Ed left them a message when he told Kirsten exactly what urn to put him in if he dies, that it's amazing they didn't just get drunk and put their heads together sooner! The urn has a pattern around the edge that turns out to be a code, and Camille happens to have an app that translates it: it's an address and an access code.

They go without backup to the address and find a mini stitch lab, but instead of a tank, there's a stasis chamber. The only person there is a scientist who was shot, but the codes on the consoles prove that all this was for her mother. They take the scientist back to their own lab, and with Blaire watching, she stitches in to him.

The man was her mom's caretaker for fifteen years, while her mother was thought to be dead but was actually in stasis--some sort of advanced version of the stasis Ed was in. Is the whole thing about the NSA getting the tech that Stinger already has?

Kirsten sees the scientist talking to her pod as if he's actually talking to her in person--is that just a quirk of having a weird job for this long, or has he stitched in / used some other tech to contact her, and actually talked to her in person? Then it jumps to the death story. The NSA came to take Jaqueline, she was the Asset that their original boss was talking about when he died in the first episode of the season! But why is she an Asset? What does she do for them? Did they know where she was all this time?

While she's in the stitch, Kid-Cameron shows up again, and she refuses to keep quiet this time. She tells Real-Cameron what's going on and he and Linus figure out that their quantum computer has been hacked the only way you can--with another quantum computer. Blaire confirms that the fifth one in the world, that they mentioned a few episodes no one knew where it was, is actually Daniel Stinger's. Knowing that, Cameron and Linus can hack the hack--but they're a little slow.

Stinger has taken Kirsten out of the stitch. Her mind is gone, her body is empty. She's been stitched into herself and is trapped deep in her own subconscious where he's convincing her to stay in a perfect memory of her mom brushing her hair when she was little. Just that one golden memory, over and over forever. Cameron's cross-hack gets him in control of the anomaly, and he's trying to talk her out of this weird coma, but she's emotionally compromised and tired of fighting and losing, and she wants to stay. So in real life, Cameron takes her hand and tells her he's never going to leave her.

And it's a cliffhanger.

Mental tables flipping all over the place. If this is the last episode we'll ever get, it's going to forever be unresolved, because there's still so much that hasn't been explained! Why is Stinger invading Kirsten's mind? Why does he want her locked up there but not dead? Why not recruit her for his own rogue program, since she's the world's best sticher and the one most built for it--because of him? What is Blaire really up to? Why does he need Kirsten's mom--and what does he have to do with her dad? How will they get Kirsten out and what will she do when she comes back?

All season, I was waiting for it to be a thing that Kirsten with a sense of time and emotions would compromise her ability to stitch, and that never happened--despite how much of a big deal was made of that combo in the first season, and how they allowed her to stitch when no one else could. Maybe that's why she was so easily compromised by that anomaly? Maybe the anomaly was only able to hack her mind now because she was back to having a mostly-normal mind to begin with? But if so, that should have been more clear, and it feels like a letdown. Or a flubbed opportunity to make the drama more about what they're actually doing and less about Kirsten just running around not telling people things. It was amazing seeing her finally throwing off all those secrets now, though, and standing up for herself over and over.

It was a good season. Even with the weird changes to the basic set up of the first season that kept bugging me, enough good was happening that it was over-look-able. Even though I missed having a neurodiverse main character who was just accepted as she was, it was interesting seeing her learning how to deal with emotions and being really bad at it. I was hoping that she'd wind up switched back at the end of the season--and maybe this self-stitch will do that if they get to finish the story, because that would solve my lingering issue about her being normal--but even without that, it was emotional and exciting, and they did a good job of being more strange and more daring this year. Which is what a second season is for. The first one defines the world; the second's job is to expand it and make it both bigger and deeper, and they did that in spades.

If this is the sendoff of the show as a whole, they will have gone out being themselves and telling their own story...but it would have been better if they'd been allowed to finish that story instead of being sent to TV purgatory. Now, I guess, we have to wait and see about the renewals lists!

And it was a really good season ender, emotionally, mirroring the first season finale without duplicating it. Good job, Stitchers!

More notes on Stitchers 2.10 "All In":

  • If this is the last episode ever, it's really gonna suck so bad. File these DVDs next to every other scif-ish show that never got to end. I hope if they pass on a season 3 they at least give it the holiday special like we had last season, so they can wrap things up!
  • The crack in Liam's memories looked like the one in Amy Pond's wall in Doctor Who--coincidence?
  • Ivy as the one who killed Liam is not even addressed in the show, so I guess that wasn't a connection we were supposed to make?
  • Fisher doesn't need to reunite with his ex when he's got chemistry with literally everyone on the stitchers team AND he can't tell his wife-ish what's going on. If he's not going to date Camille (and she really should deal with Linus before anything like that anyway), he's got a great rapport with Maggie! Keep the story in the team!
  • Camille's phone is practically out of an episode of the 60s Batman. It always has whatever they need, when they need it. 
  • As soon as they showed her mom in a stasis pod, I thought of Mr Freeze keeping his Nora alive while he was all mad-sciencing trying to cure her. Kirsten's dad is totally a supervillain. Incidentally, also a Batman-connection.
  • The soldiers were back! Where have they been all season? And Tim totally decked the guy when he tried to stop Kirsten from doing her job! Yay Tim!
  • And something horrible happened to Maggie's son! That wasn't dealt with at all!
  • Reasons we need a third season:

  • The side characters were even more side then they were in season one, and we need more of them. What do they do when the main team is off doing stuff? How do they interact among themselves? What are their opinions about all this weirdness and drama? I hope they have office polls on who's going to hook up with who.
  • It should be illegal to leave people dead or almost dead when you don't know for sure that a show has been renewed. It's unfair.
  • They've been in the dark for two years now. Let's let them go on the offensive and root out these baddies themselves!
  • What are the Evil Stitchers doing? Why? 
  • What is even their own project really up to?
  • There's still a heck of a lot of emotional sorting out to be done. Linus loves Camille but has been super good about how she's not one for committment. Camille obviously cares about Linus, but is also falling for Fisher, who is trying again with his Ex. Kirsten and Cameron are totally in love, but also she's unsure what "in love" even means and he's got a girlfriend he just recommitted to. And what will the fallout of any of this episode's events do to them?
  • This is the most interesting show that Freeform has, and it would be a shame to dump it for low ratings when literally every show on every channel is suffering from low ratings because of the shift in how people view TV lately.
  • What do you guys think of "All In"?

    If we're lucky, they'll rerun the season, preferably at a better time, but for now it's done with airing live. Keep the ratings up by watching it On Demand, on Hulu, on Freeform, or on the Freeform app!

    By Samantha Holloway

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    Samantha is a freelance writer, editor and book and TV reviewer. She's currently in gradschool and working on her first novel, and one day she'll rule to world. Or marry her TV. Whichever comes first. Follow!

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    On: Monday, July 4, 2016
    ZOD said:
    I really hope we get season 3 of stitchers season 2 finale was very poor writing. Another bad thing we want to know is about kirsten dad is he really killing people or no as everything is pointing tha the is bad guy but the real question is he? Why her father dr stinger doesn't still don't want to se ehis daughter kirsten and why did he left her and never return? WHat game is he really playing a sI can't really figure out, for entire season 2 he was connecting with kirsten as small boy and tell her he is someone who cares for her a lot and then in the end of season 2 in finale episode he takes kirsten showing her mother with her together and tells her she can stay here if she wants, if he loves his daughter he would never do that, except if he wants to show her something or is liam's mind was with some kind of trojan or what and then they also now brought that kirsten mother is alive as well and they call her an asset, what did that blair's evil agency do with kirsten parents really. Are kirsten father and blair in some war because they took his wife from him who he thought was dad, but he somehow find out or what. For entire season 2 kirsten was searching for her father dr stinger and we really didn't find out anyhting about him, what a screw up season 2 and we need so many answers about him, I hope he is not a killer and tha the is good guy, as if he really is a killer that would be bad story.I would love metting with father, daughter and mother and I hope it will be very emotional. Also is Ivy kirsten sister at all or her father daughter. What if someone is pretending to be her father and if her father is also kept somwhere?? We need so many answers with smart writing please for season 3.
    On: Tuesday, July 12, 2016
    Samantha Holloway said:
    All food questions, Zod! There was SO MUCH left unsorted at the end of this season--I kept waiting for these things to happen, and they kept putting them off, and if there isn't a next season it's going to be very annoying. Season one came together a lot cleaner and with more answers at the end!
    On: Thursday, December 22, 2016
    Nimh said:
    Am I the only one who thinks that something bad is going to happen to Nina based on the brief cut of her during Cameron's closing speech? He said "I have Nina." And they cut to her smiling and standing up, as if she's about to see someone that she's excited to see (Cameron). In the same montage, we see Linus's dad encounter trouble. I think these are clips that are currently happening. If that's the case... I feel like Nina gets up, expecting to see Cameron...and she's going to be very surprised when she doesn't see him. Does she get taken? Killed? I don't know but I have a feeling that whatever happens to Nina is going to be the space that opens up for Kirsten and Cameron to eventually get together--but in the mean time people will have to deal with Cameron's desperation and guilt (the kiss), so he will be the one pushing Kirsten away the next season. Wow, ramble of thoughts... (Or nothing happens to Nina and it was all an illusion...)
    On: Friday, December 23, 2016
    Samantha Holloway said:
    I think something is up with Nina--to me, it looked like something just occurred to her and she got up to go do it or find out about it, and that could be good or bad. I mean, all the shows I watch have trained me to be suspicious of all new characters and it would be nice for her to turn out to be as nice as she seems, buttttt...

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