Stitchers: It's all about nanomachines in "The Two Deaths of Jamie B"

"The Two Deaths of Jamie B" (Stitichers: SO204) finds people's traumas settling down a bit, and it's good -- much less worrying than the past few episodes were! Kirsten is finding her ruthlessness again, Cameron is worrying about everyone again, and it feels like the writers of this episode had a gentler handle on their characters. And with a return to character, things get awkward.

Stitchers 2.4

Cameron is concerned that things will be awkward between them and succeeds in making them awkward by asking about it. Over a closed line. That everyone knows is private. And also that shouldn't matter in a room that's not really that big and only has a handful of people in it, but TV always does that--acts like sound doesn't travel unless you're within, like, three feet of each other. Anyway, it's adorable. They have an issue deciding who will get the last coffee they both like, and Tim gets it because neither of them is taking it.

Tim really needs more screentime. He's gold.

Cameron and Kirsten have decided to just be friends, but they're both drifting toward not just being friends, and they have different reactions to it. When going over the case at Cameron's redecorated and romantically-lit apartment, Kirsten starts talking about how she never told Ed how much he means to her, how she waited too long, and they almost kiss--but then Linus walks in and breaks the mood. Kirsten bolts. Linus apologises, but tells Cameron that he doesn't see them as a couple...which is a piece of bad advice that everyone seems to be giving them this episode, and it's sad and obviously not true. But it's adorable watching Fisher, who is super-jaded about love, getting romance questions from both of them all episode, as they try to figure it out.

The case, meanwhile, is about a man found dead in a dumpster. Kirsten stitches in and finds that he was beaten to death, which she experiences physically. She's never done that before, and it's alarming that no one is alarmed; because of the intensity of living through his death, she doesn't bounce in time and actually has a moment beyond his death-memory. It winds up giving her the clue she needs for later, but it's spooky and it shouldn't be possible the way they had it set up before, and no one addressed that. Then, miraculously, she's in a second death memory. Jamie B died twice, first by drowning and then by beating!

During the second stitch, Kirsten sees two memories overlayed, and they realize that Jamie was a scientist before that first death. He was working on nanotechnology, programmed something wrong, and the little nanobots that were supposed to eat hydrocarbons like oil spills started eating all carbons--like anything organic they came in contact with. He locked them down so no one can use them for evil. And he was killed because of it.

The clue Kirsten got was a bit of a song. When they're trying to figure out the key to unlock the nanobots so they can use that to entrap his old boss, the team working together figures out that the notes in the song are the key to the lock-encryption. With that in hand, Kirsten goes to meet boss-lady and sell the key, while Cameron and Fisher wait nearby. Bosslady, however, is devious; she moves the meeting out of the restaurant they started in, saying it's too public, and then kidnaps Kirsten. She's not as smart as she thinks, though. She wants the key so she can control the bots and sell them as a weapon, but doesn't realize that if they're set loose, everyone on the planet will die.

She also doesn't realize that they're not the only people who have been working on nanotechnology. Kirsten isn't afraid--and is therefore acting more like her old self--because the flash drive they had the key on was full of the nanobots that make stitching possible, programmed to do their job but not on Kirsten. Boss-lady and her goon are floored by sudden migraines caused by Kirsten's bots forcing their brains to strengthen all the connections in their brains. 

Moral of the story: if you're going to try to be a supervillain arms-dealer, know what you have before you start.

Meanwhile, Camille is dealing with her brother still. He shows up at her house with a bunch of jerky friends, and starts disrespecting her in her own home, and she's had enough. She uses the training she's been getting from Fisher and takes him down! It was so great. SO GREAT. Theo has been needing to be put in his place since he showed up, and this is him finally getting it!

She gets back every single thing that Theo stole from Linus, and delivers them to him in Cameron's house, where he's been staying because Theo took literally everything. Linus is so impressed that he kisses her--and then they take it to the room. Cameron's room. Rude.

Cameron comes home to find they're in his bed, and is thankfully distracted by the arrival of a girl he met earlier in the episode at a comic shop. She brings him a super-hard-to-find comic he's been looking for, and he's both so embarrassed by Camille and Linus and so impressed by her, that he asks her out to celebrate the find. Since Kirsten reinforced that they're friends--that he's her best friend and she doesn't want to damage that--there's no reason for him not to go out with another girl, and she's cute and sweet and probably not evil, but it seems awfully close to when he almost kissed Kirsten, and therefore awful sudden.

We'll have to see where that goes. If K&C have truly switched roles the way they sort of seem to have done, we'll have to look out for the sudden significant other; Liam, last season, turned out to be a spy dropped into Kirsten's life and taking advantage of her temporal dysplasia so she wouldn't see that he's shifty. Hopefully Nina isn't the same, unless it's handled really well, but if she's definitely not evil, she's gonna get hurt when she realizes her boy is in love with someone else.

I think the season is improving. It started off good, but this episode was clean and tight and full of story even more than usual. And there's even more of that sense that everyone likes being on the team that the season started with. Fisher spent a lot of the episode looking incredibly amused at his younger coworkers, where last season he was mostly annoyed by them. He and Kirsten have reached sort of a big-brother / little-sister fondness that's very sweet, and he's still sort of unwittingly flirty with Camille. Even with the weirdness between them, Kirsten and Cameron work well together and bring out the best in each other. Linus and Camille work very well together. It's just an awesome team at the moment.

And a good team working through a case featuring a nice guy who didn't deserve to die and a bad boss who does deserve to be arrested makes for a good episode.

More notes on Stitchers 2.4 "The Two Deaths of Jamie B"

  • Jamie B was actually the name of another scientist at the lab--his girlfriend. He almost died and lost all his memories, but he remembered her name.
  • Kirsten had actual empathy for the grocery store owner who gave Jamie B a job and a place to live when he wandered in with no memories and nowhere to go. That's what got her thinking about Ed, who didn't need to help her when she was a kid, but did anyway.
  • Kirsten's search for her dad is nothing but dead ends. She and Fisher went through the things in the garage, looking for clues that aren't digital since he's so good at hiding those. All they found was a blazer with a tailor's name in it, but he was long dead...and then there was a wedding napkin in the pocket featuring the name Elizabeth Stinger. Kirsten's mom's name is Jaqueline; did her dad have another wife? Is there a missing aunt she didn't know about? Is it finally a clue?
  • They finally addressed the fact that Camille is the only one who doesn't really have a job title at the lab! She says she "stands her and holds this tablet", which is hilarious because that's not really a job, and it's a result of her original spy-on-Kirsten job no longer being needed. She talks to Maggie, and Maggie says she has something in mind for her, but she's waiting on her to be ready, whatever that means.
  • Camille once dated the sister of an ex boyfriend! Canon-bi Camille!
  • I had actually forgotten that nanobots were how the stitching process works, so good job, recap!
  • It's confirmed that Kirsten no longer has temporal dysplasia at all, and that she can't just replay memories like she used to. So far, that hasn't been a huge problem for her, but it looks like the stitching process is slowly getting harder and more traumatic for her, so I'm just waiting at this point for someone to talk about that. If they don't, it's going to make them seem unobservant, so I hope they get to it sooner rather than later. Cameron, at least, should notice, what with noticing everything about her AND being the one who handles the brain-tech. Unless Nina is going to distract him and something will happen because he's NOT paying attention...?
  • You can see Stitchers 2.4 "The Two Deaths of Jamie B" on Hulu, Freeform, and some OnDemands! Tell us what you think!

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