Stitchers: It's Team Stitchers vs lawyers in "Pretty Little Lawyers"

(S0207) Everything is starting to come togther--and to fall apart spectacularly--in this week's Stitchers! Onward for Spoilers on Stitchers 2.7 "Pretty Little Lawyers"!

Stitchers 2.7

Today's murderee is a lawyer in a prestigious firm being run by some old flame of Maggie's (played by her actual real life husband, no less). They have great chemistry, and he calls her Mags, which makes Fisher raise his eyebrows about as high as they go, but he's a high-paid lawyer and kind of scummy, and that makes me think she can do better. Like Fisher, for instance.

Anyway, the girl was one of his proteges, and they were all working on a case where they were defending an automotive leader from lawsuits about her car batteries exploding and injuring people. Our plucky victim wanted them to settle and stop making the cars, but Sam said it's their job to defned their client, not to make calls on how they run their business, and that's why Maggie can do better. Plucky Victim, however, decides to take matters into her own hands and emails the memo that proves they knew the batteries were a problem to a newspaper...and it gets her killed. They're pretty sure that it's one of her coworkers who killed her, so they just have to figure out who.

Except they're all lawyers, and they're not intimidated by twelve-year-old-looking brand new NSA agents, even though we get to hear "Agent Clarke" and "Agent Goodkin" a lot this episode, and that sounds so good. All four main members of Team Stitchers talk to the four lawyers, and hit brick walls. One only talks about her kid and tells Kirsten she should get a dog because she's too sad and lonely. One multitasks incessantly and answers every question with another question. The other two are raging (bad word here)s and won't even talk about it.

But they do give the team access to their files--a whole room full of boxes that they say were all generated just since the girl died. Obvious brickwalling, but it comes back to haunt them anyway, because they're smug jerks and they did it to themselves.

The file-room scene is the first time Kirsten and Linus ever did something on their own, and it was kind of great. They need more one-on-one scenes, for sure. Cameron originally bowed out of the records-search because he'd promised to meet Nina, but he only made it as far as his car before he decided to come back because he couldn't leave his best friend and best girl to that room alone.

Between the files about key-code access and another stitch, they figure out that two of the team were having an affair and that one of those two was the one to kill her, using the other's key code to get into the building and incriminate the victim before offing her. Turns out, the biggest jerk was the one who had oleander in his yard, and that just happened to be the poison used as the murder weapon. Not very smart, so-called-lawyer!

Team Stitcher facing off with them was great--they had this whole speech, and the lawyers literally laughed them down, then pulled out all the dirt on Cameron's dad and how he's in jail for stealing millions of dollars in a Ponzi scheme--which really freaked Cameron out, and he felt compelled to tell Kirsten that he's not like his dad, the money he has isn't from him, he even changed his name to leave that all behind. Kirsten, of course, calms him down and assures him that she knows, and the whole internet reverberated with the love they still share.

When they re-confront the lawyers, they use the info from the Stitch to get the guy to expose himsef, and he tries to take Kirsten hostage saying "anything for the case!" like that excuses murder. Here, Sam gets a few points back--he sides with justice and realizes that he's lost something in his years as a high-end corporate lawyer. Maybe he'll be the Official Stitchers Program On Call Lawyer now, because, really, they could use one. Like serious, they're so bad at not getting in trouble.

In other news:

Kid!Cameron shows up again, and this time, he tells Kirsten that she has a sister named Ivy from her dad's first marriage to Elizabeth--both dropping a bombshell in the middle of a stitch with tight timing and clarifying when and how her dad had another wife. It seems as if Kid!Cameron is a projection into her mind, like a signal from somewhere else, because how else would he knows stuff that's happening outside Kirsten's head? But if so, whoever is projecting him really needs to work on their timing because he keeps ruining her countdowns and making her close to the dangerous death-moment she's supposed to avoid in each stitch.

Cameron is actually worried about all these anomalies, and tries to get Aiyo to give her a physical, but she brushes it off, and he and Linus can't track the anomaly on their screens during the stitch. I love that they're finally making a stand about it, but Kirsten is not cooperating. Will they just keep letting her be like that, though? It would endanger the program to let her endanger herself. Later, Cameron says she can talk to him about anything, and she says she knows, but she doesn't bring any of this to him yet...but it feels like that might come soon.

She also happens to walk in on Camille and Liam making out in the kitchen, and Liam is all "we're a thing now" but Camille, after he leaves, gets Maggie to tell Kirsten that they're trying to infiltrate Liam's inner circle to find out what he's doing and whether he's being controlled by Kirsten's dad. That hits Kirsten pretty hard--the idea that their whole relationship was deep cover, and that all this time her dad has been keeping tabs on her without saying anything to her directly while she's been looking for him with no luck for ages. She volunteers to be the one to seduce Liam.

That's got to be a bad idea. Like, a really bad idea.

But that means that Camille is now off the case, and maybe her and Linus can make up, and she can tell him that it was an assignment, not an affair.

At the end of the episode, we're left with Kirsten knowing she has a sister AND suspecting that Liam knows where her dad is, while being unhappy with Maggie and Camille--which leaves Cameron to turn to, if that unhappiness holds in the next episode. He did say she could tell him anything. But when she actually needs him, will he go to her instead of Nina? Will Nina keep being sweet and understanding about it?

It's gonna be so intresting to find out!

This wasn't the best episode ever, because the lawyers were incredibly frustrating and all jerks. but it had it's high points between the characters, and it was introducing a lot of stuff: this mysterious sister, Liam's reveal, and Cameron's tragic backstory, mostly. Some of the things, like Camille lying to her friends--who happen to also be the only family she can count on--are done, with relief, but new things are starting up. Will Kirsten be able to seduce Liam now that she feels things? How much about what's happened to her does Liam actually know? Will her getting back with Liam freak out Cameron enough to make him make a stand--and will she tell him what's really going on before it happens?

More notes on Stitchers 2.7 "Pretty Little Lawyers"

  • The name of this episode is doubly approrpriate because the girl who died is the prettiest one.
  • Worried Cameron is the best Cameron.
  • Show of hands: who thinks Kid!Cameron comes from Kirsten's dad? I wouldn't be surprised if he'd left something in her head before he disappeared, and continued his reasearch based on readings he was getting since she joined the Stitchers Program. She wants her dad to be her dad, but I think he's going to turn out to be a mad scientist or something.
  • How much does Liam actually know about this thing he's in the middle of?
  • Maggie's choice to put Camille undercover like that makes me wary of her. Like, they needed the info, but she's coming across as taking advantage of Camille's restlessness and lack of family connections, and almost ruined the only family she has here in the Lab.
  • No Tim this week!
  • Everyone is still making out with the wrong people.
  • If someone can tunnel into Kirsten's brain when she's stitching, what else can they do??
  • What did you guys think of this week's episode?

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