Stitchers learns Chinese in "A Dying Shame"

We're just past the midpoint, and it looks like things are starting to teeter toward a tipping point here on Stitchers ("A Dying Shame, S0206)! As usual, Spoilers ahead!

Mei Ling

Hey, look! Alex gets to get out of the lab for a minute, even if it's only to translate for another Chinese person!

Thiis week, the body is a Chinese popstar who died in Stitcher jurisdiction. Kirsten picks up Chinese when she's in her head and so she understands that she's been meeting with someone without her awesome bodyguard Mei Ling knowing about it--she finds out when a paparazzi brings her picture proof and tries to blackmail her for it. The man in the pic is not her husband! Scandal and shame!

Mei Ling, who was unconscious when Coco was found is, at first, a suspect, but then becomes an ally looking for the real killer. Even though she totally embarassed Fisher by getting the drop on him and cuffing him to a bike rack with his own cuffs, he and she hit it off, and it's very sweet. They bond over being cops (basically) and saving people, and having that take up most of their lives. Watching them, I bet Fisher would make a much better husband than he thinks; his ex wife was just not the right one for him.

Through the usual sequence of investigations and stitches, they discover that the man Coco was meeting was not a lover. He was her father, who was supposed to be in prison in China, but had gotten out and was hiding as a garden center worker here in the states. He insists he was framed, and he was trying to convince Coco. Turns out, that's why she was killed: someone wanted to know where he dad was and got too rough. But now that she's dead, they're still looking for him. Team Stitchers, of course, manage to save him--or, more precisely, Fisher and Mei Ling do, making quite the crime-fighting team. Hopefully, we'll see her again!

Turns out, Coco's dad was framed as the fallguy for his boss's embezzling and books-cooking, and they'd sent the killer to kill him. Coco just got in the way. Kirsten gets to use some of her newfound Chinese skills to say to him the last thing he said to Coco...which is probably super-suspicious, but succeeded in comforting him.

Meanwhile, there's lots going on.

During the second stitch, Kirsten sees the boy with the red hat again, and this time, he stops time around them to tell her he's a construct made to look like younger-Cameron so she'll instinctively trust him. Which makes me NOT trust him. He teaches her how to think-speak so the people in the lab won't hear what they say, and he says he was created by a friend who can't communicate normally. As proof, there's going to be a package waiting for her when she goes home. 

And there is. It's Coco's album--on actual vinyl--and a note with the same words Kirsten said to Coco's dad. Is this mysterious friend able to spy on her stitches? Or is he spying on her cases out in the real world? Which is more creepy? What a cliffhanger!

Cameron and Nina go to dinner with Kirsten, where she makes them pancakes because that's all the can cook. Cameron is worried that Kirsten won't like Nina, but she just wants Cameron to be happy, which is TV code for "I love you too much to make you wait on how messed up I am" and we all know it. Nina talks about how Cameron is always saying how wonderful Kirsten is, and seems to be entirely without jealousy, which is either a vote of confidence in Nina's goodness, or a red flag because she's being too understanding. Hard to say. She does, however, see Kirsten's wall of crazy and openly studies it, so I'm feeling less like she's secretly evil now, and more like she's going to try to solve something there and get herself in trouble. Hopefully not dead, however.

Afterward, she takes Cameron home, and he comes in to work the next day so chipper he annoys everyone. Maggie's "you got some last night, didn't you?" was perfect, right down to the eye-roll when he admits he did. She's like that aunt that never wanted kids and now inherited too many.

Things are heating up with Camille and Liam, but Linus is catching on. At the beginning of the episode, he's cheerfully allowing her the space she says she needs, but then when she says she needs to pull a studying all nighter and he goes to surprise her with dinner to find she's not there, he knows she's been lying. But she still can't say why. Maggie says she's taking her off the case, but she insists she's close to finding out what they need to know. Liam, for his part, is alternating trying to seduce Camille and trying to really obviously get information about Cameron AND Kirsten out of her. Also, when they're sparring, he says he has a mentor who taught him everything, but he won't say who it is.

And Kirsten makes a breakthrough in her search for her dad. She's calling all the Elizabeth Browns in town, and finally finds one who's dead, but the woman's mother clams up and then hangs up on her when she asks about her dad. She's about to go investigate further, but she's trying to prove to Cameron that she's not obsessed, and that's when she offers to make them dinner instead.

So, LOTS happening this week! And all of it finally starting to lead toward something. I'm betting that Liam's mystery mentor and the creator of virtual Cameron are the same person and that it's Kirsten's dad. I'm also betting that he's not a black-and-white villain, but that he does have ulterior motives for meddling with Kirsten's life, beyond just being her dad. It's possible that he's always been there and we didn't know it, but why come forward now? Why plant something in her head? And has he been working on the Stitcher tech all this time, or something else?

What is Elizabeth's mom so freaked out about, just from hearing the man's name? Is he why Elizabeth is dead?

It was wonderful seeing Cameron finally appropriately worried about what's going on with Kirsten. It's been weeks of weird things, and they keep not doing tests or stepping in, but he's finally expressing concern. Kirsten, however, is more blocked off than ever, insisting that everything is fine and nothing happened, even though for the second time in as many weeks, her readings have gone all hinky and something has happened to her brain. I wonder if it's cumulative? Are the bodies being directed at her for some purpose?

Now if only Aiyo and Alex and Chelsea and, probably most importantly, Maggie would put their feet down and see what's up with her.

More thoughts on Stitchers 2.6 "A Dying Shame":

  • Maybe the team needs a psychiatrist. A councillor Troi for all their traumas. 
  • Nina really is cute. I worry about her in two different directions: if she's as good as she seems, I worry for her safety; if she's not, I worry about when the reveal will come and how upsetting it will be.
  • Alex got to say something other than his usual go/no-go and got to be in a room that was not the stitch lab! Whoo! Moving up! Maybe he'll get his own story one day. Like, a whole episode where the main characters are mostly off screen and we see what life is like for the lab kids the rest of the time. That would make a fantastic special episode, I think.
  • I really feel bad for Linus. I hope when he finds out the truth, it's in a way that lets him save the day so he can be part of it and understand what's going on. I don't want him and Camille at odds!
  • I'd love to hear what Coco's album sounds like.
  • I've decided the Fisher-Mei Ling ship name is "Fishling". Even though I do miss him interacting that way (almost, a little) with Maggie.
  • Is Stringer against the Stitchers program, off being a spy and a killer somewhere, or is he part of the problem they're only just starting to figure out?
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