Stitchers: Liam is back, Cameron has a new girlfriend, and Kirsten goes rogue in "Midnight Stitch"

We're up to the middle of Stitcher's second season, and things are getting serious! Can you believe the season is already half over? As always, spoilers ahead for "Midnight" Stitch" (S0205)!

Kirsten gone rogue

Kirsten has been getting nowhere with her search for her father, except for that napkin she found in his old coat pocket the last episode. She's discovered Elizabeth was another wife--who seems to have disappeared off the face of the earth. So when an aspiring actress falls--or is pushed--off a building with a note directed at KC, she's sure it's something to do with her. Maggie forbids her from stitching into the girl, though, because she's afraid it's a trap. Kirsten, of course, has other ideas. She convenes a midnight meeting of the Main Four and they all agree to help her do the stitch anyway--Camille because she's always up for mischief, Cameron because he's still totally in love with her and won't let her do something crazy without him to keep her safe, and Linus because he can't resist peer pressure. 

The stitch doesn't help them much with the case, but while in her mind, Kirsten finds a weird barrier. She pushes through without waiting for analysis, and her readings go off the charts and make no sense until Cameron pulls her back and she seems to be fine. Maggie shows up after barely more than twenty minutes since she was alerted, looking flawless even in the middle of the night, and shuts them down...but lets them follow the case now that they're there.

They check out the girl's life; she had a guy who was dangerously close to being a stalker, but he didn't even know she was dead. She had a friend who was grief-stricken and stoned out of his mind--but when he heard some music she used to play, he zoned out and went for the roof to jump off. Cameron stopped him, but it clued them in that there was brainwashing involved. This was the guy who pushed the girl, but it's technically not his fault since he was brainwashed to do it.

Back at the lab, they redo the dead girl's mind map and find a whole other map behind the first. Together with regular gumshoe work, they find out that there was a director she was working with who was accused of stealing a story from an ex secret agent dealing with just this sort of situation. They think she was going to go kill him as a sort of sleeper agent on behalf of the one he stole from. 

While they were putting this all together, though, they were playing that music, like idiots. Kirsten heard it, and it triggered the programming she'd unintentionally copied out of the girl's brain, she grabbed Fisher's gun, locked everyone out of the computers and the elevator system, and disappeared. It took them all night to find her, and only caught sight of her when she was on her way through the set to shoot the director. Cameron got between him and her gun, made eye contact, and refused to move, reminding her all the time of who she was and what she means to him and the team.

I think a lot of the episode was an excuse for that scene, but it was a good scene. Kirsten with the gun, her face blank and her hand steady, Cameron obviously terrified but willing to die to stop her from doing this and hoping that he can get through to her. He basically reaffirms his total faith in her and his deep love (without saying love), and it does get through. He leads her back to herself and it's beautiful and shippy and wonderful. But then the girl who was behind all the brainwashing pops up and takes a shot at the guy herself, and Kirsten reacts with the last of her second-hand training and shoots her down, saving the guy's life. Even though he's a total scumbag.

Meanwhile, Cameron has been seeing Nina. They have an awesome argument over whether Captain Jack Harkness deserved to be star of his own show after leaving Doctor Who, and then very cutely wind up making out. She's so cute and nerdy and adorable, that she'd better not turn out to be a new Liam. But if she's not--well, Cameron put his life on the line to save Kirsten's mind tonight, and even though he rain-checked Kirsten asking him if he wants to "go somewhere" after the case, he still obviously has feelings for someone who isn't Nina. That's gonna get messy. It's going to be sad, because she's so enthusiastically likable. It always sucks being the side-track on a ship.

Also meanwhile, Camille runs into Liam at the gym and starts hanging out with him. At first, it seems like he's trying to get back into Kirsten's sphere by seducing her roomie (who, last season, was super-impressed by his abs) and that she's responding to it. By the end of the episode, though, it's revealed that this is the mysterious mission Maggie thought she was ready for: getting close to Liam to find out what he's up to and who he's working with. I'd thought that they knew he was shifty last season, but maybe only one person did--or maybe only we did, and they're about to find out. But either way, he's apparently been skulking around looking for another way in, and he thinks he's found it.

Camille, however, is having trouble balancing it. Linus thinks she's pulling away again, just when things were getting good--the episode opens with them having a very nice makeout session--and she feels bad lying to him, even though Maggie reminds her that she's actually protecting him. Fisher sees that something is bothering her, tells her she can always talk to him, and even goes so far as to squeeze her hand, which people on TV only do when they have feelings for each other. It's one of those short-hand clues that TV gives that tells you which way something is going.

Triangles all over the place in this episode! Everyone is hooking up with people other than they should be, for all the wrong reasons. Since this is the middle of the season, it's bound to start tumbling down soon, and when it does, it's going to be emotional and possibly dangerous, depending on where people's real loyalties lie. Plus, this is another case that was not cleared by Blaire, and he was already mad at Maggie about that from before. 

They said that Kirsten's brainwashing was totally gone by the end of the episode (which is a shame, because she could use some self-defense skills), but the fact that she shot someone and it upset her is still there; how will that play out? It feels like everything is teetering just now. Kirsten knows she has feelings for Cameron and that he has them for her, but he's seeing someone else now and she's scared of ruining their friendship. Liam is back and Camille is unhapily lying about it. Maggie is stuck between her team and her boss. Fisher looks like he's falling for Camille and doesn't know it yet. Kirsten is getting dangerously obsessed with finding her dad. Linus thinks Camille is about to bolt again. We still don't know what's really going on with their new boss or Stinger.

How long before everything topples? How will it go when everything starts falling apart? I can't wait to see! This week's episode was not really about the case, so much as an excuse to get Cameron and her into that confessions-scene, but it feels like it's setting things up for a big second half of the season!

More thoughts on "Midnight Stitcher":

  • When Kirsten encountered the brainwashing and when it was triggered, it looked a lot like when Chuck used to have Intersect flashes, and I'm just going to assume it's the same technology. I mean, how cool would that be?
  • Spy-Kirsten was a stone cold bada** and it would be cool if she came back at some point. Even cooler if Kirsten could integrate that alternate personality and use the skills on demand instead of only when she's triggered. It would also be a neat way to deal with the darker aspects of working this job and being the only one who can; since she's got emotions and a normal brain now, the stress and the emotional fallout should start building up and messing with her balance.
  • And Fisher managed to track Stinger's other wife down to a name that's shared by 200 other women in the state, and gives Kirsten the list. He looks so pleased when he does it, and she's so happy, I was sort of hoping for a hug but Kirsten isn't much on hugs, still. Fisher's bonding with everyone is still beautiful to see, though in this case, it feels brotherly, or maybe like he's taking the "dad" comment from last season seriously. It's a nice contrast to how he works with Camille.
  • Linus is generally on the edge of cheerfully oblivious, but what happens if he sees Camille with Liam before everything comes out? What happens even if he knows first? I was worried for him when it looked like her and Fisher were headed that way, but it's worse with Liam.
  • And what about the girl-code of not dating your best friend's ex?
  • What is Kirsten's dad doing while all this is going on?
  • Since the four of them can run a stitch all by themselves, why do they need fifteen other people on the team? I suddenly feel worried for the job security of Aiyo, Tim, Alex and Chelsea. And, you know, all those other people we don't have names for yet. We haven't seen enough of them in a while!
  • That kid with the red hat that Kirsten keeps seeing was there again. So far, no one on the show has offered any suggestions of who or what he is, but it was like he was leading her this time. Someone on Twitter thought maybe he's an echo of younger-Cameron, which would be cool, but at this point, who knows?
  • You can watch "Midnight Stitcher" on Freeform, on Hulu or on the Freeform app!

    By Samantha Holloway

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    On: Wednesday, April 20, 2016
    Eric - TV Geek Army "Revered Leader" said:
    Love the coverage Sami, keep it coming !
    On: Wednesday, April 20, 2016
    Samantha Holloway said:
    You know I will! I'm too invested to stop now!
    On: Tuesday, May 10, 2016
    Gabz said:
    Will they ever build up a love story between fisher and Kirsten?
    On: Wednesday, May 11, 2016
    Samantha Holloway said:
    Gabz--I felt like they were going with Fisher and Camille early this season, but then they just stopped that; it would have been cool! And last season, I was thinking it would be Fisher and Maggie. I could see Kirsten with him, too, though, so I think Fishy is just one of those guys who would work with anyone!

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